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  1. Now this is what we want to hear! "Regulatory sandboxes are areas in the law where regulation is lowered in order to help foster innovation and creative problem-solving, without companies having to worry about abiding by strict regulations. The practice has been used in Switzerland to foster cryptocurrency development projects in the nation’s crypto-valley."
  2. Coffee meets my favorite blog is a great way to start an early Saturday morning! You mention the retail use case- yet I must admit I would have trouble parting with my own XRP to pay what I could in dollars, as I feel I would be giving away an appreciating asset. Your comments on that- and also why should XRP be used in this way when that is not it's intended function? In other words, in your view what are the expected benefits of using XRP to pay for retail items? Exposure and such? Thanks for a very complete write up this week. A lot going on...
  3. Yes confidence was severely lacking. There's reticience in her voice. Where's the excitement?? Feels like she was dragged out there and forced to participate. I'm sure she means well, but public presentation skills have to be polished in this instance. Kind of harsh but there is too much on the line businesswise to come off sluggish.
  4. Be careful about quoting "managing partners" at hedge funds as "experts" -ambcrypto and other outlets. Fund managers will lean towards advocacy of XRP as a security because they wish to sell it to their clients. They stand to make a lot of money off this expert advocacy. The only opinion that matters are the voices of the SEC. I'm still not sure how this turns out, or even what impact it may have. Lots of folks think it will be the end of XRP, and I am leaning now that it definitely won't. Nonetheless after ALL that has been said by the regulatory bodies thus far it would seem a huge stretch for the SEC or anyone of note to seriously consider the crypto space securities "just cause". It would be tied up in courts for a decade if that happened, and we would moon in the meantime...😁
  5. Advocacy to allow cryptocurrencies to be free of captial gains... I like that!
  6. xrphilosophy

    SBI CEO new Tweets

    It's that old and tired legacy thinking. The dollar will be the world's reserve currency forever. Not true. We're moving into a different era, and quickly. Especially now that Trump is ostracizing many parts of the world. And when the dollar starts weaking then what IBM? Nevertheless they have their foot in the door, and I'm sure certain corporates may prefer to use their model on the assumption that a dollar monopoly is "better". Even certain banks. Just not the ones in SE Asia, China, Russia, India, and certain countries in South and Central America, and mobile payments Africa. https://cryptoslate.com/ibm-to-back-stellar-based-stablecoin-project-stronghold-usd/
  7. xrphilosophy

    Asheesh Birla at Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018

    This is where the rubber meets the road in the global decisions for/against decentralization. Good debate. Stablecoin will be a total bust when the overleveraged global economy starts to burst. It won't work as Ashish says in a bear market. And that's what's coming over the next 5-10 years. Good luck IBM you're always looking towards the past for innovation...
  8. xrphilosophy

    FINRA and Coinbase

    One guy tweets the right words and those in power take note. Thanks for sharing...
  9. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    The guidelines set up for the fiction writing contest poised to end at the end of this month --of 'please be kind as its brave to put onesself out there' --should be attributed to our fellow youtubers, bloggers, podcasters, etc as well, especially since many of them are successful already. It may not be for all of us, to each his own, but narratives and plenty of communication lanes matter in markets as much if not moreso at times than utility, use case, tech, team, etc. There cannot be enough good things to be said for XRP now, and moving forward, in an environment where XRP has falsely and successfully been branded as some privatized villain- as long as those good things said are fact based, sincerely intended, and made by credible sources who have openly identified themselves...We need dozens and dozens more youtubers in this space deconstructing XRP and its benefits. This is just the start. Give people a chance to get their heels dug in before you smash their efforts. I could rip apart Ripple's "Drop" video to shreds. It could be so much better. So could these Ask Me Anythings. What is the point to rip on people. Help improve maybe, but rip no, not when they are at least trying. Best of luck to the constant improvements you will make week by week youtubers...All you guys are doing just swell, and you know your respective audiences which is just great.
  10. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Before you get too down on excited childlike "Bearable Guy"- predictions take a look at the never ending thread on here which has captured the imaginations of many grown men and women. However, all the possible "annoyances" you mention are of course to be had. These are user generated youtube videos, and hardly broadcast ready. That being said it is inciteful to note that the broadcast ready CNBC, Bloomberg, et al have done quite a bit of annoying pieces on XRP in particular where they have gotten fact after fact dead wrong, not to mention the made up personalities feigning blockchain knowledge blathering on with little regard for research, and often with an agenda from their bosses and producers. Point is nothing is perfect. There is A LOT to be desired from our youtube cohorts, bloggers, tweeters, and podcasts. But this space is evolving, and I imagine many of the youtubers in particular who have jumped in within this past year are just beginning, and will evolve with better formats, dialogue, terminology, and more media savvy as they mature as well. With that their followings may grow over not only months but the next couple years, and that will only serve us well. I don't suspect the vast majority of people are looking at a video, calling that the final word, throwing money into XRP, and taking any of these youtubers as gospel. But these youtubers are a growing and substantial part moving forward of pathways to get bits of information from an increasingly video watching crypto retail crowd. To that end it serves us only to correct them if they get something flat out wrong, redirect them if they are off base with concepts, but throwing them into the trash before they get a chance to get traction is really shooting us all in the feet. Every little bit counts in a micro community such as this, and just trashing fellow XRP'ers serves none of us well. Not saying you are doing this, but elaborating further on my embarrasment at some of the comments hurled at a 19 year old kid - by supposedly grown adults. There must be some better way you can add to the XRP community than try to take away from it.
  11. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Yeah, what bothers me is the short sightedness of the critics. There are plenty plenty plenty of videos on youtube which are anti-XRP. XRP is the bank coin, XRP is a security, XRP is going nowhere, XRP is centralized, a scam, etc etc etc. If it were not for this small group of pro-XRP youtubers, whether they meet your foul mouthed needs or not- when anyone would type in XRP into youtube they would see nothing but ill spoken videos on this coin. These pro XRP youtube guys, with all their roughshod efforts have essentially risen to the top of many xrp searches, and so at the very least new individuals interested in finding out more about XRP via video can happen upon something positive and somewhat informative, sometimes very informative. They are the frontlines between new investors searching on youtube for more info, and very anti-XRP videos whether you see that or not. I highly doubt anyone goes down a rabbithole of XRP and only searches on youtube, but the videos can be good/interesting complements of information and enthusiasm. No one has claimed the videos are an end unto themselves on knowledge about consensus protocol. Maybe instead of all the "know it alls" bashing regular people who are doing youtube videos in favor of XRP, warts and all, maybe say something nice to them? Believe it or not, and whether you admit or not they serve a utility purpose in the information spread of XRP. Period. Ripple can only do so much. That's why bloggers and youtubers from the community exist. None may be perfect, some better than others, but it's better than seeing only lies on youtube. I'd rather see an enthusiast trying. There's nothing wrong at all with any of them, they're helping, not hurting, and just sitting there hating on 'em is not exactly a move in the right direction. Maybe you don't see that. The people on here who are calling any of those guys names, insulting them, etc are truly short sighted. All of the youtubers have their place in the overall organic user communications strategy revolving around XRP, same as bloggers or those on twitter. Why not bash the bloggers and 140 character army too? None of this thinking is helpful. Many people enjoy and participate in their videos, especially other XRP holders. Why bash them all? Let em do what they want. No reason to bash em here in XRPChat. Here's what what you critics need to do now: Why don't you write up your opinions on XRP videos, tell us all how they suck, how some don't know the tech, how some are too long, how some are boring, how some are getting paid, how some make assumptions, how some only review written articles, and then write up a big big big essay for all of us to read on the XRPCommunity Blog? Maybe that will help? I'm beginning to think so now. Criticism of XRP holders making less than perfect or not to my taste videos- what a great essay idea! Then while on the XRP Community Blog why don't you pick on everyone there- grammar, punctuation, blathering paragraphs, rosy assumptions, predictions, false information, and then write ANOTHER essay on how many of these are far from perfect? That way all of us can really understand what your opinion is of how other people are just measly, and crummy at what they do? Maybe that will be great PR for XRP? Think about it, coming into XRPChat and being Oscar The Grouch over other XRP Holders trying to make a difference is honestly the lowest low. Trashing our fellow XRP'ers in here is not what you want. Maybe you are better than everyone else, but the original poster asked who is your favorite youtuber and the VERY FIRST THING out of the crtics MOUTHS was who you didn't like, and how bad some were. How some were useless. Did you answer his question? Enough said. I support every last one of the bloggers and youtubers in their efforts. No reason to throw shade and try and hurt people working at making a difference. It's work, and the last thing I like to see is folks who are working hard getting bashed in the head by comments from people on XRPChat who know better. Yeah, I like those Krypto Twins and Jungle Inc as well. All doing massivey great jobs. Kudos to the youtubers, the bloggers, the twitterati, facebookers and everyone else trying to get a nice word out.
  12. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Then you don't need to. However no one who is WATCHING AND PARTICIPATING in those videos cares a diddle what you think. Have you ever thought about this? Put a positive spin on people who are doing some of the lifting FOR XRP rather just being a grump. No need for that. We have a lot of great people in here, and those youtubers are better than many of the crybabiess here who contribute little except their pretentious taste buds and smelly comments. It may be advisable to just drop the high flying opinionated comments on XRP youtubers who many of us think are contributing positively. If you don't have a taste for them fine, but complaining like twelve year olds? Being mini-roger eberts? Get serious. You are free to watch all the cat videos you like. Hey, the world makes room for everybody...
  13. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Your command of the English language is stunning. Still waiting on the blog and youtube channel you curate? Do you have something to contribute outside of negative nancy opinions on communications strategy? Let those in the XRP community who are displaying their pride of purchase in XRP, and communicating that to thousands nd thousands of people each week do their thing without hindrance from you. You are hardly the final word on either taste or communications for XRP as evidenced by their subscribership and live chat convos- there's a lot of great energy in there!!! Your brilliant follow up post attests to this. STOP criticizing the community of people who work hard at communicating out the best they can! They are NOT poor sources of information, discussion, nor problem solving!! Thank you very much!!
  14. xrphilosophy

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Unless you can do better- they are all we've got. These are just people doing they're thing. I find it really interesting that they are even trying. Same with the bloggers. The energy put into it is amazing. I'm sorry- you forgot to mention your youtube channel and blog? Clearly you must have some amazing work which you're willing to share with all of us since your personally curated tastes and rich sensibilities are so far superior to these mundane and garbagey youtubers. I'm assuming you will spend some time with each of these youtubers to help them produce far better content? At some point it's fair to just accept that regardless whether this matches one's ideal of what an XRP video should be, these people are doing their best. We should celebrate that or improve upon it ourselves. Each of these youtubers has an audience that likes what they are saying. Don't tell anyone to stay away! Different folks like different styles. Just look at the subscribers on each of the people you listed, and read the comments in their live streams before you try to kill off their audience by telling folks to stay away. Unless you work at Warner Bros or netflix I seriously doubt you understand audience sentiments and tastes. You understand your own tastes, but that is not enough for this conversation.