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  1. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Some of the history can be found on this thread from 2014 - make sure you have a full stomach for this one. Lots of unwashed nappies were aired at the time...
  2. Not sure why anyone would be bearish on Ripple’s entry into China. The LianLian announcement should have sent everyone’s bells ringing. That announcement was enough for me to conclude that China as a market, and as a country, was seriously evaluating Ripple in a “controlled” experiment on their historically significant Southern Gate. I also see a major synergy between SBI and China, given the deep respect SBI’s CEO has for the country and the philosophical/religious foundations it shares with Japan. Glad to see the reporter joined the dots back to LianLian. Patience everyone - this is the biggie.
  3. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    The Tinfoilers have definitely infiltrated the Zerpening...
  4. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    It's so easy to control this market, it's laughable. As bearableguy123 said last month before vanishing into thin air: Plans within plans continue to play out, and the proles still haven't figured it out.
  5. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I think it's inevitable that XRP will have a futures contract issued for it but the BTC situation doesn't bode well. I don't think any liquidity providers will be able to hold that much risk without the ability to hedge. The question is when will a futures contract be made available? It's clearly too early this year and probably won't happen until XRP stabilises at high double or triple digits. Perhaps something closer to $589 should do it.
  6. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I just had to grab hold of the bull's tail. Sorry @zenkert - I promise I won't hold you back - I'm just along for the ride!
  7. I just got shadow banned on Twitter

    OK Everyone - stay clear of Chewie. He's picked up a nasty case of Kashyyyk flu.
  8. Ripple Ambassadors

    @Mercury - I think your questions are very timely and I’ve been asking this myself a lot. xRapid and xCurrent is enterprise-grade software with a business case that doesn’t require retail investors or retail clients. For that reason alone, there is no need for community engagement nor is it a precondition for Ripple’s success. By way of example, a long time ago when I was doing work with EDS (who?), I was constantly amazed by the non-existent marketing budget and utter lack of brand recognition, except amongst their clients. EDS only ever did the biggest contracts, including many global banks. Those clients knew exactly who EDS was and regularly selected them over IBM, HP and Dell - all of whom had amazing brand awareness at the retail level. Ripple is mixing it at that level. In that sense, all of us are bystanders who are just along for the ride. I’m OK with that - investors in the crypto space are unique in their evangelism of their investment and I think that level of evangelism can produce extreme and off-putting behaviours that Ripple would definitely want to distance itself from. Then we have the other side of things which does require significant community and developer input: Codius. I won’t bang that drum again here, suffice to say that this requires a completely different approach. I’m talking beer-pong, free pizza, meet-ups, developer workshops and presentations - the works. I would love to see Ripple get out there and mix it up with the likes of the Solidity and Hyperledger teams and I am already in train with preparations for a business built around it so I want to see a LOT more.
  9. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Seriously - the bot activity on Bitstamp is so blatant and all-consuming today it's become a case of "Spot the Human".
  10. I just got shadow banned on Twitter

    Congratulations Chewie. Legend! It’s a very select group you’ve found yourself in. Vlad Putin still has his account though... Something you said obviously triggered one of the algos. Have you secretly gone to work with the Sith Lords?
  11. Thanks @Pointbreak for this info. I’d only read in passing when the major news was released last year. I was initially skeptical as it was being pushed by Intel and didn’t have a native currency. I’ll take a closer look but it certainly opens up a whole extra world of complexity if it allows interaction and interfacing with other consensus models.
  12. Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I don't know about the rest of you but I'm enjoying this ride. #EOY589+
  13. I’ve been reviewing quite a bit of the latest academic literature in this space (including the paper cross-posted in the article). While there are Solidity compiler defects (which can probably be ironed out over time) there are more fundamental issues that need to be addressed so that the risk of another DAO fiasco and the boom in Ponzi schemes can be minimised. The research looking into the attacks and counter-attacks that occurred within The DAO beyond the headline $50m theft was sobering to read. Some of these deficiencies are inherent to the smart contract implementation on Ethereum (and any other cryptocurrency that relies on mining for immutability). The other challenge comes from the “Code is Law” advocates who seem to think code can (and must) usurp established contract principles and the law. That comes back to a comment I’ve made before about the skew towards computer scientists, libertarians and cryptographers in this space. I’m preparing a high level overview of the current literature for XRPChat to see where we stand today and what it means from a practical/legal perspective.
  14. Moved? Which court filings are you looking at? Litigation is going to be extremely hard on R3. They don’t have the stamina to follow through to the end and will definitely want to settle this because the legal fees will eventually get to them. Ripple is the only side with a real war chest.
  15. The only disaster is the gobsmacking level of mischief and disinformation on display. There aren't enough pins for all of it.