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  1. @Hodor - Completely understand (and envious of) your decision as I’ve been planning to make the same change myself. It’s daunting, but it’s the only choice if we want to build credibility and move this tech forward. Hope to see you on the other side...
  2. That looks like someone cleaning out everyone’s wallet. All wallets emptied down to the reserve. Doesn’t look right. Luckily it’s small amounts. You should move your coins into cold storage until someone works out what is going on. Looks like it started a few weeks ago as the receiving wallet opened then and started taking funds from a huge number of wallets. Paging @Silkjaer - he might be able to provide more insight here.
  3. As you correctly point out, mobile apps will be a significant part of crypto adoption and the gaming industry is already forging ahead in that space. The SDKs are a critical piece of that so I can understand your interest in building your own. That's kinda cool! The knowledge you've built up will not go to waste in these formative stages of the tech. As others have said, it might be worthwhile reaching out to the Xpring team - Ripple is investing in a major way right now and you will get a better sense of their roadmap and areas you might be able to complement.
  4. Split out from David's XRPL Improvements master thread. FYI @Sukrim @SolaSelecta
  5. @JoelKatz If you need any help, just let me know. We can help create a separate sub if things become unwieldy but your suggestion to create separate threads and cross-links works fine too. For now, I can feature this thread so you can treat it as the hub for the other threads.
  6. Pablo


    Hi @XRPLBet Can you tell us a bit more about who you are and how this has been set up? I’m keen to understand the entropy of the random number generator and whether any smart contracts have been used. Also, are all transactions, trust-lines and bets verifiable on-chain and what cut are you taking from the game?
  7. Great article. Analysing the various approaches and SWOT analysis of web monetisation and micropayments is long overdue. More please! I'm still getting my head wrapped around the Coil terms of service. I don't think we ever ran the data privacy issue to ground when it came up earlier this year. It still looks like Coil is conducting some form of data collection, sharing and analytics but it's not clear how/if content providers profit from this. From my perspective, this data is digital gold so if Coil is retaining the data and/or the analytics, there should be more transparency with providers and users regarding how this data is being monetised. It's going to be a key source of revenue for all concerned.
  8. Apologies - I thought the thread should be moved to the smart contract sub as this isn't related to XRP but is still an interesting topic nonetheless. Firstly - congratulations @macropolo for an important contribution to this field. This has enormous ramifications for the exercise of free elections, particularly in developing countries as well as more commercial applications across a whole range of fields. As I've mentioned before, the field of smart contracts is uncharted territory from a jurisprudential, ethical and political standpoint so there's lots of work to do. There has been some academic research done in this space as the jury is still out on the safety of using a blockchain solution for voting. I don't just mean the security of the network itself but rather the risk associated with on-chain vote buying along the lines explored by this important paper by the team at Cornell University: http://hackingdistributed.com/2018/07/02/on-chain-vote-buying/
  9. Thanks @dik - David's tweet and @Sukrim's reddit posts don't line up with how I (and others) have read the whitepaper. I assumed (probably wrongly) that XRP was never forked because it was near impossible to do so. The fact it hasn't is still very interesting to me because it means the economics of forking XRP simply aren't there... yet. The forks on PoW coins definitely brought a lot more liquidity to BTC and ETH. Even the insane bitcoin cash split created additional value for holders of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash ABC. Which brings me back to Cryptolord's suggestion of forking XRP as a way of cutting ties with Ripple. I wonder if there's something more going on with his proposal that's tied to boosting value/liquidity.
  10. The above seems to contradict the consensus whitepaper in a fundamental way. Here's the relevant passage which takes as an assumption a clique of nodes that has created its own, self-referential UNL to "fork" the network: https://ripple.com/files/ripple_consensus_whitepaper.pdf On this basis, trying to fork the current XRP network will fail the agreement requirements of the consensus protocol because you can't achieve 80% consensus of the network from which you took the originally correct ledger. Here's the intro of the paper confirming this design feature of the XRP ledger:
  11. Are you a qualified lawyer with multi-year experience in the field including dealing with and resolving regulatory disputes or class actions? Whilst precedence is a useful guide, the approach you've taken of substituting one party with another is not the way precedence works. The circumstances and context are completely different. No they don't. I'll explain why below... Duty to the law? Of course. Duty to the Public? Not really - it's a privately held company. Duty to XRP hodlers? Not at all. The key obligation for Ripple execs is to respect the law and the interests of its shareholders. But what happens when the law is actually fluid and open to change? Should Ripple remain silent? In this case, they need to be exceptionally careful. Why? Because they have live court cases and need to be prudent with public statements. That doesn't stop them lobbying for the law to better reflect the needs of the industry. They are doing an amazing job of that, the results of which benefit all of crypto, including XRP hodlers. They are speaking with regulators, industry specialists, central banks, academics and practitioners etc. Who else is doing that? No one. You have asserted this several times. It isn't simple and the fact that you could suggest otherwise raises doubts about the remainder of your points. The logical problem for you is that if you haven't understood the full complexity of the problem to be solved then your simple solution is "dead in the water". Perhaps your solution might work for other organisations, but they definitely don't work for Ripple. Ever thought why this might be if it's so simple? You are of course entitled to your opinions. It's for us to decide if they have merit, whether they are sound. Drawing on your conscience might be a good choice for moral questions but is a terrible choice of building a strong argument about decisions that draw not on matters of conscience but ones of finance, law and politics. On the above basis, I have concluded that your arguments are neither factual nor terribly convincing.
  12. We’ve been through this before: the SEC is a regulatory body that enforces the law, not interprets it. There are court actions in play and the SEC would need to await guidance of the court. The SEC won’t issue a TKJ type letter and Ripple would be suicidal to apply for one on those terms. It’s basically a last ditch attempt to save the farm and may even be more damaging to Ripple than losing the class action. Ripple has a very long way to go before they need to do something as drastic as that. I’m happy that they keep plugging away at the court cases.
  13. There's been a recent update to the Sostack case as the class action is now being represented by Susman Godfrey. The Complaint has little merit in my opinion and there are plenty of LOLs from the very first pages: (https://cloudup.com/c8srzA-f5lS). They've even included a screenshot of one of Joel Katz's comments as "evidence". @brjXRP17 - do you have anything else on this one?
  14. Don't listen to the full hour - even the first 5 min should be enough to get you up out of your chair. It's also worth noting who participated so I've extracted the names for future reference: Panelists: (1) Ms. Neav Chanthana, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Cambodia (2) Mr. Thakorn Piyapan, Head of Krungsri Consumer Group, Bank of Ayudhya (3) Mr. Soon Sze Meng, Vice President, Business, Singtel International Group (4) Mr. Alexi Lane, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Everex (5) Mr.Sagar Sarbhai, Head of Regulatory Relation APAC, Ripple Moderator: Dr. Daranee Saeju, Senior Director, International Department, Bank of Thailand Nice find @xrpmommy - we should appoint you as head archivist at XRPChat!
  15. They are front running almost the entire intra-day order books across multiple exchanges, creating fake volume to lure investors into false states of security or FOMO, applying sophisticated bot algos and wash trading. Retail investors can’t compete. The only strategy is to buy or DCA and HODL. I’d love to know what SBI has in place to protect retail investors from these issues. Do we know if SBI will set up their own internal trading desk?
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