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  1. xrphilosophy

    This is fine.

    Very nicely put OP.
  2. xrphilosophy

    Thoughts regarding the Bakkt delay

    I think it sounds about right! There have been a number of delays in the space, and understandably as these new massive relationships/partnerships/exchanges are moving forth and being created and lightning speed. So delays do not surprise me, especially when only a few weeks or months. That being said who knows what is going on behind the scenes to allow the bitcoin fiasco to settle and the market to be readied (for XRP) once again? I've never been more clueless as of recent!
  3. It would be easier to comment on a speculative partnership if we had the original source of the speculation. Problem is these crypto sites are so incredibly unreliable, and in some cases fraudulent, and just plain hyped up. Did you happen to find/discover some original document/video which indicates a mention of possible partnership? I have only heard rumors up until now.
  4. xrphilosophy

    Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales

    Outstanding and very detailed effort. Yes thanks. Even if this is only a "rough model" of the increase (and it could be much more than that) it's a clear signal.
  5. This is striking news. Really?? I hadn't imagined any instruments like this for awhile yet. Wow.
  6. xrphilosophy


    I think XRP and other non-correlative digital assets could be in that basket of currencies. That seems to be what the IMF has alluded to in its positive comments on the digital space. But I have no real idea what is to come with this. The world financial landscape is changing beneath our feet.
  7. xrphilosophy

    This is what happens by EOY...

    The bubble we just experienced was with people like me and all of you and a few whales. Hardly an over the top bubble. The real bubble is to come with this new market and real wealth entering the market. I have no idea about EOY predictions, but looking into the distance the last bubble of Dec 2017 will no doubt be dwarfed. It may look different, it may grow over a longer period of time. How long that takes depends upon how money flows into the crypto market- which depends upon the bottoming out of the global economy. We're on our way, but hardly in "uncertain" times in my view. Feels like in 'early times' regards this larger upcoming market/bubble to be. What I am interested to see is if there are any pumpy speculative spikes in between now and when the new larger market takes hold. There might be, might not be. Wish I had a crystal ball. I'm sure we all do!
  8. xrphilosophy

    This is what happens by EOY...

    Place a speculative value on XRP- far before it reaches that value from utility. The speculative value may not be spot on with the utility value down the road, but the market will value what it thinks XRP will be worth down the road before it actually gets to that value from utility. I don't disagree with you in that the IoV is a slow road. And that Ripple the company is a work in progress as is XRP. That much is clear. I am saying the market will value XRP far before the "final proof" of XRP is realized. And this is not to say that XRP won't be going up over time, but the gains to be made for early adopters will come earlier than the proof of XRP from it's day to day utility. Otherwise we could all just hop into the market 5 years from now and make as much yield as today. But it will be too late by then. The market will price in future value, in other words (once this new version of the market is up and running)- new version meaning this market which has been institutionalized with the largest of speculators, not just us on xrpchat, et al. And this doesn't mean XRP will be $50 next year. All it means is that the market will be ahead of the utility.
  9. xrphilosophy

    This is what happens by EOY...

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. XRP is binary. Either it works or it doesn't. It's not going to "sort of" work and rise like a stock in the stock market over a vast span of time. It will yield a result in the market sooner than many think. And the market will know this far before it's intended use case is realized, which in 5 years could be massive. The market won't take that long to value it, and make money off of it. That's the benefit of being in early. By the time it is seen as having value those in it will have already made their return on investment. Others that get in once it's a "sure" thing will only make incremental gains, just like in the stock market.
  10. xrphilosophy

    This is what happens by EOY...

    I haven't followed the OP much but I do understand his sentiment. Lately, the past few months delusional dreams of literally childishly sky high prices have rocked not only xrpchat but the internet. It's almost a laughable hysteria. So coming from that standpoint he seems to be fighting in another direction to balance it out. But it doesn't work that way. But that's alright. I think if we all believe in the details of what we are seeing the early entry into this token should pay dividends if one can hold. The manipulated market (or shall we say "pre-rational" market) IS frustrating. But we went through this all of last year too as I recall. So, one just truly doesn't know what is around the corner regards bull runs or news runs or changing times. As I mentioned in a post prior - and I truly believe this right or wrong- the global economic scene is shifting and that will no doubt expedite (over time) the entry into the crypto market, the institutions, the use, the speculation, and I do use this measure as a rough model on how to understand where the price may go over 3,6,12 24 months. Making profit is not as easy as billed, yet oddly is out there for those who can be patient. I say oddly because now few places in the global economy allow for profit over the next few years. We should be thankful we found anything at all, much less the boss digital asset of these times! I am grateful indeed, yet know I must excercise patience with the entire space. It is not being made for me, or any of us (as much as I would prefer that to be true).
  11. Different viewpoints. Hence speculators to the core. Fair enough. No one wins til we all do, and hopefully that will reveal the truth of the matter. I'm in for the long haul as well regardless price action.
  12. xrphilosophy

    This is what happens by EOY...

    Fine, but do you care to provide a hint of subtantiation for why you say this beyond "mark my words". If I marked all words there'd be not truth. But in sincere if you do you have some relevant idea please share to discuss. I have a poignantly different view, but still am interested in listening to yours! Thx.
  13. Just like "blockchain is the solution for everything" or "decentralization is the panacea for the globe's problems" or "technological advances are always good for humanity" so too are these comments a wee bit over the top. Note how many well regarded economists join him in his crusader-like efforts to warn us of impending doom. Surely there is some aspect in which he speaks which is a legitimate warning - for example Bitcoin or another crypto being more robust than existing fiat currencies- this is not known yet- but anyway a wee bit too on the fringe. The truth lies somewhere in the middle I am fairly sure.
  14. xrphilosophy

    How much does xcurrent initial setup cost?

    fair enough. I think where the op says '10 billion is just too expensive' was just sloppy enough to get my ire at all sloppy posts from the last month. but also good to know about the 15 month recoup time. nothing for that amount of money. obviousy a good thing...
  15. xrphilosophy

    How much does xcurrent initial setup cost?

    There have been a number of really really crummy threads the past few weeks. Some folks don't use the search function on this forum, and others outright fudsters. Some folks are so bored they just start threads so they have someone to chat with- the content of which is so nothing it's hard to believe they have NOTHING better to do. If you start a new thread - make it count!!