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    RippleSider got a reaction from PhiGuy in Coil - Payment Pointer   
    Yes, you can use every pointer, be it xrptipbot, gatehub, i think stronghold offers one, too, or you could just make your own, if you know how ;)
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    RippleSider reacted to Sukrim in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    Please don't call trust lines "accounts".
    They have several features that are not expected from an "account" at all (your counterparties can limit them unilaterally, they can automatically shift balances...) and the term "account" is already used for AccountRoot objects. I do not open an account at/with Bitstamp if I open a trust line towards them. In bookkeeping you might open several internal accounts to manage your pile of money (e.g. an account for every customer you have or for every employee to track payroll), this is also not something you can/should use trust lines for.
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    RippleSider reacted to Sukrim in XRP vs XLM - technology?   
    Von welchen Artikeln sprichst du? Hast du da Links oder sonstige Quellen dazu?
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    RippleSider got a reaction from Mercury in Hi! I'm Bob   
    You could/should read @Hodors latest blog and connect the dots
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    RippleSider got a reaction from Hodor in Hi! I'm Bob   
    You could/should read @Hodors latest blog and connect the dots
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    RippleSider got a reaction from AsYouWere in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    and everybody should go this way on it's own. well done.
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    RippleSider got a reaction from AsYouWere in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    I can understand your concerns. But EVERY (for sure) keypair i generated with ripple-lib ever worked :))) Would be strange if not
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    RippleSider reacted to retryW in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    The Easy XRP Wallet.
    That doesn't exist does it?   ...  yet    dun dun dun.
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    RippleSider reacted to RareData in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    You might be interested in the XRP Toolkit roadmap: https://gitlab.com/xrptoolkit/xrptoolkit-client
    I really appreciate user suggestions and feedback, feel free to reach out afterwards.
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    RippleSider reacted to Flintstone in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    @RareData I need to test drive xrp toolkit. I know Hodor is a fan although he doesn’t give recommendations.
    @PunishmentOfLuxury I’d be all over a Wietse client too. I’ve had fun with his vanity generator.
    Have you ever used his Kyte wallet? I never bothered as it is still in Beta.
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    RippleSider reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    I'm waiting for the wallet OS from Wietse Wind (he of XRP Tipbot). No idea on the timeline, but with his name on it, it's gonna be good.
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    RippleSider reacted to Flintstone in Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?   
    I’m a fan of Bithomp’s offline wallet/tools for everyday use. Plenty of functions and nice GUI.
    As for generating a key-pair (paper wallet) I installed NodeJS and NPM and created my own offline with the minimum code required.
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    RippleSider reacted to 3logan in Chat: General   
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    RippleSider reacted to BobWay in Chapter: Glossary of Terms   
    Trust Line
    Any sane human being would call this an account. It is an object that maintains both a balance and a transaction history. Just like your check register or any other financial accounting system.
    There are two reasons Ripple uses the term trust line rather than account.
    Ryan Fugger's RipplePay used the term while developing the idea of social credit. Ripple was created by programmers who think of an account as something you login to rather than something tracks your money. You see the term trust line used a lot when talking about the XRP Ledger (XRPL) also formerly known as the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL).
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    RippleSider reacted to BobWay in Chat: General   
    I'll put all the big ideas right at the top of each thread with my name on them. You won't be able to miss them.
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    RippleSider got a reaction from XRPablo in Chat: General   
    Well, it was easier for me to follow only one topic and only read your posts you did a great job as you always quoted the relevant questions, so there was no rea need to read all the other stuff. I have to figure out now first how to follow all your content in the club here.
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    RippleSider reacted to Flintstone in Hi! I'm Bob   
    @Tinyaccount @BobWay Please post a link here when the club is up and running. I seem to be glued to this thread at the moment and don’t want to miss anything. Thanks.
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    RippleSider reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I wrote about how I got to Ripple in my most recent treatise above. The rest of the story is on linked-in and some on my vanity blog. (Start the blog from the very beginning if you are really interested. It tries to tell a coherent story. It's not finished yet though. Maybe I'll get to that if I ever get finished here.
    Glad to hear that you find Ripple, and blockchain fascinating. I do too!
    You are never too old to learn to program if you find yourself compelled to do so. But I'd say you are too old to start learning to program with the intention of finding a paid entry level programming position. That's just the nature of programming, it isn't the least bit "fun" for most people. So if you haven't been fascinated by it in the past, don't expect an epiphany by force to happen. Entry level programming positions aren't necessarily fun, even if you find programming itself fascinating.
    But don't be discouraged. The Ripple and blockchain ecosystems don't need you to be a programmer. They need you to be an intelligent experienced "grown-up" that understand the needs of the real-world. This is the most valuable skill in the space. You need to deeply understand WHAT the programming geeks made these systems do. You don't need to be will versed in the behind the scenes programming magic of HOW they made the systems do it.
    The biggest need is to take a real-world value creating business idea, and integrate it to the Ripple DLT or other blockchain technology in order to help that business REALIZE the value it is creating.
    That sounds hand wavy and vague. So let me give you an example from your own field of education. Many people absolutely LOVE educating others. (I'm having fun here!) But what's the hardest part about the profession of trying to do so...
    ...well, getting paid, of course! For many people, being an educator means going to work for a big bureaucracy, jumping through hoops, doing paperwork and earning less than you feel that you are worth for doing so. Why?  Because the payment system for teachers is Broken As Designed (BAD). So make a new one! Take micropayments, or crypto, or swap teaching hours for bill payment.
    A fascinating thing for you to wrap your head around is what Stefan and team are doing at Coil inventing "streaming money". As an educator, you probably get paid twice a month, or worse once a month. But WTF! They want you to show up and teach everyday. Isn't it a pain in the ass to have to wait for others (you employer) to settle up on the money they owe you? Your grocery bills and other expenses don't wait on you to feel ready to pay for them. So why should you wait on others who owe you?
    Streaming money is a CRAZY idea, but as you start thinking about it, people tend to go "hell yeah!"
    The reason you get paid monthly or bi-monthly is that accounting used to be hard. Banking was hard. People needed time to calculate how much you worked, do the withholding send transactions to the processor for direct-deposit or printing check. Submitting the withholding to the appropriate agencies.
    But now computers do all of that really fast. And money moves faster. So start to think, "Why couldn't I get a direct deposit into my bank account everyday instead of every two weeks?" There really isn't a technical reason you couldn't.
    And if you get really wonky you start to think, hey! What about getting paid every hour! Or even every minute!  How would that change my life?
    And what if my Uber driver didn't have to wait. And what if the YouTube author of the video I just watched didn't have to wait to get paid. And Holy ****! What if I was an educator via video and my students streamed money to me! F*** the bureaucracy I have to deal with everyday!
    Then you realize, I know lots of educators that feel the same way as I do, but they don't know anything about blockchain or streaming money. So what if I start a project to benefit us all? There has to be some fresh out of school jr programmers who would jump at the chance to help!
    That's the way I think you and many of the people on this sight should be thinking. Sorry this turned into such a huge rant. 
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    RippleSider reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I know this was intended for David, but I couldn't agree more. Back in 2013, I wrote in the Ripple forums that I thought the goal should be to have Ripple payments be seen as "more honest than cash". I used an example analogous to yours.
    I wrote some papers for the Mojaloop project and I think you are spot on!
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    RippleSider reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Hi! I'm Bob   
    That’s it!  Enough!
    I’m in it for the tech from now on. 
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    RippleSider reacted to lucky in Hi! I'm Bob   
    What a cliffhanger! I'd pay at least three XRP to access the next episode of Hi! I'm Bob!
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    RippleSider reacted to kanaas in Hi! I'm Bob   
    You mean you and many others here really want to, but still do not know where its price is going? And that frustrates you?

    Let the talk go about tech, payments, networking, inclusion, interoperability and business please

    My impression is that those smart guys from Ripple know EXACTLY what their plans are with XRP

    Love this topic, please dont clutter it with wealth expectations
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    RippleSider reacted to jpgt1 in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Stedas on Crypto Twitter might be able to help. http://www.stedas.hr/
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    RippleSider reacted to cmbartley in Hi! I'm Bob   
    @BobWay there's an effort to get someone from the Ripple community on to Anthony Pompliano's podcast to provide an alternative perspective about XRPL and Ripple. Every guest so far has been anti. Current Ripple employees aren't allowed to or aren't willing to go on to the podcast for unknown reasons. Would you be open to it? I'd avoid debating another guest as the full, uninterrupted, case for XRP and XRPL is never allowed to be made on these podcasts. I do find Pomp to be a fair interviewer. 
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    RippleSider reacted to JoelKatz in Hi! I'm Bob   
    We certainly would never discourage anyone from using the XRPL's distributed exchange feature! I'm still a bit sad that our strategy lead us in a different direction and that we abandoned the nascent ecosystem we had been building. It was clear that the feature was way ahead of its time and there was no direct path to adoption then.
    I talk to Ethan (head of Xpring and pretty much everything at Ripple other than cross-currency payments) frequently about whether there are good use cases for the ledger's decentralized exchange now and whether that's something we can use Xpring to help develop. I have a plan that moves us in that direction that I've been working on and shown to several people inside the company. The problem I keep coming back to is that there isn't quite a great use case that I can see how to move to a product just yet. But getting more minds thinking in that direction might yield results and time has brought the rest of the world in this direction.
    The other thing that Arthur and I built into the ledger in the early days is community credit. That is, I think, even further ahead of its time and even harder to see a solid use case for in the near term. I sometimes feel like I work for Twitter in 2000 and I'm trying to explain to everyone that for us to really grow, people need better phones. Of course, there was no Twitter in 2000 -- it was too early. I'm trying to find ways to make it later as quickly as possible.
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