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  1. There are countless threads on this topic already. Have you had a look around? You could start with this overview by Wietse Wind - he's probably the most trustworthy person in the community and created a simple tool to help walk through the process. https://coil.com/p/wietse/Prepare-for-claiming-your-Spark-token-Flare-Networks-a-tool-for-XUMM-XRPToolkit/NkXJQUqpi Before you do that, I suggest you have a think about security of your device and some do's a don'ts. For example, the obvious one is that you should never share your private keys with anyone or anything. Claiming F
  2. One possibility is that proposed by @Flintstone here. You'll need a separate, air-gapped/offline machine if you really want the benefits of security to the level you are thinking about.
  3. You mean that piece of trash I bought in 2017 is finally paying off? This market never ceases to amaze me. It might be time to pull out the Nano and flip it. The only good part about trading it this time is that Charlie isn't around to dump on us again.
  4. Yup. This is a massively complex financial platform so not sure who the presentation is aimed at. @KarmaCoverage - do you know any more about them? Which jurisdiction are they based in? Are they coders or do they have solid banking/finance expertise? The presentation brought back memories of keygen splash pages from the 90's (which I only know about from an educational research perspective). Admittedly, these guys were gun coders and hackers:
  5. From my perspective, this is the first time in 4 years that the stars have started aligning again for the crypto market. We're also seeing the macro situation share some similarities of the post GFC liquidity trap. There's lots of loose money looking for yield beyond the stock market. I just don't see any significant bear reversals unless macro conditions radically change again - we're in global stimulus territory and that will last for another 12 months at least. It would need a major rug-pull by BTC to overcome the high levels of irrational investment. It reminds me a bit of 2016 w
  6. @wogojump Some interesting proposals. I understand the desire to do these but I can't quite get on board with any of the suggestions for the following reasons: Ripple is in the middle of a securities lawsuit so this idea is dead in the water. And even if they win the lawsuit (i.e. that XRP is not a security), the idea that Ripple would pay dividends or returns to retail XRP investors puts them straight back into securities law again. Ripple's way of increasing value to retail investors is a buy-back which they can do without getting caught up in securities laws but they need to be
  7. Sorry to hear this news. I hate to see members of this community scammed and it worries me that so many people haven't seen the warnings posted for years about not sharing private keys or personal information with anyone in this space. The best thing to do here is report the theft to your local police as many countries are starting to build databases of criminal activity in the crypto space. It won't get your XRP back but it might help exchanges identify criminals as most stolen XRP finds it way onto exchanges to be converted into cash. @Upser Here's a link from Ledger summarising im
  8. I'm with @kanaas on this one - go in with zero trust and see if the project earns it. If anyone has been watching DeFi projects this year where about 90-95% turned out to be scams despite plenty of community support and celebrity endorsement, you'd have to approach these anon projects on Flare with the same level of scepticism. Also, we're going to see a lot of DeFi projects cloned from ETH. Some will be exciting (I'm hoping for a well designed clone of Uniswap). Many will not - they'll be there to milk the XRP community (many of whom may be experiencing DeFi for the first time).
  9. Welcome to XRPChat! It's a friendly place to visit so take your time browsing and have a look through some of the beginner-friendly posts and FAQs. There are lots of useful resources here.
  10. Agreed - it's a road to ruin trying to catch a run before it happens with the amount of volatility right now. @Ed2376 - Welcome to XRPChat! There are sub-forums here dealing with market analysis and predictions galore: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/62-topics/
  11. @thehurricane1888 - I strongly urge you not to leave any meaningful amounts of crypto on any exchange. If you've been following the crypto news, I assume you will have seen the reports about the Kucoin hack - this only just happened yesterday: https://www.coindesk.com/hackers-drain-kucoin-crypto-exchanges-funds These exchange hacker raids occur regularly so please think carefully about leaving your crypto on an exchange.
  12. @thinlyspread I am not worried by @xAssets threatening legal action for trademark infringement. There is no trademark they can rely on and none that is being infringed anyway. @xAssets - Welcome to XRPChat. I checked WIPO's database and you're not registered anywhere of interest to us. You've been warned - falsely claiming to be a registered trademark owner is an offence in most jurisdictions and you will be banned if you persist.
  13. Simple answer - yes, you have done the right thing by buying a cold storage device to hold your XRP. Assuming the device is widely recognised as secure and can hold multiple currencies, it's much better to use that than holding assets on exchanges, irrespective of the FlareXRP drop. Just keep in mind that simply putting the XRP on the device does not automatically entitle you to the FlareXRP drop. You still need to create an ETH compatible wallet address and include that ETH wallet address on your XRP wallet as described by @Flintstone above. His advice to download the tools and use
  14. For those interested in the Tarun Chitra artical Hugo refers to in the interview, you can find it at the following link - I read this a few weeks ago as part of some research I'm doing into PoS and DeFi platforms: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.11156 Tarun has completed several papers in this space that are also relevant including a paper from last year demonstrating how stakers can dramatically reduce PoS network security if block rewards fall below the expected yields of on-chain lending. We're seeing that battle for liquidity this week between SUSHI and Uniswap. Hugo refers to "canib
  15. Wonderful work yet again @brjXRP17. I had a search through Patentscope but didn't come up with anything either. I will say this - using "RTGS" as the name of your business and registering related trademarks under the Madrid system (as they have done), seems a bit cheeky given they have used generic words "Real Time Gross Settlement". It will be interesting to see what happens there. I still view that business as small beans.
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