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  1. There's obviously a lot of panic at this stage. I think this is only beneficial to XRP. Hopefully this will eradicate some of the less useful coins and will consolidate the market. Once this round dumping is clear - I feel XRP is best placed to prosper and will come out even stronger. Don't forget - even the current $1 bottom represents strong grow Year on Year and even Quarter on Quarter. Don't worry little lambs
  2. You should buy the company yes.
  3. Stipulations and clauses that will not allow said companies to sell until the coins have matured to a certain value or a certain time clause has elapsed......even then there could be sell limits e.g. no more than 10% of total holdings per year or as you would put it ***** for ****** or ****** so basically ***** ***
  4. Currently the Escrowed XRP are being sold to private investors and companies I assume this would be done at a reduced cost vs the open market, Does anyone have any insight what this could be? Also I have no doubt that there will be restrictions in place in relation to selling etc. but again does anyone with experience have any idea as to what these restrictions could potentially be? Very open question I know but I'm sure some members may have been exposed to similar situations with other industries / assets. On a bit of a tangent.........as the sales value cannot be identified on the ILP, maybe these would be disclosed in Financial Statements? Have Ripple release any financial statements to date? Just the four questions then.....
  5. I think a better show of sentiment would be a coordinated 'escrow' lock up and escrow tracker for release dates and amounts .....beyond that there is no other solid fool-proof way of coordinating such a loose 'sentiment' gauge
  6. Hopefully not L8 as in 'do you remember the late XRP'
  7. Resurrection came early... 'Market Cap' was in the topic title so I though this relevant. Your ratio comments were targeted to argue the case of the supply and specifically that by altering denominations in which its priced the current supply and scarcity changes, I wanted to clarify it doesn't! I would hate people to think that XRP is magically 100x more valuable due to the fact it can be broken into smaller unit denominations by the factor of 100. Your arguement seems self serving to further hype by misrepresenting fact - something that should be avoided and belongs in the world of other crypto's All in all I simply clarified to the OP that the ratios are irrelevant as denominations are captured in the unit total values. If they actually add any value whatsoever as in theory they can be changed at a whim and it wouldn't effect the overall price. Good as always to discuss the matter
  8. Its semantics....it has no effect on value as these are accounted for in price i.e. 0.00000001 BTC = 1 statoshi = USD $0.0001535831 'XRP is now 100x more scarce relative to Bitcoin' that is incorrect. XRP = 100 billion / BTC = 21 million (eventually) that is a FACT (excluding XRP deflation of course) How can you say 'as previously thought'............I think people are aware of denominations and supplies. And to your point above 'market cap or other measures to try to determine value should be calculated using the smallest denomination' - please tell me why? this is not the case across a host of markets that used prescribed denominations that make sense e.g. we don't measure gold in the smallest units available. We use units that make sense at that time in relation to value (usually measured in $). Anyway like I say I believe this is semantics, I don't see how 2,100,000,000,000,000 Satoshis @ USD $0.0001535831 is any different to 21,000,000 BTC @ $15,385.31 there are various ways to skin a cat - but its still animal cruelty.... I will try and be fair and look at this from your view point of 'scarcity' I do understand this point but it is a moot point as I think a problem would only surface in a scenario where the lowest denomination has too much value and therefor cannot provide a service for small transactions. We are very far from this of course......AND even then we have corrective measures take the following - Satoshi's are the current lowest denomination however in theory these could be split further say into Sub-satoshis.....and so on. In theory anything can be split infinity into smaller denominations and zero would never be reached.....to state again this wouldn't effect the market cap
  9. would still equate to the same market cap as the unit value ($ price) would reduce by the same denomination e.g. 1 XRP = 1$ 0.1 XRP = $0.10 and so forth.
  10. Supply and demand dictates the price based on a whole host factors, but market cap gives you a reflection of the current value people are willing to pay for the total supply, theoretically. Oh. to answer. YES, if 10$ demand was maintained...otherwise your friends just overpaid based on nothing. Darn they should have looked at the market ca....oh never mind. NO, but if demand remained it would. Until you sold your lovely $10 units...and demand stayed at $10 levels cause they're great. YES, I'd you sold them all at 10$ and say demand was always above 10$ because your coin allowed for quick transaction times say. As you said once this market matures we shall see how this falls but I can guarantee that people will appreciate market caps of currencies and what they represent. Who in there right mind would not consider the number of units available (supply) and price (demand) relative the market cap (total supply x current demand) Also taking 80% of the supply of the market would work with products but not a currency...... 'The only way to determine a somewhat accurate value of the market is to use Metcalfe's Law and volume' well this isn't correct really....this has just been raised as it fits the trends in adoption in bitcoin BTW. It is not a law for currency based economics..... Tired. Going to sleep in a cave for 3 days do not open the boulder.
  11. That's fine no rebuttal required. To be honest this is all theoretic but I will always maintain that Market Value of the total assets should always be a metric that is scrutinised.
  12. No it means you would need at least $100 trillion to purchase every XRP in existence based on current supply and demand - probably more. I cannot believe that when anyone is valuing a coin they do not take into account how many there are, that is fundamentally wrong....the market cap puts perspective on the last sale price by basically saying 'OK if you were to buy every single one of these assets at the price you paid it would cost you X' Now would someone tomorrow buy 50,000,000,000 XRP for $100,000,000,000 maybe - as $2 could be a fair price for the asset in its current state knowing the potential......but would someone pay $50 trillion!! of course not as it is simple not mature enough and hasn't proved its worth. Now turn that someone into everyone.....people should be able to understand how what their paying for 10 - 20 - 2,000xrp effects the whole picture of the value of all the coins. I think you need to try in your arguments to substitute XRP for Dollars or any stock or any other asset on the planet. This is simple realism and economics, I really hope people are taking market caps into account because if they dont then thats how crashes happen and bubbles burst. This is not FUD etc. this is trying to make sure we avoid ridiculous runs on speculation created by people who know how to manipulate to their benefit. Market Cap is important to measure the progress to date and literally the value of every asset in existence. I don't mean to condescend etc. I've been in XRP for a while and frankly the last month or so as fruitful for my own investment, it is also bringing a lot of speculation that may hurt a lot of individuals if it continues, over hypes and crashes.
  13. Well, yes, this is how supply and demand in any sense works - as I said once Ripple and Crypto matures there will be more stability. Is today's current market cap reflective of the value of XRP - maybe nobody really knows. BUT it in a reasonable figure compared to other markets (Fiat, stocks etc.) People need to start judging cryptos as what they are - a currency. If XRP was to replace all currencies around the globe - I believe that is its potential. In regards to the volatility in price is this any different than Fiat? You can take any Fiat currency vs another fiat currency and there will be huge swing in price based on news etc. This will be very aware to those who are not pegged to the USD
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