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  1. Also keep in mind that the remittance market is a small portion of global cross-border payments. Enterprise B2B payments account for almost 90% of all cross-border money transfer. Of the remaining 10% - global Ecommerce (marketplaces like Amazon), Payouts (freelancers, contractors, AirBnB, Uber paying their network), Government to Consumer payments (pensions, other), and P2P remittances (WU, Moneygram) round out the rest. All segments are growing and said by 2022 expected to be significantly higher (39 trillion) than they are today at 29 trillion. Heard it here today, but it doesn't seem to be posted yet after airing live. https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/event-detail/go-global-a-review-of-progress-and-pain-in-cross-border-payments/
  2. In order for ODL to work well the price has to be higher than 20 cents. It has to be at least many multiples higher. Makers/takers can't be transferring millions of xrp to move hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is not ODL working well. The specific mechanism by which the price will march up in order to accomodate an ODL which desires to function well is somewhat beyond me. I believe Bob Way indicated a patent which can be applied to that problem? Regardless, if all the constituent variables for ODL are in place, and parts of the globe ready to use it, it's hard to believe the price won't be moved up by some means, whether that's artificially, or via some form of manipulation, not to mention possibly speculation prior. A rising speculative market to me seems far more likely prior to ODL/utility being in place anytime soon. That could change price for XRP right there. All depends on how much liquidity flows into the crypto market as economies start to suffer. Liquidity leads as we have seen, and the crypto market has seen a lot of liquidity taken out over the past few years. That is slowly starting to come back in. But may still be awhile off. I am of the strong opinion that "risk on" happens exactly once liquidity evaporates from economies (as opposed to just markets). And we are beginning to see that now. I know there are some here who don't see it this way, but I disagree based upon prior recesssion cycles. At economic bottoms 'risk on' is the place where money travels time and time again. There's little yield anywhere else. I would expect the same for this new, planned, and burgeoning market. Keep in mind the USA is a laggard as far as economies which are struggling. The rest of the world is having immense banking/economic troubles now. And the banking industry in the US is being propped up every evening by the Federal Reserve throwing money into the system. Eventually liquidity problems will beset the US as well, and in my view before not too long. You'd never know by just looking at the stock market. To the point of the thread the exact mechanism, if any, by which ODL creates a higher price for XRP is yet to be explanined clearly I believe, or at least bc my lack of neurons prohibits me from understanding this mechanism. My point here is to say there does not have to be some mathematical mechanism which increase XRP price necesarily. Other forces are at work in markets. Many other forces and variables which move markets in wildly opposing ways. This is by no means a complete answer, but a partial one, I know.
  3. https://www.wsj.com/articles/travelex-ransomware-outage-hits-foreign-currency-transactions-at-retail-banks-11578593249
  4. Don't know if the price won't drop especially if BTC drops, but things are definitely starting to look up (regards the whole of the crypto market). Good news almost everyday. The prices are making folks think it's the end. I don't believe it. Else I would be posting on a dungeons and dragons chat site. And I am no fan of dungeons and dragons.
  5. Outstanding summary. Thank you! Somehow I had not seen the Ripple video on global governmental regulation.
  6. Most definitely. Forming new layered networks amidst the current ones has to be the primary goal in creating this new system of financial transaction. These networks are embedded in the hands of the world's most powerful people, themselves within institutions, and the activity of building up a new network of incentivized participants is the key and really only goal to be reached now that the technological hurdle has been overcome. Naturally, this would take some time on a global scale. It's possibly what most folks cannot stand at the moment. Personally, I've been pleased with the speed and scale of this network building over the past two years, with this last year in particular yielding many dividends, and frankly is mostly what I follow when I track the progress of Ripple as it relates to the proposed utility of XRP. The price has gotten many of us rotting from the inside out, and I don't blame anyone for feeling that way, myself included, sometimes I'm just stumped, but in fact, without liquidity in the market, and without a more built out regulatory network how could there be much other than a speculative price? Very much hope to see both grow even further this year, but we'll see. Other factors of the economy matter in this regard as well. Great insight!
  7. I agree. We all have to recognize that there may be shortfalls in XRP. We will see if that happens. But this link reads like a poor Jr. High newspaper. It doesn't make a case for anything really except the state of crypto journalism today, which apparently, has no prior experience required. Just like $589 hype we all loathe it's going to zero hype as well. We need better well researched sources unfortunately those require a deeper dive.
  8. Now one pretty thread. Agreed that the subscription model is the foundation, and the one I use to listen to music. It's pretty dominant globally. Who knows, this may develop into a one-off for less well known artists to be paid while indepenedent media projects use their tracks for various purposes. Agreed that is does seem repetitive to current models, but creative commons does not pay I don't believe, and perhaps we don't know who has won this race yet moving forward in the 2020's. Or perhaps it serves as an eventual model for other industries? I don't object to it, nor Coil as others have stated. Nice to see things growing. Like others however I look forward to the banking, remittance, and especially Fx use cases skyrocketing in use someday. Those are the big dogs! Regardless, don't mind seeing the world of XRP and the IoV spread to non-users over the years. A way to learn of it at least. I hope all the misery folks experienced from 2019 can be translated into a maturing feeling of interest as we travel through the futuristic age year of 2020. The entire crypto market is laying dormant, not just XRP. Liquidity has yet to lift this market.
  9. Will help spread the word to the many writer friends...Thanks!
  10. "The banking world is partying like it's the 1970's". I love that slogan. T-shirts maybe?
  11. One ony has to read the pdf in full to see these exemptions and exclusions. It does away with a lot of the old restrictions, and modifies definitions upside and down. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/bcreg20191008a.htm
  12. Same here. From what I can gather this paper written in August 2019 arrives at price predictions up to 12 months out. Figure 5 would end around Sep 2020? Fascinatingly hopeful!
  13. Low content posts are never appreciated whether whipped up positively or negatively. The search tool for all newbies is your friend. Happy holidays to everyone. Looking forward to 2020!!!
  14. This doesn't hurt the ecosystem. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/german-stock-exchange-plans-international-101032482.html
  15. I don't suspect that Ripple is considering such tactics. We have a creative bunch here.
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