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    You Can Now Accept XRP on YouTube and Twitch

    We will know soon I suspect. All up in the air right now..
  2. xrphilosophy

    The Only Limit Is Our Imagination

    Sometimes I forget how the corridors are adding up! Reassuring to visualize, even if just mentally. A practical hands on update, and much appreciated...
  3. xrphilosophy

    XRapid in use within a month

    To your point. I think if XRapid is a non-starter regards price, then the price is likely to go down and stay down until some there is a more significant use of XRapid and XRP. The Xrapid going live moment has always been a non-issue for me as I've never seen it being huge volume going through XRapid at first. Hope I am wrong on that, but as I've always understood it, XRapid is a long series of baby steps over a long period of time, not one lightswitch. On the other hand, if we end up getting some version of a moonshot for some unknown reason, XRapid, speculative, I won't be complaining at all!
  4. What a fun thread. I followed along with everyone one of your points, and now that a little closer look has been involved, the body language does seem obvious in retrospect doesn't it? I am unsure why Goldman can't speak of these things, but I suppose there is a darn good rea$son if they must stay hush. Well, the price today has not changed much, but these small tells across so many channels (the news coming out, bits of research different folks have been doing, and some connecting the dots here on the chat) certainly bolster up the case for XRP to hardly just 'be 'another digital asset', or even doomed to failure. Now, we just sit back and wait. It may be a little while, but what more could we ask for? In at the beginning of an entirely new chapter in the world? If you think about it- it's stunning. I often get hooked up on news and minutae, and forget this big picture. We are fortunate...
  5. xrphilosophy

    Western union hidden fees

    If no new start ups then one would think PayPal would be the ideal candidate. Already established and global. But I guess they like the money the float affords them as well. Eventually things will have to change. Guessing it may come from Asian, European, emerging markets adoption of this new tech...
  6. My understanding of Ripple's products suite and XRP's usage regards banks (including SBI) is that one does not preclude the other. Banks may want various options in transferring money, and the integration of both a SWIFT product (existing) and Ripple Product is wholly preferable. One works with the existing system, and one is dialed in for the future/in areas where SWIFT does not compete well. I don't think it's ever been either/or.
  7. xrphilosophy

    Western union hidden fees

    Love this. Yes, I keep wondering to myself why IS it that some new remittance company isn't emerging, especially in the last year? Isn't this strange? The tech is more than there. I know in other parts of the world this is developing, but here in the U.S. I never ever hear about some new app which is competing with WU/Moneygram. You would think someone would name a company something like "Thunderbolt"- advertise online, and be the new way to send money fast. This could run WU out of business. I guess I am underestimating how hard it is accomplish this? Perhaps. But harder things have been done to be sure. We should not be waiting for banks and remittance companies to adopt this new tech. We'll wait forever and more. We should be seeking out new companies who will quickly displace/take share of incumbents. I just don't know who these new people are? I feel like I am missing something...
  8. xrphilosophy

    Western union hidden fees

    Remember how quickly voip was adopted? Whatsapp?? As soon as people learned they didn't have to pay exorbitant fees to make international phone calls they switched over at lightning speed in every corner of the world. That must have burned holes in the shorts of phone company executives. Same thing with remittance fees forthcoming in my opinion. We have to understand their position however - more than a century of hubris and monopoly behind them so they cannot see change afoot. Fair enough.
  9. xrphilosophy

    Reason for Today's XRP Price Drop

    You may be right. I don't entirely know, however, after my own research I have found the opposite to be a greater possibility. The EM monetary crisis is leading masses of people (Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey) TO crypto as a safe haven. This is only the beginning of that trend, and I forsee a lot more of that moving forward as the global liquidity crisis starts to ramp up forthcoming. Big investors chasing yield where little is left abroad and domestically across all markets (equities/bonds/re) will find at least a portion of their portfolio outside of cash in this new emerging market with higher positive side volatility. My assumption is that this is why the entire crypto market has gone from being the Wild West to institutionalized in less than two years. And we are the cusp of it being a truly legit market. Only time will tell what happens, but for my own thinking, I am pretty sure this will be the case as sovereign currencies and economies take a hit. The canaries in the coal mine and beyond have already revealed themselves here in the U.S. and across the globe.
  10. What a mess. I wanted to punch the amateur goober asking questions, close to twenty times. Arrington couldn't shut up either, although I'm on his side. Not a good scene for Brad although he held his ground. Only guy in the room whom I could take seriously. The chucklehead asking questions needs to be reprimanded for being a lousy organism, seriously. This forum was garbage. Teen summit USA is a better forum for discussion.
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2018/09/05/the-meaning-behind-goldman-sachs-crypto-180/#1feb800c69e4
  12. Awhile back when WU backed off, and more recently when Moneygram seemed to hedge their bets with Visa Direct I sort of wrote off big company remittances in my mind, for right or for wrong. Then I read and heard a lot more about the potential of Forex markets- so I sort of shifted my perception of use case for the next year with XRP. Mojaloop is still in play, but for now I don't count on big remittance companies such as these as being the foundation for XRP use. These may be "fails" for the time being (not forever), but not hinging my hopes on those. Again the OP's question is a good one. The Forex markets are darn huge though, so I am pleased XRP seems to be gaining traction there, when it comes up in conversation and interviews. I do think more changes are to come as well. This may be an evolving use case scenario as old ideas fall off for awhile, and new ones emerges like COIL/Xpring bringing up new possibilities. Will the fifth largest remittance company in the world use XRP? Maybe. Or maybe a new type of remittance company in the works will use our digital asset? The fintech scene is so fluid and a bit flaky. This is a "talk talk" space, and only once these things happen do I believe them, the skeptic in me. This includes SBI and its reasonable claims, who are mysteriously quiet as well. Even this ICE exchange needs to get regulatory approval. It's not a sure thing. So much fuzzy, and so much unknown, so much 'behind the scenes' that it's hard to have a clear picture of anything. Yet enough good things seem to be in the works that this Fall should be interesting I think. At least I hope!
  13. I'm uncertain if there is any "new" news on this. Things have been pretty hush as of late. But it is a good question.
  14. xrphilosophy

    Message To The XRP Community

    Wow. Nice Cobb! Great perspective, and well put. You make a great point of the market infrastructure being built without heavy demand currently. Definitely a tell tale sign. Can't wait for the utility to begin myself...