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  1. I feel that news is coming from stellar regarding a new major partnership is becoming imminent. I am tempted to put a majority of my investment in xlm for the short term. The new validators, past IBM partnerships with visa, and such a cheap price, I am very hopeful for the coming months. Thoughts?
  2. Has anyone gotten an update on this? I hear murmurs of news tomorrow
  3. With the great new of the new hedge fund exclusively accepting xrp, has anyone watched the news? North Korea continues to launch missiles, and Trump regularly issues threats. With such a large percent of trading coming from South Korea, especially in xrp, could a war on the peninsula have a significant impact on the price and trade volume?
  4. I am very interested in going to law school to be a crypto currency regulation attorney. If anyone knows of any schools offering programs I would really appreciate it- then I would be able to answer all of your questions!
  5. http://www.bankingtech.com/1019952/talking-heads-real-time-payments-instant-gratification/#.Whrax55QYvQ.twitter Only briefly mentions Ripple, posted on twitter by xrp tips. Any thoughts?
  6. I have been looking into all 3 coins because I feel that the need for data storage is going to continue to grow and one of these companies will be able to capitalize. I am really just looking for info I have not yet been able to find like corp partnerships and upcoming news. I am leaning towards siacoin because of their cheap coins and completely decentrailized platform, but I see some issues with is as well (no smart contracts). Any thoughts?
  7. I see large gains in the future (specifically xrp) and am confused on how/if you pay capital gains taxes on your earnings. I understand the transactions are encrypted, but is no one investing in alt coins paying any type of taxes on all of their profits? Any info is appecaited
  8. What is going on with the fintech conference in Singapore? I saw that Ripple as well as stellar is there, are they competing?
  9. Every article I read tells me to do my own research, but I don't know how else to do research besides googling the topic/ following article and threads. Should I be looking at technical analyze or reading the company website for future applications and announcements. I would really rather not pay for an alt coin investment guide, I'm sure its a scam.
  10. If there is anyone who would be able to put me in contact I would really appreciate it. I am more interested in blockchain adoptions than any other technology and would love to work in the industry. Please message me.
  11. I read that Ripple is moving to phase 2 and there are a few technical changes. Will there be any significant impact on uses, adoption, or price?
  12. I am a college student and recently began investing in cryptocurrencies. As I was doing my research for investments, XRP stood out to me as a coin with massive and very attainable potential. After arranging my portfolio hold a majority XRP, I began to look into the specific future plans for the company. I was so excited with all of Ripple's plans, I immediately began applying for jobs on their website as well as sending out linkedin invites to many employees. If anyone has a suggestion on how I could get an internship, entry level position, or conversation with someone who works there I would really appreciate any help.
  13. I am a college student and just beginning my investing career. I have bought both stellar lumens and xrp, but I am starting to think xrp has better potential for growth. Should I sell my xlm and reinvest the money in ripple? Any thoughts?
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