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  1. The guys mistake was putting them all in one post. If he made each prediction separately no one would have remember his failures and he would be regarded as a god until his next prediction failed. We see this time and time again in this market and it is vomit inducing.
  2. I'm looking forward to this https://eosfinex.com/
  3. Pickle Rick presents....

    Meh, thought you would at least take XRP payment. Reminds me when I was in highschool and every kid was in a band trying to sell you merch. Good luck though, you got a good domain name so I'm sure you will get some traffic
  4. I am a closet stacker. I know your feels. Lately I have been a bit complacent as this artificial bull market inflation is so manipulated I don't think it will end soon. Just be prepared. Have some cash, food, water, and a firearm on hand. All will be well and we will drive our lambos on the moon.
  5. good news Korea is back

    Would explain the last weekend pump and this weekend looking green
  6. I have Toast and Nano, no issues with TOast as yet
  7. That is my one worry with crypto based on my experience with Poker. But I am not that worried because I have an account on gemini which has a bitlicense and keep my coins off exchanges.
  8. I went to my local branch and used the money from my account and it was issued by the bank. There wasn't a fee but this was a long time ago. Yea, those were the days. I was really starting to get into it and boom. I think it took 2 years to get my money back from PokerStars. RIP the dream
  9. Like 1 year ago I downloaded RobinHood because I saw someone trading on it. Stocks always intrigued me and I always thought I should get into it but I've always been more lured to things like gambling and poker and such. Tried learning that charting stuff and w.e. but I couldn't get into it. Now that I'm into crypto it adds the excitement of gambling with the pretending to be a TA wizard. Best of both worlds. I am so much more in tune with world events, economy, all those gibberish words I hear on Bloomberg. Love crypto
  10. Back in the day before online poker black friday. I couldn't get my bankroll funded with my cards. Funny enough I went to my bank after they declined my transactions. And bought $500 gift cards (500 was max per card). And they worked flawlessly lol Wonder if that would work here?
  11. Coinbase double charge and reversal

    I don't think anyone thinks they (CB or Visa) is "doing this", as in intentionally charging. But there is a big glitch somewhere and it's very strange both claiming NOT IT. I look forward to the stunning conclusion.
  12. But people are trying to give him undeserved credibility. The guy hasn't made any posts that panned out. We don't need another "XRP on Coinbase" scenario
  13. I wish people wouldn't give this guy attention. Can we lock this thread? Completely baseless "predictions"