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  1. There's been a recent update to the Sostack case as the class action is now being represented by Susman Godfrey. The Complaint has little merit in my opinion and there are plenty of LOLs from the very first pages: (https://cloudup.com/c8srzA-f5lS). They've even included a screenshot of one of Joel Katz's comments as "evidence". @brjXRP17 - do you have anything else on this one?
  2. Don't listen to the full hour - even the first 5 min should be enough to get you up out of your chair. It's also worth noting who participated so I've extracted the names for future reference: Panelists: (1) Ms. Neav Chanthana, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Cambodia (2) Mr. Thakorn Piyapan, Head of Krungsri Consumer Group, Bank of Ayudhya (3) Mr. Soon Sze Meng, Vice President, Business, Singtel International Group (4) Mr. Alexi Lane, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Everex (5) Mr.Sagar Sarbhai, Head of Regulatory Relation APAC, Ripple Moderator: Dr. Daranee Saeju, Senior Director, International Department, Bank of Thailand Nice find @xrpmommy - we should appoint you as head archivist at XRPChat!
  3. They are front running almost the entire intra-day order books across multiple exchanges, creating fake volume to lure investors into false states of security or FOMO, applying sophisticated bot algos and wash trading. Retail investors can’t compete. The only strategy is to buy or DCA and HODL. I’d love to know what SBI has in place to protect retail investors from these issues. Do we know if SBI will set up their own internal trading desk?
  4. Maybe it's my cynical, reptilian lawyer brain but I read this very differently. This patent is equivalent to Craig Wright claiming a patent over the internet. Combined with Sony's patent of the minidisc. Ridiculous and fruitless? Yes. But still really irritating for many. Including, I suspect, Brad. Here's my thinking: The patent seems to attempt a re-invention based on a xRapid/xCurrent/Hyperledger mash-up. If you read the flow-chart in Fig 4, it looks like your average PoW blockchain solution. The references to Ripple are odd because it keeps referring to a prefunded “ripple” settlement scheme in Fig 6 and then treats the Ripple DLT as a last mile settlement step through the ILP in Fig 7. That looks like xRapid. They even make the ballsy claim to be Introducing Real-Time Settlement. Hang on, where's the novelty in any of this? AYFKM? I suspect the real reason for Brad's demeanour is that the BoA is defensively patenting across Ripple's own technology roadmap and Brad was chuckling at the brazen effort to do so. He admitted he was "surprised" and I think he was referring to more than just the timing of patent application. As an aside, most banks take a default position in negotiations with their IT suppliers to own, outright, any new technology, patents and patentable inventions discovered or developed during an engagement. Most suppliers push back hard and the parties reach a compromise based on (A) the uniqueness of the bespoke solution for the particular bank and (B) whether the supplier can re-use any discoveries to increase the value of its own technology for future clients. Is there anything Ripple can do about this patent? Sue BoA? Challenge the patent application? Not really as these are sure to backfire... Hence the chuckle and raised eyebrows. If we look at the other side of this ledger, does BoA have the wherewithal and tech chops to do anything with the patent? Nope. But it certainly puts a spanner in the works for any other bank trying to commercialise or monopolise blockchain based settlement networks. Congratulations BoA, you've just created another walled garden. The whole point is to create open networks and get the benefit of network effects and scale efficiencies, you numbnuts! OK, where does this leave us and why am I still smiling here at the keyboard? Because one of the world's major banks is hustling to stake out some territory in the very space Ripple is already working. This is customer FOMO in full effect. Maybe BoA even has a legitimate concern about potential patent litigation that stymies the use of the XRPL and blockchain based settlement networks. I would like to think Ripple has that covered off in their various patents but the bank may have a lot at stake here and is in deeper than many of us realise.
  5. We’ve looked into this a few times and concluded that monetising posts or adding tipping functionality opens a can of worms. Also, there are plenty of social media spaces already catering to this. This forum is moderated and self regulates largely because we avoid advertising, affiliate links etc. It’s free for users and exists, is maintained and supported due to the extraordinary generosity of one member of the XRP community for all members to enjoy. I don’t know how we can thank @karlos enough. But (and I hope you’ll allow me to mix metaphors a bit here): once we open up that money gate, we won’t be able to put the genie back in the bottle.
  6. This is interesting but do we know how the 2.0 was reached? The "official" github source (https://github.com/codius/codiusd) looks ready to be deprecated and the gitter page suggests most are approaching 2.0 with caution due to the experience last year. I'd love for Codius to take off so it will be interesting to see if this reboot will become "3rd time's a charm!" @retryW @josepi90 - have you heard anything more about this one?
  7. Keep it civil please. There is a block function if you really need it but to be honest, I haven’t used it since 2017 and in any case, all those users have since gone and wiped their profiles.
  8. Pablo

    Hello, I'm Debbie!

    Thank you for warning us. Before you begin on your crusade to enlighten these poor souls, you may want to appraise yourself of the generous and quite simple rules of this forum. Game on!
  9. Welcome to XRPChat! There’s a thread discussing a few different options for UK buyers:
  10. Or open your own fractionally reserved stablecoin and exchange. Which brings us to this: That’s some clever wash trading right there.
  11. I think it's fair (and courteous) for people to ask a new user what their level of knowledge is so we know what level of conversation we can have with them if they haven't introduced themselves. For example, I wouldn't send a new user to one of Wandering Dog's or Karma's threads (even though their knowledge of economics, finance and banking is invaluable and thought provoking). @papoodog - there are many threads about this topic already and you should probably read through these first: Nice little video intro: More substantial debate here:
  12. Why do I have the feeling you know more about XRP than you're letting on?
  13. In the sage words of @galgitron posted well before it was fashionable: http://galgitron.net/Post/Coin-Robbery
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