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  1. It's a terrible time in the world right now. At least we here can be somewhat supportive to each other, at least in tone. XRP sentiment in my opinion has almost never been worse. Hard time to hold through for many. I don't expect this market will always be this way. Crypto market cap keeps rising, albeit slowly, as legacy markets seem more and more unsettled and irrational. It will require more patience to bear witness to a speculative bullrun, or some form of utility, or both if that is to happen. But I will say this- one couldn't ASK for better pre-conditions than a global economic crisis alongside a global pandemic to hasten movement into digital forms of value transfer. Clearly none of us are happy about what is happening right now. But the table is set beyond how I ever imagined it to be. How and when a pop in the market occurs is up in the air I suppose. It does stand to reason, as I've always trumpeted, that economic problems have to really hit real economies in the world (not just the markets), and that is just now starting. The real pain seems still to come- as the after effects of what's happening right now sink in. The second painful leg down in traditional markets hasn't happened yet. So, this has to play out a bit more until we can test out the thesis that crypto will be the eventual landing place for yield when legacy markets and currencies spiral into more of a Mad Max Fury Road type dystopia. As for the ledger nano/other wallets- I hope everyone keeps their stuff safe using common sense. It seems like Ripple is dealing with the certificate expiration issue as well. Happy Sunday, or whatever day it is.
  2. Hold the insults to other forum members. Thanks!
  3. Moreso the prices will dip when the traditional markets take their next leg down here shortly. After that there is light, but the second quarter here is going to get uglier first no doubt....hope all are healthy and safe.
  4. All the markets are silly clown shows right now indeed. Everyone is getting smacked everywhere. Quite a unique ongoing event. I definitely still believe in the crypto market resurrecting, but no idea exactly when. It's all going a lot faster than I thought though. Liquidity is leaving the markets. Right now and moving forward liquidity issues hitting real economies. Next step after that should be liquidity re-entering markets once they've hit lows. Having the patience to wait and not freak out is challenging for many, and rightfully so. These are trying times to say the least. Actually they're panicky times, okay.
  5. Outstanding presentation, and very interesting summary.
  6. And everyone be nice. Thanks.
  7. It has always seemed to me that a global financial crisis is not a catalyst, but a pre-condition for money to wildly pour into crypto. If that is the case then liquidity would flow back into risk assets, many different markets, once economies have really taken a hit. Liquidity leaves the markets, then liquidity dries up in the real economy, then once economies have bottomed, liquidity re-enters the markets. It happened after 1987, 1999, and it happened after 2008. It happens in every market cycle throughout history. It just takes time. The US economy is about to take a hit over the coming months, but in many cases real economies have not yet taken a toll. The process has to play out if indeed the crypto market will follow the other markets in the rebound. A waiting game until we have the answer...
  8. Be careful with the language and insults. Warnings given.
  9. I appreciate your comments, and agree with most everything you've said. But yes, not only hedge fund managers, but legitimate investors of many stripes have throughout mentioned specifically crypto, and that is a sea change compared to say two to three years ago as you may know. This space is becoming legitimate in the eyes of those with money, a small allocation, but enough to help the space mature and several x the market cap. Agree that as recessions hit a rush to risk assets does not happen immediately, but as those recessions hit real economies and liquidity dries up, placing money on the sidelines, is exactly when 'risk on' starts to happen- as ironic as that may seem. It's a process, it doesn't all happen in a day or a month, but liquidity re-enters markets at these lows, and liquidity always leads. I disagree about the crypto as gambling is any more true than many other markets. All markets are gambling and rigged, and favor the few. Valuating the current stock markets right now is sort of gamble in of itself, as you say- with negative interest rates in many locales, as well as stock buy backs, central banks pumping money into systems to just stay afloat. When things get rickety everything is a gamble. Crypto is increasingly shedding that label as the trading infrastructure, and reguatory environment are being built around it. Many corporations in the markets don't have a handle on their real earnings, take all these unicorns worth billions for example. It's also generational. It's a slow turning into a new paradigm, but I it does seem to favor the digital asset class from everything I have heard over the years. Can't speak specifically to XRP though. I think, to the point of this thread, we are speaking primarily of Bitcoin. But that interest should incite broader interest as people dip their toes into the market seeking this recessional yield to come, and begin seeking real value, that is utility. The only thing we can do is see how it plays out- how much money comes in, and over what time period is a looming question. This is hardest to say no doubt. It is still a waiting game, but the pre-conditions, as I mentioned earlier, are certainly shaping up pretty amazingly for this next financial transition to get underway- it seems sooner than later. I wouldn't have said this two years ago as immenently as I say this today. This is my instinct. If others feel otherwise that's fine too. It definitely doesn't mean that there might not be more pain before the gain though. I definitely am not saying there won't. It's all too unpredictable! Bitcoin is especially hard to get a handle on for the moment, at least for me. Not sure where it will end up in the year, but still long on it, XRP, and this space. Let's say a global economic slowdown does happen soon, traditional markets rattle, and that stays with us across all countries - I am not fearing for crypto meltdown in that scenario. I think this was where the original inception and form of crypto/digital currency was designed to shine. We shall see....Ultimately this is what we all are betting on I suppose, especially if it's all a gamble?
  10. I don't think you understand at all the sequence of events playing out. At all. It's not that simple for a moment. Yes, folks have pulled out of the stock market, and will not reload into the same way over time. The markets are in trouble from here on, globally. People don't head directly over to the crypto market. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't put words in my mouth. Risk assets will find a home as I said in my post once markets begin waivering and the hurt starts to take place in the economy. It is well well well understood that liquidity leads economic cycles. And when the markets have trouble with liquidity, and this eventually filters into economies then risk assets are hugely prized. This may still take awhile, but it is happening. Where are people supposed to put their money - the stock market? The bond market? Treasury Yields? Emerging markets? Metals? All of these asset classes have declined in yield over the past 10 years globally. Eventually risk on will be highly prized. Anywhere one can get more than 3% a year will be in discussion by all parties. And this is the beginning of that. Or at least that's what all macro hedge fund managers have to say. But naaaah they're probably all wrong, eh?
  11. Disrupted supply chains and the eventual effect on real economies defintely bode well for the digital asset space moving forward. I'm more bullish than ever for digital assets in 2020-2021. It may not affect Bitcoin price today, but moving forward it'd be a hard bet not to take- that of the DA class. We haven't seen the market volatility move into real economies fully as yet.
  12. A week or so ago it did seem as if the coronavirus was really being hyped up, and that the story would go away soon. It did not go away. The issue of the global supply chain getting disrupted is real, it's already happening, and that will have real world effects to markets ("correlated" or not like crypto). The coronavirus is very relevant now indeed.
  13. Pretty cool...I love listening to David Schwartz. Breanne Madigan never fails either.
  14. Better than calling folks liars. I think we've all had enough at this point.
  15. Actually I am not a member of that group. For the record. Is there something else you're laughing at now?
  16. Some people trade, some people hold. No one is an oracle on running TA, including those who don't like TA. It's a highly subjective topic.
  17. I'm not sure whether this can be accomplished or not personally. Another mod may have more info on this. I do know that for the past several months I have been giving daily warnings to the obvious grumps who contribute little, INSULT other members, and are constantly trying to tear down constructive conversation with repeatedly narrow negative comments. I mean it's pretty obvious. This has led to multiple bans along the way when those warned keep at it. Always trying to be fair in that some folks get angry, realize their mistake, and begin acting civilly once again, but others are just here to flame others. I have no ultimate solutions for the stress of some members except to keep handing out warnings which end up being bans. The main area where this seems to be happening is in the price and speculation threads. It's much less of a problem in the lion's share of threads. I think this is unfair. Whenever you take a group of hundreds of people and wholesale delegitimize them it's an obvious untruth. Giving you a warning for abusive behavior just for that. You know better as you've been around for awhile. Disappointed. And a message for everyone- it's no one's right to be on this forum- it's really a privilege. Speak to others as you would your co-workers in real life, or plan to not be a part of this forum. I think those guidelines are fair enough. The mass of people here are fantastic contributors, impressive actually! There are a few rude keyboard warriors that go rogue, and feel entitled to be disruptive in a destructive way. As I said I am confronting them everyday. It's quite a bore actually. But new ones always come up. Overall I would say a degree of civility has ensued during this long long bear market for the most part, but it just takes a few to really spoil the experience for a given thread. That's all the insight I personally have to offer right now. All I can do is my small part. Thanks for the thread @jbjnr.
  18. "Disbelief" in my opinion. The very beginnings of a bull market for 2020/2021. Yet how that affects XRP we don't yet know. @Molten on ODL- Yeah I think the same way as well. Once it ramps up it's a potentially very different story. I just meant ODL today and in the very short term. Use may eventually be the main or only driver of value inside this market unlike the speculative nature of today. I am tracking the corridor volume like most everyone, and find it extremely encouraging. At the time when I got in- it was the use, or at that time the potentional use, which attracted me so much to XRP. Now it's the use which keeps me in. Everyday seems to be encouraging on that level.
  19. Agreed on most everything. But the one thing i think you miss is that TA does count especially if you believe in market cycles, which are very real. If one knows where one is in the market cycle, technical analysis can point to where the ups and downs are. I suspect most people don't understand market cyclicality and therefore shun TA as "reading tea leaves", when in fact it points to where we are in the cycle. For traders, of which I am not, this can be helpful.
  20. This was mentioned a few months ago on both trading threads, and it was determined by thread owners and everyone in them that enough people enjoy them that it's best left serving the public.
  21. Good question. There are several threads here which help to explain this. Please use the search function first before starting new threads.
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