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  1. Well, it doesn't make sense now, and I'm just shooting from the hip and casually guessing, because XRapid flows seem to be relatively minimal? Not 200 milion per day more than the volume prior?
  2. Volume is much higher today than a year ago, and I don't understand why at all. My presumption was always XRapid initially, but that doesn't seem to make sense now either. It's certainly not a bad signal for all of us though... something is at work...
  3. xrphilosophy

    2019 is winter

    I do. Bitcoin went from $1700 to $20,000 from May to December 2017 as did the whole market, every coin went mad. XRP stayed put between .15-30, mostly between .21-.30. Nothing. Then silly season. The markets are manipulated and planned. Period. This time we may not be getting pain from low low price (i.e. 10 cents usd or lower), but the pain from time- low price over long extended period of time. That's what it feels like. And when the jump occurs one nevers knows...but it may take some time, and that is pain as it drags on. We're in over a year now. How much longer we don't know. I will never expect to predict these markets. But with money coming in (OTC and this is certain) i certainly don't feel bad about the future. Not certain, but definitely not bad!
  4. xrphilosophy

    2019 is winter

    When things are bullish everyone is bullish. When things are bearish everyone is bearish. This sentiment is not unheard of, but has little to do with the reality within this market. No one knows is the answer. You could be right or wrong.
  5. You could be right. It does make sense! Yet it's hard for me to imagine, when I think of all the folks from the regulatory environment who Ripple have in their employ, they are not having these discussions (have had these discussions), and aware of what regulatory bodies are weighing when deciding to move forward with XRP. I tend to think this because regulatory bodies, despite what good actors exist within them, have failed to regulate an endless number of financial institutions, instruments, and processes as we have seen over the years. There are internal arrangements, political inflluences, and the like which affect any regulation as it is strictly defined. Not sure what to think until we hear about all this in the real. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. If Ripple is naive and simply ignoring these issues then shame on them. It does seem as if they must have some degree of knowledge of how this will play out, only if because there is so much money and future growth at stake for banks globally.
  6. Although what you say makes complete sense using legal logic, I am not entirely sure the rules for some apply to the rules for the many. Wall Street has many people on board the digital asset train by now, and we full well recorgnize that they wield the power which determines what the rules are for any sector, company, or set of legalities. It's not as if the SEC, or other governmental bodies are meritocratic angels on legal issues. They have an open and transparent record of making up rules as is convenient for their ruling masters, and also turning their heads from the financial industries indiscretions, actions when convenient. Thus far, there has been no pressure I know of from any body of government for Ripple the company to divest of their XRP, nor any indecision based upon this. So, this tells me that regulatory certainty is not a legal issue, but more a decision based upon some timeline towards which we are not privy. What seems to be happening via Bakkt, Fidelity, etc etc - is that it's Bitcoin's turn next, then others (XRP included) after that if you get my drift. A new market with several bull runs on various tokens is in the making. Just my interpretation.
  7. I was just about to post the same article. It's a fairly decent read. XRP is not listed on Bakkt right now, but it seems unlikely that they will ignore it considering what they are doing. Main point of the article which surprised me is that Bakkt is operating in large part as a payments clearinghouse for retail. That was surprising. It will start with bitcoin and then expand out. (I agree the "or other dominant coin" caught my eye as well). The government shutdown is delaying Bakkt getting a full go.
  8. When there's no news we create news. My goodness. What a non-issue. Going for another cup of coffee...
  9. <One question that will direct Ripple's future is whether or not banks have an incentive to lower the costs of cross-border payments. “Getting the international money movement pricing as close to zero as possible is just going to collapse the revenue of the banks in that business line,” Sokolin said.> This hypothetical question this guy Sokolin argues I find to be a bit off. The business line of banks regards cross-border payments is already being hugely impinged upon by the largest of tech companies (Google with WhatsApp, Applepay, and soon Amazon) including WeChat and a host of other new fintech payment providers. So, the argument that the Ripplenet and XRP will "collapse" the revenue in that business line is silly. It's already threatened if not on the verge of collapse moving forward, and XRP and the Ripplenet are not the determinative focal point for that. Just an observation.
  10. xrphilosophy

    RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide

    In this video on this page the gentleman reiterates that Ripple is having trouble getting XRP listed on multiple exchanges. Did we ever find out why this is? I'm familiar with the Coinbase story, but what other exchanges and stories are out there? Is this all a BTC v XRP story, or are the exchanges asking for too much free XRP in the minds of the folks over at Ripple?? If anyone has any insight please advise! On the original post- what great news- sending it around now...
  11. Had watched her video earlier, and saw that she had sent this communication. Great to hear that she got this particular response (and so quickly)!
  12. Agreed with all. YEAR OVER YEAR these instruments do make money at higher yields than can be found almost anywhere (25-30-35% +some years several hundred or several thousand percent). Hard to argue with the numbers. A watchpot never boils approach would madden anyone. It has me in the past, but evolving into a broader perspective on price increase. Nothing like the year over year numbers.
  13. xrphilosophy

    Own Your XRP

    You're out of line, and flagged for personal insults, and non-productive use of this space. Next time talk about Ripple or XRP. Time for you to go home. Thank you!
  14. xrphilosophy

    2018: The Forming of Team XRP

    Happy New Year to all! A great breaking point today/this time of year to reset, and fill up the tank in preparation for all to come in 2019!
  15. We have to allow for the fact that sometimes people just get some things wrong (if taken very literally). Maybe he had every confidence, and it was delayed for a bit, maybe he was referring to the Credit Union system, maybe his confidence got ahead of him. He is a mortal after all, not some oracle of the future. CEO's get it wrong all the time. I am thankful (personally) that the many of the other things he had to say this year made perfect sense and/or came to be true. It's not as if the market is hanging on these words either. The crypto market and XRP are doing poorly as a result of the whole thing morphing from an idealism into maninsteam business markets. It is frustrating to watch I agree as XRP makes so much headway around the world, and the price languishes. Clear sign of a nasty depressed and corrupt market. But that is just where we are right now. Brad's confidence from months ago has little to do with it so it would be tough to blame him alone I suspect, or even put him to blame at all. Patience probably, and not exactitudes wins this game. We don't know what is ahead over the next 12 weeks...