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  1. Jaian

    Singaporean Competition?

    Thanks, that's the kind of information I was looking for! Puts my mind at ease I guess
  2. Jaian

    Singaporean Competition?

    Yeah I hope so. I was hoping there was more news about Ripple's partnerships in Singapore, being a Fintech heavyweight, and possible association with FAST. Also hoping that FAST isn't just a brand extension of SWIFT!
  3. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/banking-finance/fintech-firms-to-get-access-to-singapores-real-time-payment-system This looks to be a new entrant, with govt backing, which could be a RippleNET/Xrapid competitor. It's a bit surprising/worrying, given Ripple opened up their Singapore offices last year. What are your thoughts?