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  1. I've never seen so much green: https://wipple.devnull.network/waterfall/
  2. Thanks for this! Following up. Folks please disregard my previous comment that the new firmware is not related to security. I'm about to go read about that vulnerability now...this is important stuff, and now in a dull market is the best time to do all this...How I got this so wrong in the first place I don't know... !
  3. Thanks for this link. I hadn't read their response.
  4. Thankfully from a security point of view it is apparently (from all the sites I've read including Ledger's) not necessary to update to the latest Nano firmware. It seems to be for user experience.
  5. The problem with updating their firmware is that it can talk up to 5-10 times of doing it before it "takes". After I did that a couple of times over the last year I realized I wasn't too keen on updating it like that any longer. A clean update should be just that. Dicey!
  6. It's a great question, and considering how cumbersome it is to update the Nano S firmware, I've done it a couple of times already - the solution OP provides is probably an easier one considering the problems which I have heard can occur when updating this device. The Ledger Live system is not as facile either as the Ledger Wallet Ripple. Has the Ledger Live software in fact been rid of all of its bugs though? May make me switch over to that thing possibly....
  7. I sincerely doubt bots will either put XRP out of favor or in favor, move price up or move price down. This market is controlled by far more powerful interests. Non news story, and as stated before an uncreative one as well. Bots exist on twitter, breaking news..pffft.
  8. IBM is working on a pretty robust custody solution: https://www.coindesk.com/ibm-quietly-enters-crypto-custody-market-with-tech-designed-for-banks but do you have a link where Silbert is discussing what you were saying?
  9. We are the bots. It's true. I remember news like this prior to the last bull run. Absolutely outstanding "ethereumworldnews"!! You go girl!
  10. You should read the original thread. NikB asked him what they ate last time they were together. Bob replied with the correct answer. Anyone got any good jokes?
  11. You'll have to scroll through as this is the live feed. Boy David is a neat guy. Hits it out of the park in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pPeL-lW6bs (now broken link). >>>>> Edit: discussion with David can be found here as well
  12. Matt is just really good at laying down the facts. If I can understand it almost anyone can!
  13. I think you mean the kind of fiduciary abuses that happen with slow transfer of value, right? https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/04/20/604279604/wells-fargo-hit-with-1-billion-in-fines-over-consumer-abuses https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/09/08/493130449/wells-fargo-to-pay-around-190-million-over-fake-accounts-that-sparked-bonuses
  14. Hi Bob! Thanks very much for your presence. A lot of information imparted already in this wonderful discussion I hope every major banker around the world reads this honest back and forth. They may learn something... There still seems to be severely murky areas in the discussion of the (possible) value of an XRP, which I suppose eventually can be cast off in another thread as others have suggested. But for now can you clarify the statement above? Why is Ripple not sure what they'd like "us" to do regards the buying and selling of XRP? What exactly does that mean? Does this statement connect to your other comments that this is a primarily speculative and not utility driven market? I hope you're enjoying this as much as I have been. I appreciate your candid responses. (I would say a blog not a book as it may reach more people). Best to you!
  15. Just posting here for anyone interested. If you were ever wondering how the various moving parts of XRP's ledger work this sure is useful, even going back to the formation of Ripple Labs.
  16. There has to be some way to transact short of seashells and coconuts. I'm not pointing to the economics of all this, just the reality of it...Here we are in 2019, and this IS the reality of our entire globe.
  17. Talk about fake news. Forbes should be embarrassed (and fully outed for the outfit which it has become).
  18. This is exactly why digital currencies are coming into favor in certain circles of power- the realization that they are not inflationary, meaning losing value by the year because more will be printed, hence will be more utilized as reserves as global currencies experience more serious rates of inflation. I don't think we're too far off from that either in a world where the three largest economies are in serious debt and paying that debt by printing more money....
  19. Thanks for the legit source. This would be very helpful for taxes, and a long time coming: "add an exemption to the “like-kind exchange” provisions of Section 1031 of the Code for virtual currency, which would allow a like-kind exchange of virtual currency to be treated as a non-taxable exchange, similar to the current treatment of real property under Section 1031; ."
  20. This last comment is very reasonable in my opinion. We know that XRP is a fantastic tech and is and will be implemented globally. There's no question at this point. It's not speculation. Though exactly what effect the use of the tech has upon the price of XRP is, as always, purely speculative, and only speculative. There has been no real value assigned to XRP despite all the complicated mathematical conjectures. If this, then that, is all we have via the math. And logic may not apply for the price- meaning money supply, use case, volume, etc may not form a legit price and it may stay speculative for awhile despite use case. We just don't know right now. We can guess, but we don't know. I will say this though- the Nasdaq index, Coinbase, all the other global exchanges, Fidelity (whenever that happens), Bakkt/ICE, SBI, and all the banks and monetary authorities, R3 wouldn't be touting it, listing it, buying it if it was a piece of junk, telling me that someone(s) somewhere intend to not only use XRP but make some serious money with it. What that means- 3x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1000x- I cannot predict. But money can be made here. Except for Francis Coppola! We know she doesn't like money or profitable gains, but prefers to sing for her weekly soup and bread. Which is fine. Street performaers have always been in existence. Clowns, magicians, snakeoil salesman. It's part of culture. I have no problem with this. Tempered expectations are always less stressful to be sure. Makes for sound investing too.
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