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  1. @jabit - As an investor, you are perfectly correct to conduct a quadrant or SWOT analysis but your posts are not doing that because you are not looking at probability/impact of risks or of the competitive landscape in which Ripple operates. Here's a guide if you haven't seen this done before: https://www.crayon.co/blog/competitive-matrix-examples It would have been more courteous to the other members of this forum (and less antagonistic) if you had done some research regarding SWIFT on this site because there are hundreds of pages of information answering your questions and concerns. Above is one of the very first threads on XRPChat to discuss SWIFT. There are hundreds more. The search box is top right of the page. I don't feel as if you are asking questions for legitimate reasons based on the content of your posts. I'd be happy for you to prove me wrong by you doing some basic homework first and presenting us with a balanced review of the competitive landscape that applies to both Ripple and SWIFT.
  2. Pablo

    Great Infographic

    @OzAlphaWolf I guess we'll be seeing more of you on twitter now... Nice to see plenty of Aussies represented in the infographic.
  3. @DarthTrader - has this amount been confirmed as the R3 settlement? It could be but there have been some large transactions recently as clients and exchanges move their stacks into place.
  4. Hi - can we please keep threads on-topic and relevant please? If you want to post stream-of-consciousness fever poems, you can do that in the off-topic sub or start your own Medium blog. Thanks.
  5. Pablo

    Beginners Guide: XRP First Steps

    Hi - can you please post all links in full wherever possible. It's safer that way. Thanks.
  6. Pablo

    Ripple employee past work experience

    The current list can always be found here: https://www.xrpchat.com/staff/
  7. Pablo

    Hello all, New member here :)

    G'day Stevo - great to finally have you join us!
  8. Just curious to understand your sources (if any) because this sounds way off beam. My anecdotal experience is that it’s only 1 in 100 who don’t care about use cases. The whole crypto market is actually a battle of use-cases, some invented, others very real.
  9. It is unusual that a GC would resign less than 2 years into the role as those people are rusted onto their jobs. It tells me that the dynamics inside Ripple are changing which we have already seen with the more aggressive stance on litigation. Even the R3 litigation seemed to take a tougher route once Ben joined. That could just be coincidence but the later securities cases suggested that Ripple was definitely muscling up. This new stance has been noted in some of the discussion about the various pieces of litigation in play. Remember that Ripple didn’t just hire Mary-Jo, they hired Ben Lawsky and Andrew Ceresney as well. You’ve now got these massive personalities in the office everyday, running strategy. As GC, it’s really meant to be your call as to how litigation is run so there must have been major differences of opinion and it possibly got to the point where Brynly thought her authority was being undermined. A GC’s role would be exceptionally difficult with those strong, opinionated characters hovering over you the whole time. The other possibility is that the new hires convinced the exec team that a change in direction was required and Brynly wasn’t the person for that role anymore. The wording of the press statement suggests this was the likely scenario which is pretty extraordinary for a tech company. So the next step is that one of the new hires becomes GC or they bring in someone who is better aligned with the new strategy. It would be pretty tough at the moment if you’re a lawyer at Ripple so if any of them are reading this, all I can is: sit tight and ride this out - you’re about to enter the next phase of the company’s growth.
  10. Thanks @ICookinBrine I love these types of posts. Have we got another lawyer on the forum? The early history is murky with many versions of events and not without controversy (to say the least!). We may never know the full story. Arthur posted infrequently on the old Ripple forum but when he did, it made you sit up and pay attention. As for anyone suggesting Britto = Satoshi, that’s a very easy NOPE!
  11. Pablo

    FUD or FED?

    Agreed - done.
  12. Pablo

    FUD or FED?

    I have to respectfully disagree with those claiming lack of intellectual or intelligent discussion on the forum when most of these same people are conspicuously absent in the countless intelligent and interesting discussions happening on XRPChat and never post anything more than a few lines. There are hundreds of threads and posts that are attempting to elevate the debate, teach beginners, push ideas forward, test the prevailing orthodoxy and expand the possibilities of this technology. I have learnt so much from users on this forum (and had to teach myself) in the last 18 months. A genuine life-changing experience. It's true that some members from previous years post less often but if you're wondering where to look for some challenging discussion today, just search for and follow members such as @KarmaCoverage or @brjXRP17 or @retryW or @OzAlphaWolf or @ReformedEquityTrader or etc etc. All of these members take a balanced view in their praise and criticism - they are under no illusions about the risks of this market but remain measured in their views out of respect for their fellow HODLers and newbies alike.
  13. As I said before, it's irrelevant whether the mods can or can't see the votes and we won't discuss security issues in an open forum for obvious reasons. You can answer the question yourself based on a simple fact: we have all logged into a website using our own profiles. How anonymous do you expect your engagement with that website, web-hoster or network to be? That's a basic rule for all sites on the internet. They will either track you on the host side or on the client side (with cookies etc). But track you they will for audit purposes, marketing, KYC/AML, Patriot Act, anti-spam, anti-terrorism, meta-data gathering etc etc etc. Data is the main game. One day, blockchain solutions will make us more secure. For now, we're still in the caveman era. If you can find a way to engage with the internet in a completely anonymous fashion, then your interactions with the internet will be anonymous. Anything less is traceable. And with enough data points, your interactions can be traced back to you, your family, friends and co-workers. Hence galgitron's advice to mind your own business and tell others to mind theirs.
  14. Pablo

    Open Forum? Really?

    Constructive feedback always welcomed.
  15. Pablo

    New Forum for Coil?

    I’m all for it but the sub needs content to survive so: 1. It probably needs an “owner” to kick things off, build some content and keep an eye on things (there was a bit of work involved for the Codius sub initially but my ambition was to create a resource for outsiders as well as XRPChat members); and 2. The sub should be high level enough to allow a wider range of threads to live under it. Creating a sub for every company working with Ripple or on the XRP ledger might be too niche. So something along the lines suggested by @Yodaxrp above makes sense. Creating a sub needs @karlos so if someone wants to run with this, I’ll let them have a think about how they could make it work and put a proposal together.