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  1. Let's have an objective skeptical discussion in this thread. I'll start with an obvious one. The rich list. Enough said, right? What else does disturb you guys?
  2. I tried writing some very simple code myself (a nameserver with a few extra features), but it's very buggy at the moment. Hard to use and hard to understand where I'm going wrong, so I'll wait for the first RC and good documentation.
  3. The first "Yes" is "No", so it seems most people voted for "No". Telling...
  4. A friend just showed me Gods Unchained. I feel kinda stupid I haven’t considered gaming such a huge use case for crypto until now. Do you guys think gaming will be the #1 driver of adoption (assuming it doesn’t break the network through the use of layer 2 / off chain solutions)?
  5. Will Alicoin be the first to implement drone delivery for their online auction platform? They have already trademarked their Pay via Eye system. Haven't seen this technology being used anywhere else. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.
  6. Will be interesting to see if photochain succeeds in being a secure P2P decentralized marketplace for trading photography. I do some photography in my free time, so this interests me. Anyone looked into it yet?
  7. I believe there’s space for a few…but I am betting big on Waves for a few reasons: 1. It’s the only decentralized exchange that has fiat gateways. 2. Their smart contracts are working right now on the testnet, and they’ll have Turing-complete smart contracts on the mainnet by the end of the year. 3. Transaction costs are very low and this won’t change, because the fee is fixed. Right now they cost around $0.0045 per transaction, therefore with $1 you can do 222 transactions. 4. The token creation is done via their main client, which is actually by far the most user friendly and featured wallet out there. Do your own research as always, as this is just my opinion.
  8. I like investing in projects that are actually working on viable solutions to solve real world problems. One of the projects I believe is successfully achieving this is City of Eden. It’s a community of talented engineers residing in the same place and working together on Blockchain, Aerospace, Med/Bio Tech & Renewables solutions that are fully open sourced. There is an actual use for the token as token holders are actually given access first to early adopter products and can purchase products with the tokens.
  9. Currently looking at Pecunio, a cryptocurrency that's supposed to be backed by gold. I think this gives it greater stability and trust to invest in. Has anyone taken a look at it or invested in any gold backed crypto? What are your thoughts on Pecunio? On the verge of investing but want further insight.
  10. Have any of my fellow gamers here heard of Rewardmob? Seems like a pretty cool app where you can play mobile sports and win prizes. Haven't tried it out though..Anyone else have?
  11. Yes, I believe after Ethereum it will be the second largest used platform for ICOs since it is one of the simplest and fastest platforms to launch tokens and just as NEO was positively impacted after ICOs were launched on it, I think it will be the same for Waves.
  12. Seems like a pretty cool app where you can play mobile sports and win prizes. Haven't tried it out though..Anyone else have?
  13. I just launched my very own token sale using pitch investors in the iOS app store. It was surprisingly easy too. I'd love to get some tips from anyone else who has created their own tokens.
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