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  1. First off, thank you for all your time and effort. I may be off here, but isn't this an argument for an increase in XRP price/value, so that if XRP is say worth $100 per unit (just an example), much smaller amounts of XRP would be necessary for large TX's, hence leading to a much longer lifespan for XRP? Than you again
  2. Just a note that Xrapid was launched at the same time that the trial ended, Oct, 2018. Not sure it could have been used. Just realized this was for domestic...
  3. I can certainly understand the frustration behind comments such as the USA is a disease etc....but the verbal violence you exude goes directly against the statement that you made. The world will never be one with the hated/violence, in any form, that is expressed in such statements.
  4. I think what she/he might have been eluding to was transaction time in the actual value transfer.
  5. I think what you may be missing here is the fact that when nations create their own digital fiat, each of them will function as a walled garden and not have the liquidity need to accomplish what you are claiming. That is the whole point of a neutral bridging asset that allows for the instant trade of digital USD for digital Yen. Just because a fiat becomes digital does not automatically make it globally instant and liquid.
  6. Some one else here, not sure who, suggested that once you cash out, the cash sitting on the exchange can't be hacked unlike the crypto. Do you agree with this. I think he was suggesting to cash out at a certain price point then let your cash remain on the exchange and withdraw in a phased manner. Do you agree with this? Thank you
  7. If there's one thing I've learned from investing over the last 15 years it's this: Whether it's traditional markets, Crypto markets or digital asset markets, the psychology of the markets and the strategies used are the same. Because they all involve one thing: MONEY!!! HODL Damn it!
  8. THEY (Ripple) haven't sold anything to you. YOU decided to invest in their digital asset, period!!
  9. And even the SEC is subject to Market pressure with the whole of the space moving forward, so I do feel that the regulation issue will be decided (if it hasn't already been) and everything will move a bit quicker than we think it will. Fingers crossed!!
  10. Take a look at Xspring, Coil and Codius closely, fully understand their implications and you will quickly see that this statement is absolutely false
  11. Julio Farra, head of blockchain R&D at Santander: "We don't believe cryptocurrencies are the answer" for liquidity management - including XRP.#Synchronize2018 10:53 AM - Apr 19, 2018. This is what I came across, but again not sure what it means.
  12. https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-can-finally-fulfill-promise-global-payments
  13. Hey Guys just wondering about this in light of the comment that was just made indicating that Santander, it seems, is not interested in XRP any longer for global payments. it's in an article in the press section. (sorry I couldn't link, literally running out of the house). Would love all your guys thoughts on this.
  14. Yup these are "problems" that I look forward to handling later on. But your overall thought on this is something I have been thinking about a lot as well. It will be very interesting to see how this whole thing goes down.
  15. I see, so what you're saying is that you can determine 2 to 5 to 10 years out that there will not be enough use cases for XRP. Remember we're not talking EOY.
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