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  1. I think it would follow that as much of the ATH attributable to something that is not a part of the regular cycle and will not reoccur should be ignored.
  2. What difference does it make if I post here how much XRP I have, aren't we all anonymous here? P.S. VegitaXRP isn't my real name. Is there a way to track me down from this site?
  3. Basically all I need to do is put up $100,000 use 100 times leverage and have the price go up 100 times and I'll have $1 Billion. It's so easy. Why doesn't everyone do this?
  4. So go long here, go short in a week, and go long again six weeks after that.
  5. @DirectorCoulson not to get too personal, but how old are you? Just curious.
  6. Pointing out that America uses money transfers to impose sanctions on the rest of the world is pro-Trump? If you say so, but I don't think Trump is pro Bitcoin. I thought he was referring more to the lowering relavance of Europe and their central bank.
  7. Dow down- Bitcoin up. Is this the start of something?
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