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  1. I assume many people are on XRPChat to exchange ideas, not exchange ad hominems. If any of you want to troll or wind up other members, take that to twitter or 4chan, not here. Thanks.
  2. I’m holding judgement on R3. This is the same company that Ripple alleged (and basically proved) had misled them about the extent of their banking partnerships and ability to upsell Ripple’s solutions. I’m very glad the settlement occurred but if the settlement consisted of demanding R3 complete their part of the original bargain, then I’d want to see something more concrete and substantial for the amount of XRP promised to R3. R3 talk a big game. Let’s see them walk the talk.
  3. Can I echo these comments. This thread was set up to interpret and comment on BG123's various posts and images. It exists for some light-hearted fun, puzzles and dot-joining. BYO Tinfoil. It is NOT a thread for slagging off, attacking, abusing or denigrating members of the XRP Community, whether members of XRPChat or otherwise. I learnt a long time ago that it's better to be "hard on the issue, soft on the person". There are many ways to challenge someone's credibility or ideas without resorting to some of the garbage I've read above. Stick to the facts (loosely interpreted) and be respectful to everyone here. I thank you for your cooperation.
  4. Pablo

    xrp n coinbase

    Hi there - welcome to XRPChat. Did you want to introduce yourself a bit? How did you get into a crypto?
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    Pointless post. Locked.
  6. @KarmaCoverage always brings the good stuff (along with a few others hidden away in various corners of this amazing forum) - I've been tagging along for a while now...
  7. Now that's certainly an interesting concept. I thought about this for a bit and realised there's one catch: proving the XRP are dead and buried forever and freezing them in place (which is impossible). Wouldn't it be possible to manipulate that derivative market by "magically" remembering the wallet keys and emptying said wallet?
  8. One thing we need to grapple with is the key difference that could require a new paradigm: the current ability of a counterparty to take possessory title of the underlying asset or seek damages or State-sanctioned punitive actions with that asset as collateral and/or leverage. There isn't always a trusted, compliant intermediary holding a cryptoasset who can release it, so the traditional options are going to be exceptionally difficult to exercise where, for example, the asset is an immutable wallet balance subject to secret 24 word keys held by individuals who have gone AWOL and who can authorise transfers/payments at will. This hasn’t really been tested yet in the courts so let’s watch that develop... Any thoughts on that @KarmaCoverage?
  9. Pablo

    Ripple's UNL was updated again

    Yes, it's impressive stuff. How cool is that? See karlos's announcement here:
  10. Pablo

    Xrp Chat Validator

    This is an amazing achievement @karlos. Congratulations, and thank you for helping build the XRP ecosystem.
  11. Pablo

    Is crypto dead?

    I've been in IT since the 90's and it's always nice to go down memory lane - thanks @automatic. They were indeed great (and sometimes frightening) days. But there is one thing you forgot to mention that I learnt all those years ago: IT moves in cycles and there's always money to be made in this industry, as there will be in blockchain projects. For those who are pure investors, I feel a tinge of regret because these investments are subject to the whim of a cruel market. For those of you building their skills in this developing ecosystem of IoV and fintech, you will be rewarded many, many times over and have a lifetime of opportunity...
  12. Don't get me wrong - I understand that desire and greed are essentially selfish traits. But I really wish people would think more about their selfish wishes before wishing them on the whole world.
  13. Hi @mervava - where is this exchange set up and what is the link to the site? I want to understand whether the exchange trades XRP or not.
  14. Could you set up a smart contract at the front end to handle the initial commit and then submarine-send the transactions to the exchange back-end? This would take some of the advantages of the batch auctions but allow trades to occur in real-time rather than be artificially batched in pre-programmed time-slices. The thing is that liquidity has always shown a propensity to move to spaces where spreads, yield and profit can be maximised. As regulators and exchanges improve their investigative and enforcement tools and as the software improves, liquidity will move to "dark pools" set up by market makers and the rest of us will follow. In many ways, this is already happening today.