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  1. ...perhaps he knows something we don't or maybe it's just a bad translation
  2. I hope no one is under the impression the exchanges own all that XRP... Technically they control the private keys but you know what I mean.
  3. I found this interesting.... ATH 24hr volume @ ~1/4th the ATH market cap
  4. Can confirm... XRP is available to buy/sell for me
  5. He who holds the private key makes the final decision.
  6. and before all that it was just for talking on the phone... we don't know what will happen
  7. The 1B released from escrow each month isn't being tapped out & that's off the market sales so it's not good for the short-term price at all. Currently, the demand is insignificant compared to the massive supply.
  8. Your question implies XRP is some kind of share in Ripple by comparing it to a company and that company's value.
  9. I thought I just did by quoting you and even emphasizing the keyword... !
  10. XRP is not a company. Just because you don't like the explanations doesn't mean they're wrong. !
  11. Well in that case i trust him with my wallet, wife, kids, etc.. To be clear, i'm not suggesting you're trying to scam anyone.
  12. offering to host some random guys' binaries does not inspire confidence
  13. It reads to me like a legacy system saying "no fair, lower the bar so we can compete!"
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