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  1. Without proper sources or documentation one has to consider this as trolling. Thread locked.
  2. Sarcasm is not personal attack. Calling someone an idiot for their point of view is. If these threads continue to be strange crybaby forums of namecalling and people living in hurtboxes I personally have no problem in shutting them down when they break forum rules. One of the main rules on the site is to post meaningful and relevant content coupled with meaningful and civil conversation, without insult, attack, harsh namecalling, etc. These aren't crybaby/attack forums. We have twitter for that. Meaningful discussion on the OP's topic is welcome, although it's not like this hasn't been brought up time and time again. XRP is a highly speculative, very risky, and not always fairly priced investment. If the logic of the market doesn't fit the logic of what one thinks "should" happen, then its time to cash out and move onto municipal bonds, or something more 'logically priced.' There are years left to go on this to be fully realized. We also don't know what is right around the corner. There's no use getting all upset about XRP price today. For those of you wondering why XRP price is so low, and most likely going lower: There's no answer. What some of us do know is that moving forward into this global recession, which already is very well underway, some asset classes will collapse, and others will thrive. if you bet the crypto market thrives after certain markets bottom out, then you have bet like I have. If you think that liquidity always leads market cycles then we agree. If you bet that the liquidity cycle is bottoming out in the crypto market, and that forthcoming after even more pain the liquidity cycle switches over to steepening yield curves then we think alike. I don't think the relationship between Ripple and XRP has a thing to do with how liquidity is going to enter the crypto asset class moving forward. I don't think that moving forward a higher risk appetite for the crypto asset class has a thing to do with the relationship between Ripple or XRP. When money comes into the market it will come. We have to wait for those days. That's just my take. But if we are going to engage in the crybaby game then at least we can do it with civility. After all, we mostly think alike- we all came to XRP one way or the other. The similarities are more than the differences between us. Let's not pretend we're all intellectual enemies in here. There's just tons of frustration and venting. And rightfully so. Just keep it real everyone, thank you.
  3. The maturation of our market is a great sign. We've been waiting for this for awhile!
  4. Somoene(s) are buying all this "dumped" XRP as well. We should never forget this. All those millions and billions of XRP. They're being bought. We may not like the price, but these XRP are being bought like crazy as people are selling, and not by retail investors. Keep it in mind.
  5. Very diplomatic answer, but also very encouraging I agree. More liquidity can go a long way.
  6. Fair enough in principle. But when stock buybacks in unprecedented numbers, as they have been over the years, preclude re-investing in the company to keep it competitive in the new digital economy one has to wonder how whether a given company is staying competitively vital in this new economy, or simply pumping a stock price to shareholders delight. Clearly that is unsustainable as we are seeing across the stock market after years and years of buyback euphoria. To me it seems this house of cards is about to fall (ie the overinflated stock buyback market), and in the meantime all those years lost by Western Union not staying ahead of the game may have been profitable for the moment, yet does not portend for a necesarily bright future. The original point was not to attack stock buybacks in principle, but to point to excessive stock buyback at the fate of company re-investment could be a fatal blow to many of these legacy systems.
  7. Where are you getting this insightful cultural analysis? I'm not even going to address the point, but it makes your whole statement seem flaky at best. On topic- yes we do not know how XRP price will proceed. You are correct. But you're definitely no anthropologist. Ee gads sir!!
  8. Western Union like many companies has done stock buybacks to artificially boost share price over the years. Its fees are high and offers poor exchange rates. In the new world of mobile global payments it is surely still a juggernaut, yet losing market share to the many other options. Alipay in Asia/Europe come to mind. Some of the preceding posts that the Western Union CEO is some oracle of the digital age have been patently incorrect. Don't trust my opinon- please research news on Western Union to learn more about it's "leading edge" global payments system. Lots of 1-3 days waits to load those accounts from banks. It's a stodgy old legacy system that is barely keeping up with the times. Its sheer size masks its poor quality, yet for now it retains its global dominance no question.
  9. It can? New concept I suppose as long as the market appreciates volatility.
  10. Interesting interview with Hester Pierce of the SEC. https://www.theice.com/insights/conversations/inside-the-ice-house/sec-commissioner-hester-peirce-leans-in-on-bitcoin-innovation
  11. Please keep this thread on topic, avoiding personal remarks. In the future if members do not like content posted please allow those who do to express their opinions. Many may see it as valuable. Increasingly there are a handful of people on this chat who consistently impose negative viewpoints repeatedly on almost anything which is posted in favor of XRP. Eventually that will be problematic if it continues as it stifles productive discussion. Critical discussion, politely, is always welcome. Inciting others with personal attacks or language will eventually be met warnings and then bans. Thanks!
  12. And that comment is correct. The SWIFT network is not in any way associated with XRP. And Corda Settler allows users with various payment rails to interact and integrate, cryptocurrency and traditional.
  13. Since we're using broad strokes anyone interested in the SWIFT gpi, Corda Settler, and Ripple relationship should read below in its entirety as well. These systems are not entirely independent of one another, and in many cases dependent upon on one another in the payments ecosystem of the present/future. The final word is not yet out so no conclusions (FUD or Moon) can be made either way by the masses, us. https://www.finextra.com/blogposting/17188/blockchain-corda-settler-ripple-and-swift-a-mariage-a-trois
  14. Eric which line on your most recent chart is the 21 WMA? Or is it on there? And is does the E-line you reference correspond to the 21WMA at all? Thx.
  15. To keep this thread on topic, and pursue the interest in the CL selling questions- it may be in our best interest to form another thread for that discussion.
  16. I'm speaking about the BofE being a client of Ripple- not the one bank in 2018, dozens in 2019. The one bank in 2018 was EuroExim whether one likes that or not. As stated with no other counter evidence the assumption is that what Garlinghouse has said is true. I don't take him to be a patent liar. Maybe some do. He may be getting things wrong, misconstruing information, etc. That's what CEO's do. But the BofE and Ripple have a longstanding, almost three year relationship, and Garlinghouse has stated they are a client at the Yahoo conference. Until further evidence my only point is that one would assume they are a client. This idea that "we have no evidence for that" is incorrect. The evidence thus far is the Ripple CEO stating as such. Does that mean proof? No. But it is evidence.
  17. We do. If it turns out not to be true, then we know he was a) lying b) overestimating. If there is no other way to confirm that B of E is a client of Ripple except to trust the CEO of Ripple when he said it publicly, then that is the assumption until proven otherwise.
  18. Brad Garlinghouse last year stated publicly the BofE is paid client of Ripple. We have to assume this is so. Please DYOR. https://www.investinblockchain.com/ripple-ceo-bank-of-england-is-our-paid-client/
  19. Please keep this thread on topic. The folks here are enjoying themselves in speculation. So, if you have nothing supportive to say there are other threads to leak vinegar. Thanks!
  20. Tiny you've been here through thick and thin for awhile now. Hop on back in soon once the "global crypto panic" of 2019 cools down. Few heads are on straight at the moment.
  21. Sounds like some folks are really pushing some coins! Good on you fellas. Easy boys. Your enthusiasm is well understood.
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