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  1. Stop spamming your own thread! What I meant by the questions being OK was in terms of difficulty, I was able to get them all right. Website isn't too clunky, I did enjoy it. It's a cool idea. I want to win that 1000 XRP though!
  2. The European area today doesn't represent a great opportunity for Ripple/XRP. It's too homogenous. The European area of 30 years ago would have been a dream!
  3. I signed up. Seems legit, the menus were a little clunky and the questions were OK but I imagine the majority of people here will nail them? Anyway I'm in the draw
  4. Been trying to work it out myself. Bit confusing when wallet requirement is only 20.
  5. Thanks mate. Have a nano already but wanted to buy more.
  6. Was going to make a deposit tonight but think I'll go elsewhere!
  7. So Mexico to US using XRP in early 2018?
  8. I'm more interested in the retail sites.
  9. Hello all, Has anyone used coinpayments for anything? If so what? I'm not sure what the use is because I haven't seen that many xrp related sites that sell anything so wondered what was out there. If you have used it then anyone know why it takes 30 mins to settle xrp rather than 30 seconds? Thanks.
  10. I admire your path from long term lurker to forum member. I'm on the same road and look forward to seeing you in the main forum.
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