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  1. Firstly, let me declare my position - I am a 0.5% account holder and 100% believe in XRP becoming the number 1 digital asset. I'm getting to the point where I realise in the next 12-24 months, I am going to be faced with the circumstance of having to liquidate a multi-million dollar crypto position. During my life (a lot of which has been spent in law enforcement) I have come across alot of really bad people. Which led me to thinking - If I instantly become the custodian of a huge fortune, there are a lot of pigs that will want to get there snout into the trough. I am sorry to put it this way, but I am in a very protectionist frame of mind for my family. As a result, I have started to massively reduce my digital footprint and work on a strategy to protect my family when cash-out phase begins in the next 12-24 months. I have deleted all social media accounts, ripple reddit etc and have started to go through all my old phone/email contacts and delete one by one. This might sound a bit whacko - but I honestly believe in the next 2 years, I will be the recipient of a huge fortune, and the responsibility as a father is to protect my family. Therefore, I am opting to maintain a near digital anonymity before XRP goes completely mental. BTW - I am still diverting every spare $ into XRP investments when they are available. What is your exit strategy looking like? Have I adopted a bunker mentality, or am I playing the smart card here? If you suddenly find yourself with a multi-million dollar fortune, how many people will you really trust? Thoughts/comments welcome (XRP Chat is my last bastion of XRP online contact prior to our launch date )
  2. I remember in 2009 heading to the bush for a trip away and hearing a radio article about Atlas Shrugged, and how sales of the book had skyrocketed post GFC. I immediately ordered the book when I got home. It still sits on the bookshelf next to Musashi's Book of the Five Rings and Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Still relevant today with the way lefty-politics carries on. Anyway - first time I've read one of your blog entries and I enjoyed it. Well written, thank you.
  3. I will trade the 19 XLM left in my wallet for 10 XRP
  4. A win for Ripple should scare off the rest of the ambulance chasers.
  5. The only problem with twitter - too many twits.
  6. I recently went through a massive health scare - I made sure I had clear instructions to the wife how to get to the XRP stash.
  7. I emailed them and asked if they were switching over to XRP as their base currency
  8. When I worked in Real Estate years ago I was listening to Les Brown and Willy Jolly tapes - great stuff.
  9. Depends on the size of your XRP holdings. The more you hold now, the less likely the above scenario is going to stuff you up.
  10. I suppose if I had bought half a million XRP when the price was under a cent, rather than looking at Bitcoin, I wouldn't hesitate to start spending it. Right now I'm holding onto my XRP tighter than a fishes bumhole!
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