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  1. Let's say I was in that position this Jan. Please tell me what is wrong with having some stop losses, selling, rebuying, as long as one maintains faith in the project?
  2. Eye to eye on this. Good to see you are still on track, I was fearing the bear market was getting to you at some point.
  3. In principle this is true. It is a separate issue whatsoever to ponder on that at the moment when even xrapid production hasn't been announced. Let alone before a few years pass to allow for scaling
  4. Not true. We love us our EUR on the right hand side.
  5. lmao that was a good laugh @Shazam5890 thanks for the insights & enjoy your holidays
  6. Title of the OP is misleading and has nothing to do with (current) reality
  7. You seem a bit phased by comments that try to point out all the futility of your OP - but please consider the following - Do posts like yours do more good or harm for new investors that are just about researching on xrp and deciding whether to go in or not?
  8. I ve been trying a while to get Tradingroom fired up about #xrp Can good people here help me by retweeting / adding their comments here? They have just started their outlet in March this year and are mostly fsmiliar with btc / eth. I do see them charting xrp but seems like they regard it just as any other alt. Thank you a lot https://twitter.com/01001001_i/status/1028517872253972480?s=19
  9. it is very simple:- 1) What is the team like; 2) What problem does the Company solve; 3) Do they have the product out; 4) Do they have customers / are they profitable; 5) What is their TAM; 6) Are there any other avenues that they may address once they win in their niche; Now go over the checklist and tell me how many our of 1,600 CMC projects check all the boxes
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