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  1. Better than calling folks liars. I think we've all had enough at this point.
  2. Actually I am not a member of that group. For the record. Is there something else you're laughing at now?
  3. Some people trade, some people hold. No one is an oracle on running TA, including those who don't like TA. It's a highly subjective topic.
  4. I'm not sure whether this can be accomplished or not personally. Another mod may have more info on this. I do know that for the past several months I have been giving daily warnings to the obvious grumps who contribute little, INSULT other members, and are constantly trying to tear down constructive conversation with repeatedly narrow negative comments. I mean it's pretty obvious. This has led to multiple bans along the way when those warned keep at it. Always trying to be fair in that some folks get angry, realize their mistake, and begin acting civilly once again, but others are just here to flame others. I have no ultimate solutions for the stress of some members except to keep handing out warnings which end up being bans. The main area where this seems to be happening is in the price and speculation threads. It's much less of a problem in the lion's share of threads. I think this is unfair. Whenever you take a group of hundreds of people and wholesale delegitimize them it's an obvious untruth. Giving you a warning for abusive behavior just for that. You know better as you've been around for awhile. Disappointed. And a message for everyone- it's no one's right to be on this forum- it's really a privilege. Speak to others as you would your co-workers in real life, or plan to not be a part of this forum. I think those guidelines are fair enough. The mass of people here are fantastic contributors, impressive actually! There are a few rude keyboard warriors that go rogue, and feel entitled to be disruptive in a destructive way. As I said I am confronting them everyday. It's quite a bore actually. But new ones always come up. Overall I would say a degree of civility has ensued during this long long bear market for the most part, but it just takes a few to really spoil the experience for a given thread. That's all the insight I personally have to offer right now. All I can do is my small part. Thanks for the thread @jbjnr.
  5. "Disbelief" in my opinion. The very beginnings of a bull market for 2020/2021. Yet how that affects XRP we don't yet know. @Molten on ODL- Yeah I think the same way as well. Once it ramps up it's a potentially very different story. I just meant ODL today and in the very short term. Use may eventually be the main or only driver of value inside this market unlike the speculative nature of today. I am tracking the corridor volume like most everyone, and find it extremely encouraging. At the time when I got in- it was the use, or at that time the potentional use, which attracted me so much to XRP. Now it's the use which keeps me in. Everyday seems to be encouraging on that level.
  6. Agreed on most everything. But the one thing i think you miss is that TA does count especially if you believe in market cycles, which are very real. If one knows where one is in the market cycle, technical analysis can point to where the ups and downs are. I suspect most people don't understand market cyclicality and therefore shun TA as "reading tea leaves", when in fact it points to where we are in the cycle. For traders, of which I am not, this can be helpful.
  7. This was mentioned a few months ago on both trading threads, and it was determined by thread owners and everyone in them that enough people enjoy them that it's best left serving the public.
  8. Good question. There are several threads here which help to explain this. Please use the search function first before starting new threads.
  9. Prices are up for the moment. Let's ALL cool off for a bit. Threads are getting too personal. We've got a great group here, let's try and remember that as emotions swirl. Thanks.
  10. This is a price speculation thread, not holy scriptures. Sometimes the predictions may be wrong and sometimes right based on charting. Either is perfectly okay if meant sincerely. If anyone is not happy with this type of speculation they are more than welcome to visit other threads, and ignore this one completely, or challenge positions based on other assumptions. Repeatedly claiming the chartist is wrong, or TA is wrong is topic bumping/trolling, and adds little to this thread. Thank you!
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sec-commissioner-hester-peirce-proposes-170148315.html
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