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  1. Offcourse... But take a look... Kik app >>> 300 million registred members, 15 Mill active users already... Large uger base to start with
  2. One of the succesfull ICO(100 million dollar) of 2017. I expect this Kin coin network to be one of the big suprises of 2018. >> https://kinecosystem.org
  3. Great read...... I like to hear Hordor about this text because i am not that technical on the systems.
  4. Nice, but be careful. Lots of complaints on the " cashing out side" See reviews on Bitstamp: https://www.cryptocompare.com/exchanges/bitstamp/reviews
  5. I found this on the internet.... Is this correct?
  6. Thanks guys for the great explanation.. The nay sayers will use this against the XRP community. Bloomberg is really the worst media outlet there is, together with Coindesk...
  7. Hi all, I started in crypto in spring 2015 with some reading and opening some accounts. At the end of 2016 i did my first investment steps starting with cloudmining Bitcoin. Begin 2017 i bought XRP, ETH, LTC and some other coins. Begin spring i bought a Zcash and Ethereum miner and started to shorttrade on exchanges. During that time i learned a lot about almost all of crypto. In summer 2017 i was well experienced and could see which coins/networks will grow the coming time. I enlarged my XRP, LTC and ETH investment during that time. I sold all my other coins. But in June 2017 i came accross a article about a cryptocoin which was launched late September 2017, called KIN coin. I was never really interested in ICO's, but this one caught my attention. I started reading and researching the Kin coin white paper and doing some research on Kik.... I got in on the ICO in september. Although the ICO wasn't really done well, the Kin coin team seems to better there communications and started bringing professional communications on there progress. Since november they are communicating on there roadmap almost every three days. The Kin coin community is growing fast on Facebook, Reddit andTelegram. In december the Kin coin team told everybody that they will move from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Stellar Blockchain(at this time they are going to use both). After that communication the price shoot up fast almost 10X the ICO price. At this time its 1/4 of that price and holding. Personally i think this is the only new Crypto coin which really can shake up the Social media platforms with there ideas. Kik app has 300 million subscribed member and 15 million active daily users. This means that crypto will be brought to a very large young consumer base without the difficulties of going into crypto. The Kik app is easily to download on the app stores and the Kin coin wallet is inside it, ready for use. Besides the Kik app, Kincoin will be also available true there SDK program(Software Development Kitt) which is open source. So Everybody could use the software to place it inside other apps or new ones. The Kin coin reward engine is build to reward people who are going to build Kin coin apps or reward Kik users for almost everything you can think of. In March 2018 the development team will announce partnerships with other companies. I can tell much more but i will place some links to more detailed info on Kin coin: Give it some time to read... https://medium.com/kinfoundation https://medium.com/kin-contributors https://www.facebook.com/groups/493794851001545/ https://www.reddit.com/r/KinFoundation/ I would love to hear some opinions on Kin coin. I am very biased on the subject but i like to know..
  8. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER talk about your investments value online.... period
  9. Thanks.... I would advice all XRP investors to take a close look at Kin coin..... Although they started somewhat negative, they building momentum now. Great ideas, great development teams, very great and clear communication every three days true Medium and Telegram. The Kin community is growing fast without and without the usual FUD. They are the first in they social media area, and not the last offcourse, but they have a great headstart. If Kik get it right, this will be the cryptocoin for 2018 together with XRP and ETH.... And its very cheap at the moment... >>> nice read here >>> https://medium.com/kinfoundation
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