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  1. This was mentioned a few months ago on both trading threads, and it was determined by thread owners and everyone in them that enough people enjoy them that it's best left serving the public.
  2. Good question. There are several threads here which help to explain this. Please use the search function first before starting new threads.
  3. Prices are up for the moment. Let's ALL cool off for a bit. Threads are getting too personal. We've got a great group here, let's try and remember that as emotions swirl. Thanks.
  4. This is a price speculation thread, not holy scriptures. Sometimes the predictions may be wrong and sometimes right based on charting. Either is perfectly okay if meant sincerely. If anyone is not happy with this type of speculation they are more than welcome to visit other threads, and ignore this one completely, or challenge positions based on other assumptions. Repeatedly claiming the chartist is wrong, or TA is wrong is topic bumping/trolling, and adds little to this thread. Thank you!
  5. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sec-commissioner-hester-peirce-proposes-170148315.html
  6. There is a better way to communicate. Easy on the namecalling. Thank you!
  7. Just fyi-important to read if you own a Trezor wallet, and are worried about someone physically accessing it. Apparenty affects a minority of wallets. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/54631/kraken-security-labs-hackers-can-exploit-trezor-hardware-wallets-with-only-15-minutes-of-physical-access-to-the-device
  8. Seems like more walled garden, counterparty risk fiasco. Also cumbersome. I am no expert, but the elegance is not there. Doesn't mean some rogues may not try it? Or...R3 Corda is using XRP and their obscuring that, but I'm unsure of that as well....
  9. Appreciate the personal nature of your post. Thanks for sharing. I would add to your logic - that at one of the largest networking organizations in the world stuff especially moves slowly. Not nimble, bureacratic in nature, organizational culture slow moving. No doubt about it. Same with SWIFT, and some of the largest banks. Incumbent lumbering bohemoths I agree. Slow to change. And the USA, hegemonic banking incumbent that it is, is the laggard worldwide, yes. That's exactly why start ups and countries who are leapfrogging the technological gaps in their societies are moving so quickly. (Remember the acquisition of the cell phone by Asia and Africa where most folks didn't even have landlines ever?) It's happening the same way with money transfer. People are not waiting for the largest banks to get on board, or the largest networking companies. When that happens yes skyrocket. Until then the bulk of the progress will have already happened. It's a big world. Across the globe regulatory frameworks have been built for an entity like XRP to flourish, and in fact, in several countries the tech portion of that change has been tested and installed. They are the innovators. We are waiting- but I believe the base case on which your opinions rest are only part of the story, by no means the entire story. Yet I agree with your ultimate point- the slowest moving, largest, and least agile orgs will be last to the buffet table, yes.
  10. Slow maybe, but not too slow, nor stupid. Banks never HAD to change before. Now they HAVE to. Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, and countless others are leaving them no other choice. Big difference between 2020 and 1965, 1982, or the 2000's. when banks were less threatened and SWIFT reigned Supreme. Big difference between the world order in any of those time frames and the rising powers and global power shift of today. Big difference between the financial system and "The Cloud". No populations around the earth demanded the cloud. Populations around the globe have a tremendously huge distrust towards many existing institutions, especially banks. Rightfully so. They have demanded a way to get out from under the rule of the banking system, the increase of wealth inequality, and digital money has helped them do it. And will continue to challenge exisiting incumbents. The crypto market was born. Banks HAVE to keep up. There is no other choice. That's why they are working on this at a faster pace than ever. No prior timelines can be attributed to the current paradigm shift because there is no comparison in recent memory to what is happening right now. Banks will not be eliminated. I just don't buy the argument that this compares to the cloud revolution, nor do I buy that banks "have always been slow therefore they will always be slow". Not if money is involved! The Supreme Court of India finally ruled yesterday that all digital currencies are now legal and can be traded. I wonder if that will facilitate some new types of banking relationships there? It's moving quickly, but can so easily be shot down by lone men on the internet with price predictions and timelines. Not interested.
  11. I did lay out reasoning. You have an opinion, not an argument yourself. So I suppose we're even in your mind?
  12. Fair enough ok. You said banks have stuck with SWIFT. And they are incumbent dinosaurs. And things DO take time I agree, but- You really don't know how much money anyone here is seeking, and you really don't know how long this market or XRP will take to mature in truth do you? Predictions either way are a loose game. I'll add to this- CBDC's may take some time to set in- but global money flows are changing rapidly because tech companies are forcing the issue- and threatening the banking industry. That's why they are responding. Disintermediation will not happen overnight by a long shot, but many other alternatives to moving money are cropping up outside of the banking industry.
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