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  1. @tony71 is there a minimum dollar amount required for otc trades?
  2. Rich is anything over $10 million. Epicly rich is over $500 million.
  3. Good question. Do I sell at mansions and lambo's or hold out for castles, yachts and private planes? Damn, would I give up being rich for a chance to be truly epicly rich. These are good dilemmas to have.
  4. @Eric123 I've seen a lot of posts that say Bitcoin has to break $4,400 to confirm a reversal. Do you think $4,400 is a significant level.
  5. Was hoping 100 day would become support. Damn sellers aren't letting it run. But hey any green day is welcome.
  6. @Milly238. He wrote $300,000ish in a previous post
  7. @Eric123 looks like it's holding. 1700 volume in 4 minutes. Price held up nicely.
  8. @Eric123 I see you changed the colors of the EMA this time to keep them straight.
  9. I heard bitcoin is going to be banned under the New Green Deal, along with, cars, planes, cows and heating your home.
  10. @invest2lose I find with crypto it's more accurate if the wicks are included.
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