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  1. For the record -you had six warning points by the time you were warned the 7th time, and given your three day break. Check your profile if you are confused. And please stop derailing this thread- for the last time. Thanks!
  2. I have no idea what you are talking about quite frankly. We have had to deal with countless trolls over the last year and a half, and it has been a royal pain in the you know what. As far as this nuisance whom you covet so deeply here is why he was banned. He got a warning for language. Then another warning for abusive behaviour. Then several folks (more than 3) reported him for the same. Then over time he got NINE additional warnings from several different mods for everything from abusive behaviour, language, trolling, going off topic. At TWELVE warnings in a few months I personally gave him a timeout of week. He came back, started talking trash again to forum members who reported him, and then sent a nasty personal message to myself. At that point hopeless. Gave him a time out for a month. He came back, same toxic cycle, forum members kept reporting his insulting jokey jokester posts. Finally banned for good. And he keeps coming back like some hero being a childish nuisance in the forum of new accounts wasting everyone's time. So, I guess you're right we were impartial- in HIS favor. Same with a few forum members- multiple warnings, and then they start howling and insulting me personally. After a warning? No timeouts, no bans. They keep up with the same behaviour, get reported by forum members. Eventurally they are given a timeout, or shown the door. Personally I do not appreciate anyojne who is not paying attention to good work the mods are doing, and this BS about me being "too hard" on people is a joke. I know right from wrong, and how people need to conduct themselves on a public forum. One of the first rules - don't be a jerk, and then when given warnings start criticizing the mods. That's exactly how everyone one of these players behaved. Nothing has changed in the way anyone has moderated. We're giving warnings for a reason. It is amazing to witness how miserable people get when they don't make money. That's all this is. Worry about the money, the markets, not me. I am doing my job. Any further questions? Message me privately. This is pretty off topic @solid102. It is fun to poke at people, let's not forget about reality though. Whatever impression you have of certain forum members there is far more to the story than you know. I have shared some of that today. Enjoy the day, enjoy making money. Anyone who wishes to respond to this post message me privately. Short of that this conversation is over. How does that sound?
  3. Please ignore the new user accounts who are contentious/insulting. Same user on all, the usual nuisance. Out of the picture now....
  4. Watch the way you address people on this forum. You're being rude. Last warning.
  5. On some previous posts- those who are getting personal with each other- maybe not so much? The thread is interesting enough without low level personal drama. No one should be brought down by reading personal attacks. If you're that bored please move on to another thread. Also- seems like some folks hop into a TA thread to criticize TA? That's always a head scratcher to me. I would never keep going to a restaurant I didn't like, and each time complain anew about my dislike for that restaurant to the other patrons. Here's to a "flaring" hot summer?
  6. I don't subscribe to the idea that the bull market is over. Nor am I convinced that there will be more of it. It will take a little time to see how things play out. This past week I have asked myself many times- if they wanted to shake folks out- did it have to be THIS bad? I mean really? Pretty gross and extreme if you ask me. Oh well, here we wait some more...!
  7. Savage is a good word. Brutal. Unnerving. Pathetic. What a mess right now. Not fun.
  8. ORDER granting 121 Letter Motion for Local Rule 37.2 Conference. A telephonic discovery conference is scheduled for April 30, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. EDT (GMT -04:00). The Court will communicate with the parties regarding the conference line. Members of the public who wish to listen to the conference may do so by dialing: USA: (844) 291-4185; or International: (409) 207-6997, and entering Access Code 71063935, followed by the pound (#) key. This public line will accommodate 4,000 callers. The public is reminded. https://twitter.com/FilanLaw/status/1384653311543021569
  9. Thread restored. XRP price speculation continues!!
  10. I have never heard of this before. If someone else has had the issue, and resolved it please chime in.
  11. Welcome. Please search the forum first for these discussion topics. There is plenty of content on these topics which can initially help answer your questions. Thanks.
  12. A third of the world's population is not connected to a bank.
  13. Can you provide more details of exactly what happened?
  14. Please stay on topic folks. One can start other threads for varying topics, thoughts, and musings. Thanks!
  15. Please stay on the topic thread, charting. You can open another thread to discuss the relative merits or demerits of Bitcoin. Thank you!
  16. We have discussed things with Solodeji before, and he/she is abiding by all forum rules. Please no flaming of posters. If you don't like a post challenge it logically, or move on. Now that we are in this situation with XRP, Covid, global economic collapse looming, and the New Year approaching I implore everyone on here, and in any thread to TAMP DOWN your emotions when speaking to others, and be kind to one another as you would in real life. Is that so hard at this point? Being kind? I don't get paid for this work, eh. Clearly this is not easy for anyone. #XRPUnited.
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