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  1. @Joaquin - as others have said, this looks like you have been lured into a scam. The police are your only real option here for justice. Also, you may want to ask yourself why you were attracted to that website in the first place. Because if you don't find an answer to that question, I'm afraid you will be the victim of scams and con artists for the rest of your life. Here's another tip - don't use your real name, photo or email address on an internet forum unless absolutely necessary. The people of XRPChat are good folk but there are millions of others watching this website, and you don't know who they are. If you receive an email in the next few days from a stranger offering help, I strongly suggest you delete it as scammers are known to pretend to offer help while scamming you a second time. Please be more careful in future.
  2. I assume you've seen the "book club" that @Tinyaccount helped Bob set up? If not, plenty of impressive resources there. Secondly, great to have you back!
  3. I have a friend you uses it to send money from their bank account to FlashFX and then FlashFX to their Bitstamp account - that was over a year ago and it worked then. The only thing that has changed is that the Australian banks now have instant settlement for bank-bank transfers so the overall process is a bit faster. Although the service is very handy for Bitstamp account holders in Australia, I've written off FlashFX because they refused me an account despite me having provided them full KYC materials. Apparently, they didn't like me checking if they were a scam or not when they started up (perhaps they think it's normal to wantonly send your KYC details and cash to an unknown, untested business). The FlashFX team is extremely small and the whole operation is basically run by their CEO. Including, from time to time, the webchat!
  4. Plenty of info on this thread. If Freaky is to be believed (he claims he works in the IT team at Westpac), XRP/Ripple is definitely not involved in the AUSTRAC breaches because Westpac isn't using any Ripple tech in a production environment: What Westpac did, however, is pretty extraordinary. Not only in terms of the scale of the breaches but in the technique used: setting up a bilateral arrangements that skirted around the SWIFT messaging system as well as AML/KYC requirements, allowing Westpac and its correspondent banking partners in the Philippines to perform international remittance transfers without much reporting or oversight. This was done by the relevant banks basically because - and here is the punchline - SWIFT is too slow and too expensive and the Phillipines remittance market is red hot and highly competitive: https://www.michaelwest.com.au/swerving-swift-the-story-behind-westpacs-money-laundering-calamity-aundering-calamity/ This has to be a rallying cry for Ripple and FlashFX. Please tell me they are beating down the doors of AUSTRAC, ASIC, APRA and the Federal Government here in Australia to promote ODL and xCurrent. If they need help, I'm sure there's more than a few fellow Australian members here who would gladly help with the effort. Come on Ripple - seize the moment!
  5. @brjXRP17 - if you want me to merge the threads, please let me know. I agree that it kinda makes sense to bring everything together.
  6. Oh, @brjXRP17, you spoil us with your presence. Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing your next instalment in January - the big one is definitely the Zakinov case now that it's been taken over by Robbins Geller. They don't muck around so it's safe to assume it's going to the bitter end.
  7. Welcome! We look forward to hearing more about what you're building. There are a number of active devs on this site and the guys at Ripple pop in regularly so don't hesitate asking questions if you need technical advice. There's a separate sub-forum for that: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/16-technical-discussion/ If you haven't seen this thread, it's worth a look and should whet your appetite:
  8. Please keep your discussions on-topic. There are a few of you here who should know better and we're looking to you to cut out the ad-hominems, moaning, counter-groaning and other such nonsense. Your cooperation is welcomed.
  9. Now tell me: what does this say about XLM? It says a lot. Every bit of the quote is amazing. "As much as we wanted to use the lumens that we held..." In other words, no amount of marketing, promotion, JV's, partnerships and other BS from the Stellar team was ever going to be enough to sell even some of their XLM without tanking the market. XLM went from 7c before the coin-burn to 8c. That's about as catastrophic a failure of interest in a cryptocurrency as I've ever seen. If they pull it off over the medium term, I'll take my hat off to them - it's an interesting experiment in crypto-economics. The best one could say is that it was a nice surprise for Arthur Britto.
  10. That's not correct - what you posted is a proposed order prepared by the plaintiff. This is customary in many pleadings. There are no orders from the court yet as the plaintiff has only just submitted the rebuttal to the Order to Dismiss filed by Ripple so the sitting judge will need some time to consider both submissions on the interlocutory.
  11. I hate doing this but I have to agree. Locked.
  12. Ladies and gents. This is a public service announcement: Be excellent to each other. Stay on topic. This is not the thread for mindless trolling or threadjacking. Thanks.
  13. @Hodor - Completely understand (and envious of) your decision as I’ve been planning to make the same change myself. It’s daunting, but it’s the only choice if we want to build credibility and move this tech forward. Hope to see you on the other side...
  14. That looks like someone cleaning out everyone’s wallet. All wallets emptied down to the reserve. Doesn’t look right. Luckily it’s small amounts. You should move your coins into cold storage until someone works out what is going on. Looks like it started a few weeks ago as the receiving wallet opened then and started taking funds from a huge number of wallets. Paging @Silkjaer - he might be able to provide more insight here.
  15. As you correctly point out, mobile apps will be a significant part of crypto adoption and the gaming industry is already forging ahead in that space. The SDKs are a critical piece of that so I can understand your interest in building your own. That's kinda cool! The knowledge you've built up will not go to waste in these formative stages of the tech. As others have said, it might be worthwhile reaching out to the Xpring team - Ripple is investing in a major way right now and you will get a better sense of their roadmap and areas you might be able to complement.
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