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  1. Yes, you can use every pointer, be it xrptipbot, gatehub, i think stronghold offers one, too, or you could just make your own, if you know how ;)
  2. You could/should read @Hodors latest blog and connect the dots
  3. and everybody should go this way on it's own. well done.
  4. I can understand your concerns. But EVERY (for sure) keypair i generated with ripple-lib ever worked :))) Would be strange if not
  5. Well, it was easier for me to follow only one topic and only read your posts you did a great job as you always quoted the relevant questions, so there was no rea need to read all the other stuff. I have to figure out now first how to follow all your content in the club here.
  6. Where can i buy this "Hi! I'm Bob" merch? Will pay with XRP.
  7. This threads gets better and better…..
  8. I am no sure either and my technical understanding of codius is inadequate. Found the very interesting debate - which i link two posts before- after i posted my codius mixer phantasy, and that is - for me - answer enough.
  9. I mean even xRapid goes through exchanges as far as we know. Don't know if it uses payment channels, too
  10. I wonder why nobody had the idea to offer a XRP coin mixxer / shuffler via Codius. Would be a nice thing to have,
  11. You mean missing privacy? You could/should use an extra wallet which you fund from an exchange with smaller ammounts. But i think thats where "Providers" like xrptipbot make sense. I don't want to be XRP a privacy coin like monero. But i understand te point,
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