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  1. Sio2yH2O

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    Awesome! thanks @hammertoe
  2. Sio2yH2O

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    Excellent! Thanks.
  3. Sio2yH2O

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    @Silenos thanks for clarifying even further! It seems that more and more articles of tokenization of asset classes are coming out. That and the talk of nations, central banks and corporations issuing there own digital currencies. The folks at Ripple do seem to have the 300 year plan mapped out pretty well.
  4. Sio2yH2O

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    Much appreciated. I think that's where my brain was getting fuzzy - the standalone nature of XRP vs. ILP capability.
  5. Hi, Feel sort of silly asking this as it seems I should know the answer but for some reason it eludes me. - Can securities and other asset class items be tokenized using Ripple tech ? - Can other tokens be created, lets say a private or even national digital currency built on top of XRP ? Newb question but still.... Thanks.
  6. Insincerity in posts is easy to spot on this forum, especially by those who have been around a while. However lets try and put thing in perspective, ie: number of coins held. Lets see.... if I can afford one BTC and it goes to $589 by your calc I get about $7m however if I take that $6500 and buy XRP I get approx 14k coins which if it gets to $589 gives me approx $8m. Ok so it's only $1m, who cares at those levels ..am I right??? Hmmmm.... own one coin thats centralized mining in China, manipulated by TPTB, has massive overhead on it's use case, isn't scale-able overtime and is tremendously harmful to the enviroment OR own (hodl) roughly 14k coins that represent the exact opposite of everything the other coin does.... I dunno... my logic (or maths) could be off
  7. The moon is made of cheese -- link with actual footage.
  8. Sio2yH2O

    Is it just me or does anyone else find...

    There's always meaning
  9. That was some foresight for sure! Gotta think Team Ripple planned it out that way... Ahhhhhh to be that smart.
  10. I dunno - it could be the official unofficial transaction method. Think about it, SBI and the bank consortium, Moneytap just went live.... etc.. With Riplenet live, convergence, Xvia for global companies doing business in around and for the Olympics along with coils web monetization helping online content providers more easily recieve payment for reporting the games.. could be huge for driving the adoption curve from first adopters to mainstream usage.
  11. Whatever you think of the OracleTimes reporting this petition is no trivial matter and could mean faster adoption if taken seriously. https://oracletimes.com/xrp-latest-news-theres-a-petition-to-make-xrp-the-official-crypto-of-the-2020-olympics/
  12. You mean credit unions like - Federal Credit Unions, as is in Teacher and Navy and Government in general? Well wouldn't that be nice.
  13. Sio2yH2O

    Says it all! - The night b4...

    Small time players,,, no one will really pay attention to them but it is news...right?
  14. A shame (XLM..??? before XRP - really!) but yes we agree.
  15. Didn't know that, thanks for the info.. just saw the article posted today.