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  1. I have never heard of this before. If someone else has had the issue, and resolved it please chime in.
  2. Welcome. Please search the forum first for these discussion topics. There is plenty of content on these topics which can initially help answer your questions. Thanks.
  3. A third of the world's population is not connected to a bank.
  4. Can you provide more details of exactly what happened?
  5. Please stay on topic folks. One can start other threads for varying topics, thoughts, and musings. Thanks!
  6. Please stay on the topic thread, charting. You can open another thread to discuss the relative merits or demerits of Bitcoin. Thank you!
  7. We have discussed things with Solodeji before, and he/she is abiding by all forum rules. Please no flaming of posters. If you don't like a post challenge it logically, or move on. Now that we are in this situation with XRP, Covid, global economic collapse looming, and the New Year approaching I implore everyone on here, and in any thread to TAMP DOWN your emotions when speaking to others, and be kind to one another as you would in real life. Is that so hard at this point? Being kind? I don't get paid for this work, eh. Clearly this is not easy for anyone. #XRPUnited.
  8. Yes, I know that's why it's just a footnote. Happy Holidays to everyone here.
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