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  1. Certain that we are at market sentiment bottom. This thread is nutty as a cashew (not Tiffany, this thread). Tiffany - you're awesome. Very much looking towards great great things happening for XRP (the price, not the digital asset-it's perfect!). Certain that we are at market sentiment bottom. Sure of it. It's actually embarrassing- all these smart and insightful people from all over the globe, each with so much to contribute, to devolve into Jerry Springer-like conversation instead of focusing on the XRP. Heck even the price is more interesting than this dreck. Wow. Wow!!
  2. Swift has 5 banks in their ecosystem who will test their new gpi using "longer credit windows". Impressive even though one of them (Deutschebank) is having grave problems. The swift team really knows how to change with the times. Blockbuster.
  3. I have GOT to watch this. It's already dated. Reminds of another movie back when called "The Net". Love the hyperbole and complete disconnect from reality!
  4. I have seen it from multiple sources as well. Don't suspect it's false. But not sure if it's an 'offical announcement' either.
  5. I will add that fiat doesn't even need to crash, but some important economies need to dip lower- is all crypto will need to see new infusions of money. And that is already beginning to happen. Next 6-12 months and it will only happen more.
  6. I also hope the Ripplenet use cases can empower sole proprietor women around the globe to receive and send money in a fashion that serves their needs, especially in developing countries. I know this is what Mojaloop was designed to do in part, but haven't heard much on that front lately. Could be very helpful for so many (women and men) in less connected and less advantaged communities.
  7. Don't know if OP is correct in its prediction, but kudos to accurately representing our xrp volume/price history.
  8. This was an excellent thread to re-read. Very informative of what people were specifically saying at the time even though I was there but had forgotten. Eerily similar. There was one guy who said he was selling out into bitcoin or iota just 3 days before XRP mooned. People had had it by then!
  9. I am not a chartist at all but looking at the longterm (past) view- everytime XRP/BTC has gone to 4000 sats it has pumped afterward. Can anyone confirm this or am I seeing things?
  10. Well you tell us. I mean it can go either way, no Freaky?
  11. I like the way that evonsys site reads. Very strong on xrp.
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