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  1. RippleSider

    interesting xrp address

    What do you think about this? https://bithomp.com/explorer/rfe8yiZUymRPx35BEwGjhfkaLmgNsTytxT This address sent 2014 some transactions each with a drop to an address which received free XRP in 2013 and wasn't used till 2017 so nobody but ripple should know it 2014?. So - in my opinion - this above mentioned address rfe8yiZUymRPx35BEwGjhfkaLmgNsTytxT could be related to ripple somehow?
  2. RippleSider

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    The more i think about this, it would be very clear and conclusive to use ZERP "official" and why not using the existing Ƶ sign?
  3. RippleSider

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    YES. When XRP was traditionally called "ripples" and the X comes from "For assets not issued by any country, the first letter must be X." then the X is completely unimportant for the symbol, so it should show, like you say, R and P. Or if we want to be a little modern we could try to make something out of ZERPS ?!
  4. Hey guys, do you think you can follow your roadmap for q2? Would like to hear something about your progress in roadmap and your plugins .. - Beginning of the Decentralized Exchange in the XRP Ledger - Listing on Coinmarketcap and similar services - Implementation of the Disclosure Program - ALV traded on an exchange - Release of the Development Incentive Program - Development of the Partnership Program
  5. RippleSider

    Codius is Ripple's nuclear weapon

    And then next he said: David Schwartz‏ @JoelKatz 22 Min.vor 22 Minuten Codius can support general purpose languages like Javascript, so it's Turing complete. It doesn't force any particularly programming paradigm at all, so you can pick one that has appropriate security. 1/2 In a sense, Codius is awesome because it allows you complete flexibility. But also most of the implementation doesn't exist yet. So you can implement a very security environment, more secure than Ethereum currently, but you have to actually do it! 2/2
  6. RippleSider

    Codius is Ripple's nuclear weapon

    Good question. Who did bring all those articles up at this time and why now?
  7. it is quite likely that there will be a new website/restart, if this is happening ... ?!
  8. @Allvor Hey Allvor Team, the first post ist from March 29th. Do you plan to give us at least montly updates on the progress you have made? Would be awsome to hear more from you.
  9. Hi, is there a way to decode the binary blob of a signed transaction?
  10. Can also mean that they are very busy (and it is only a small team) and working hard on their first goals. Lets wait till end of June (Q2) and see if they can stick to their goals: Q2 Goals (not all): - Listing on Coinmarketcap and similar services - ALV traded on an exchange
  11. Can you tell if you have started talking to any exchanges already?
  12. i really like this statement, should be included on the website...