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  1. Incontrovertibly, liquidity is a two-way door. Money can flow in, or out.
  2. Agreed. I do get the spidey sense that Ripple is pivoting from XRP as their main value proposition
  3. In a nutshell, ETFs don't always have the effect of driving up index commodity prices.
  4. ETFs sometimes have negative correlations, e.g. gold.
  5. grondiwam

    Jed's Wallets + Ripple Lab Wallets

    I will breath a sigh of relief only when Jed's well officially and verifiably dries up
  6. Grey area, but I support moderating.
  7. We can laugh it off but somebody was trying to bring XRP down with non-facts.
  8. "we wanted to be blockchain inspired". That is lame.
  9. Cointelegraph is not a small outfit. Ripple should take this attack seriously.
  10. When you look at other members of this board, you'll realize this is not exactly a strong positive for XRP.
  11. This thread has a few good observations, and I have posted there myself: Whatever you think about XRP, concentrate on the basics and hard info. Forget all the hype from fanboys and paid employees. Forget all the negativity from fudders who want to down the market for quick action.
  12. I won't go into the details about the cons. They have been repeated in other threads. I'm not shilling for or against XRP. I look out for both pros and cons. Life is complicated. Investing is complicated. Also, Polo is the whipping boy in all the straw man arguments. I say forget about Polo and examine the fundamentals. There are those who blame Polo and bots for everything.
  13. There are pros and cons that are unique to XRP. Think about that for a while.
  14. grondiwam

    Ripple Q4 2016 XRP Markets Report

    The Report was thin on details, and what it did not say was very revealing. The negative reactions are justified.