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  1. There are several good posts on this forum which go through questions and answers on this.
  2. Let's be civil. Warnings issued, and some folks are taking a vacation now. These threads are a privilege for all of us, not a place to excercise one's personal venom. Be careful and have fun! Thanks.
  3. xrphilosophy


    Make sure the Ledger Live version is 2.9.0 - a mandatory step. You have to go through the steps of updating your firmware to 1.6.0 - one version at a time: https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002731113-Update-Ledger-Nano-S-firmware Follow the instructions carefully, keeping your 24 word recovery phrase at hand.
  4. Our friendly bitcoinista Nate Popper is at it again.
  5. I don't see how any of these queries regarding Ripple's business practices (like them or not), at this stage, makes one tiny bit of difference. The mold has been cast with Ripple. Period. They are not going back in time. You can like it, or leave it.
  6. If there is a thread of the month award i'd like to nominate this one. Meaningful conversation presented politely. The moonboy v fudster conversations filled with hostility and rage is so pre-Covid. Got boring. Is boring. We're moving into what seems to be an evolving market cycle with new (and hoping better) communication between each other, the select XRP holders. I'm all for threads like this. Bring your particular knowledge base, questions, concerns, and share away. Discussing is different than chewing each other's heads off as can be seen here very very clearly. Kudo
  7. https://ripple.com/insights/how-to-spot-xrp-giveaway-scams/ "....as always, please disregard any XRP giveaways scams that claim to be from Ripple or our executives."
  8. Thread locked. Low content post.
  9. Emotions running high. Understood. But...Time again to get back on, and stay on topic. Thanks!
  10. Easy now folks. Let's not make this thread hopeless! Everyone may have decent points, but it's getting a wee too personal for the topic being xrp. Carry on with respect, or use the ignore function...like it or not we're still all in this together!
  11. Yeah, wasn't under the impression PayID has any pathfinding- yet, at least that we would know about. That may be steps down the line perhaps. Please correct if there is other info.
  12. It's a terrible time in the world right now. At least we here can be somewhat supportive to each other, at least in tone. XRP sentiment in my opinion has almost never been worse. Hard time to hold through for many. I don't expect this market will always be this way. Crypto market cap keeps rising, albeit slowly, as legacy markets seem more and more unsettled and irrational. It will require more patience to bear witness to a speculative bullrun, or some form of utility, or both if that is to happen. But I will say this- one couldn't ASK for better pre-conditions than a global e
  13. Hold the insults to other forum members. Thanks!
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