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  1. I have seen it from multiple sources as well. Don't suspect it's false. But not sure if it's an 'offical announcement' either.
  2. I will add that fiat doesn't even need to crash, but some important economies need to dip lower- is all crypto will need to see new infusions of money. And that is already beginning to happen. Next 6-12 months and it will only happen more.
  3. I also hope the Ripplenet use cases can empower sole proprietor women around the globe to receive and send money in a fashion that serves their needs, especially in developing countries. I know this is what Mojaloop was designed to do in part, but haven't heard much on that front lately. Could be very helpful for so many (women and men) in less connected and less advantaged communities.
  4. Don't know if OP is correct in its prediction, but kudos to accurately representing our xrp volume/price history.
  5. This was an excellent thread to re-read. Very informative of what people were specifically saying at the time even though I was there but had forgotten. Eerily similar. There was one guy who said he was selling out into bitcoin or iota just 3 days before XRP mooned. People had had it by then!
  6. I am not a chartist at all but looking at the longterm (past) view- everytime XRP/BTC has gone to 4000 sats it has pumped afterward. Can anyone confirm this or am I seeing things?
  7. Well you tell us. I mean it can go either way, no Freaky?
  8. I like the way that evonsys site reads. Very strong on xrp.
  9. Here is another link (from a site I have never heard of) which links Ria to Walmart-2-Walmart payment transactions. https://xrprightnow.com/euronet-worldwide-inc-eeft-q1-2019-ripple-new-partnership/
  10. Beyond getting personal about all this, and to the OP's accusation- I am always skeptical, but it would have been nicer if you formed your accusation in the form of a question rather than present a graphic as truth and ask us to prove that it's wrong. That's a bit shady in its own right don't you think? For such a big accusation a little higher level discussion (question/answer) would have to ensue to arrive at any version of reality. I have photoshop too, but don't begin investigations with that alone.
  11. At the bottom of the page it says in the flashing area that Ripple is a Gold Affinity Sponsor- how that differs from a Gold Sponsor I don't understand nor even care. I really hope someone is taking a phone video at that event. Would love to see or hear what they are talking about!
  12. I don't know where you got all three assumptions, and how you tied these together to form your conclusion. Confusing. Disagree based on lack of argument.
  13. I recall something like that as well, but cannot pinpoint a specific quotation, and also don't know if it still applies. Regardless, one would expect that if Ripple the company were healthy and growing this would intuit that the XRP ecosystem is growing as well via their expansion of venues in which XRP thrives. This is an assumption of course, but sort of a common sense conclusion as well. It's been interesting so far to hear both the complaints and the justifications for selling XRP to utilize in their core business. Something tells me the truth of it all lies somewhere in the middle of this battle. I keep considering how carefully they have to tread with regulators all around, and resultingly find myself not to be overly concerned about this revenue model and the way it has played out so far. If the wool has pulled over my eyes I just don't see I guess. I do understand however, how others may feel like they have been shammed - due to the current low price. I don't personally see it that way. Regardless, I'm happy the discussion has been debated in several threads so that everyone here (and at Ripple) can speak about these issues above aboard in clear and concise terms. I hope that ensues moving forward!
  14. Not to take one side or the other in this point/counterpoint epic debate saga for the ages, but my understanding from early on in my investment/speculation research was that Ripple patterned selling/giving XRP out to the world on the 1970's VISA model of providing businesses retail facing credit card terminals to advance and speed up adoption. Isn't the pushing of XRP out there the same thing? Visa card in early 1970's - no one is using it. Visa pushes retail terminals and VISA cards out to people. People start using it. XRP in the 2019's - no one is using it. Ripple pushes the rails and XRP out to the people. People start using it. From the very beginning of my first purchase of XRP I was under the assumption that this 'roughshod model' was the exact approach taken in order to initiate adoption, increase usage, and establish a network effect. Without it xrp becomes a non-starter. Can anyone add to this? Thanks.
  15. The whole market is down. Not just XRP. Ease up everybody. It's obviously a longer ride so buckle in (or don't). It's cringeworthy to watch grown ups cry over their money. Boring times to be sure for XRP, but if you thought you'd make money any easier way then I guess you are the fool. It's no reflection on XRP the digital asset that you are not making money. That is your expectations being crushed. As much as something needs to be blamed your investment strategy and ability to live with it is not XRP's fault. It just isn't. An immeasurable amount of patience (for some) may be necessary to grit through this market. I find it boring, but I can hang with it all because I know it will eventually have a nice rise, by speculation or by utility (market making). But patience is the only way. Not spaz city. I like the "set it and forget it" theory listed above. That was Ronco's food dehyrdator slogan. It applies to the crypto market as well....
  16. Personally I do not as I anticipate unlike carbon credits or others like it- the crypto market will be framed/marketed to the retail public in due time at a level not seen before via CNBC, Forbes, WSJ, Fortune, etc if not beyond those platforms. This along with the looming global sovereign debt crisis will have more people/institutions than ever chasing yield wherever they can get it. Carbon credits never held that stature as a market of last resort (afaik).
  17. The point for me is that I'd rather have it out there and working/testing/improving than not have it out there. May not be the end all be all, but it shows progression on all fronts, not just in supply chain, forex, remittance, and banking. Those things we know about. One never knows what starts a viral fire/awareness anyway.
  18. Looks like WietseWind has built a nice money transfer (payments) app. How does this thing go viral? I'm going to use it later today if I can.
  19. It never made sense (outside of hubris) why WU/Moneygram/etc didn't do exactly just this? Seems fairly reasonable proposition, and not so capital intensive? They must be concerned of the regulatory status of XRP like banks? I don't know.
  20. It seems like we are in the "desperation/despondency" phase of the "market cycle emotional curve". Unfortunately it seems like this part of the curve is longer than the one we experienced in 2017. That patience will not befit all the same way. I certainly don't enjoy it, but unlike some see hope for this entire market on the horizon because of larger macro factors. Economies are now starting to fall. I'll be continuining to follow XRP news and global economic trends throughout the next 6 months. We can't say what may be right around the corner.
  21. This is an interesting thread. I doubt there is anyone not feeling the same way. Whether we have hope for the future of XRP, or no hope at all, I am fairly certain everyone here is not enjoying the doldrums of a somehwat limp market, and in particular the feeling that XRP is not moving like it should, even if not mooning yet. It is befuddling at certain times. It has always felt suspicious to me, but I have accepted it only because I know it's a highly speculative play. Big risk, possible big reward, and not for the impatient apparently, and never what one thinks it's going to be. My thoughts right now hinge on the fact that the last bull run was one year and four months ago. It may require a while longer than that before a big whipped up frenzy can catch the attention of the retail public again. I'm less worried about XRP the digital asset, and how it is going to be used and by whom, than I am my own underestimation of when the next bull run or bull market will begin to appear again. From many in the Trading and Speculation Club, and also from various podcasts I've listened to , and pieces which I've read it seems a common thread is that it will take more time to set up this market "professionally "and market/advertise this space to a wider audience who doesn't know much about it. Why do other coins move and XRP doesn't? I asked that throughout all 2017 with no answer ever. Then we had that run. Made utterly no sense to me. It may be different next time, it may be the same way. Unfortunately no can really really say. That's why it's hard. There are few really good answers. Yes, befuddled, but not giving up. I do feel like I picked the right one -over time. Just don't know what that timeframe is...
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