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  1. I seem to remember that people were selling accounts at bittrex that had been set up cause there was such a backlog. Were these exchange problems or blockchain problems? Also I doubt $20k has any relationship to the transaction volume. High price drives adoption and demand. BTC will blow by 20k.
  2. Move to Puerto Rico Latinas + No Federal Capital Gains Tax. How can you go wrong.
  3. It could move to $1 in a day. So yeah $1 is totally within reach this year.
  4. Isn't Peter Brant still waiting th buy bitcoin at $1,200?
  5. Btc down on low volume while xrp and ltc are up. Wonder what the plan was here, pick up some btc at $500 cheaper? There's no futures angle here.
  6. @bootywhisperer Everyone says xrp is a banker's coin because it was designed to work with banks. Now maybe that's a good thing and maybe it's a bad thing but the fact that it's a banker's coin is indisputable. You think bitcoin is bad because the Chinese and North Korea's mine it? What is your position on air? I hear the Chinese and North Korea's breath it.
  7. You got a crystal ball or do u use tarot cards? Either way can I borrow whatever it is you use.
  8. Don't be jealous of bitcoin it's not even close to even for a lot of people. Wait till bitcoin is at least over 200k to start hating.
  9. @Finesse The weather man said it was gonna be sunny but it rained and I got wet. Can I have the phone number of your attorney I want to sue.
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