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  1. Just posted this in marketplace, but will add it here again since the discussion revolves around global clearing, settlement, and liquidity solutions. https://www.cls-group.com/news-insights/liquidity-challenges-for-banks/?channel=website&campaign=liquidity
  2. A good video by CLS on new mechanisms by which banks can seek liquidity moving forward. https://www.cls-group.com/news-insights/liquidity-challenges-for-banks/?channel=website&campaign=liquidity
  3. Let's try and keep these discussions less personal folks. It's a tough time in this market for everyone, but we can continue to be civil or simply ignore discussions which do not appeal. Thanks.
  4. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/password-data-dumped-online-for-2-2-million-users-of-currency-and-gaming-sites/
  5. Agreed. This is a risky market. And extremely speculative. All the logic in the world doesn't predicate what's going to happen. That being said- I haven't sold a bit as of now...Problem is i believe too much in macro economics. All markets will be falling soon, and crypto, the tiny niche market that it is, will be the first to go, it already has, and (hopefully) as we see markets go down, then economies start to suffer, and then liquidity will pull back into all the markets. May take some time, but it doesn't mean this horse race is over. No one wants to see economies go down, but at this point it's hard to see that they won't. That's always been my play. Just too early on the call. The repo deal in the U.S. banking system was the big sign that stuff is turning south. Once asset prices lower is when liquidity in all of these markets rises. And with that, just by osmosis, so does XRP.
  6. For the record you got a warning from a mod (not myself btw) for calling someone an idiot, and being disrepectful to others in this thread, not for sayiing the price would go up or down, or having a personal opinion. Thank you.
  7. Wow. Shocking how much effort is put into these fake twitter accounts! Had no idea there were so many in number.
  8. For those who do not enjoy the various charts and chartists on this thread please find somewhere else on XRPChat to enjoy yourselves. There is no need to disaparage what others are discussing. In charting there will be wrong and right. The people here know this otherwise they wouldn't enjoy discussing it. If anyone is discouraged by the price of XRP and venting you are welcome to open your own thread to discuss the nuances of that topic. Thank you!!!
  9. This article has not one source listed. Please refrain from posting essays as journalism, then commenting on the essays as facts. It's important we all agree on the integrity of the information we're sharing. Thank you.
  10. Keep this forum free from personal insults and abusive language as well. Thanks!
  11. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/news/pdf/2019/1115_a_en.pdf
  12. I had heard parts of this dialogue from Swell, but the whole thing is very satisfying to listen to! A realistic presentation of where this is going. Like the candor of both the MG CEO and BG.
  13. Very nice endeavor. Please keep at it!
  14. Very very nicely written as well! This analogy fits well with what is happening in the world of banking and finance today. I must say getting to see Ripplenet Home as a "thing" brought it to visual life for me. Your analogy to the telecom evolution underscores that visual. It is upon us no question, and I have a feeling we'll be hearing more about all this in mainstream media as each small milestone passes. On a correlative note just happened to read this article, and couldn't help thinking how the eSDR and XRP are a perfect fit for global money flows. https://www.omfif.org/2019/10/digital-sdr-to-enhance-payment-systems/
  15. In my opinion- the main thing- a continued decline in economies resulting from the global liquidity crisis which is already well underway. Once the real economies of the world are revealed for what they are, a house of cards, things will start to move in the DA world. However, bc the U.S. keeps printing money like monkeys to buoy the markets (at least til the election in Nov 2020)- we won't fully see the problems in the largest economies for a bit yet. Once that happens- investors will be searching for yield, and liquidity will increase in all markets. Until then, the crypto market is rather an afterthought- even though gains can be made iteratively ongoing. But the big reveal is yet to come no doubt. When that time does happen one wants to be in on one of the DA's that actually make sense from a real world perspective. Thankfully by that time all the boxes above you've listed will more or less be checked.
  16. https://u.today/ripplenet-home-ripple-introduces-revolutionary-product-for-connecting-its-clients
  17. Thread moved to Other Press. The poster has posted this three times in different sections. Hard to keep up. Also warned. Thanks.
  18. I imagine that as of right now, the beginning of this journey, that dormant capital is not being freed right and left. After a measure of trust is established with digital assets then only will institutions become comfortable with freeing their capital in the way we expect. I think it will take some time for these improvements. Moneygram ,for example, is only a few months into their new mission so expecting *too* many changes all at once is maybe a bit too hopeful at the moment? Looking forward to new Moneygram corridors upcoming...
  19. It's a poorly written article. Would you summarize what the author is saying?
  20. A couple folks who had been permanently banned came back in Halloween costumes, and have been dealt with accordingly. That's why things erupted so quickly. Their intentions have only been to sow discord. For all of us intrigued by this interesting time in XRP's cycle please don't bite on the lures some of these trick or treaters throw out there. In addition to XRP's chart in particular I find the overall global macro situation lining up rather conveniently with some kind of pop in the overall crypto market. There are enough countries experiencing liquidity shortages now that some dominoes it seems are beginning to fall. Should be an interesting next few weeks and months (hopefully)!
  21. So glad I stay away from twitter. Very little comes out of that it seems. I am enjoying the local xrpchat chartists though. It's all probabilities, and it's fun to see the way different folks interpret those. Everyone ultimately needs to make their own prescient decisions.
  22. Each disruptive individual as they emerged has been dealt with accordingly. There may be more moving forward, and an appropriate response will be offered to each every time just so folks know...
  23. I was stunned when I looked at Brad Garlinghouse's twitter page. 233,000 followers. Someone is paying attention to what he is saying. I had never looked at the number, and was thinking maybe 20k? I understand the OP's point about the talking points. But that is a communications effort which can be resolved with slightly different messaging. The suitcase thing is old for you and me, but I'm sure not to many, even in the financial industry. Heard the first time it can resonate. Some fresh and refreshing talking points can be manufactured in order to leverage what Ripple the company and XRP are in motion of doing right now, that's not terribly hard, but it does have to be grounded and clever. I thought the recent ad for Runs on Ripple was a great step in the right direction. Although he does take a deferential stance in his tone and presentation I have always felt that serves his and Ripple's mission well. After all, a lot is being disrupted in this entrenched legacy space, and the last thing one wants is the hubris of say, the CEO of Western Union. Better careful than cocky. Friendly than fiery. Brad is not holding Ripple, XRP price, nor the internet of value back. He has taken it this far, and it would only be reasonable to see if he can finish the job. If he ends up on a sex tape somewhere then maybe someone else can take over. It's not broken, let's not fix it.
  24. I think it's a bit presumptious to think that your opinion is desired by others, no? Maybe leave this thread if you don't like it. It's not what you're saying, it's the rude way in which you are saying it. Why insult people when they are enjoying doing what they are doing? Thank you very much!!
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