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  1. Think someone already claimed the 5 XRP...now asking for a pin! That was a great touch and an interesting article. Cheers.
  2. Hi Eric, Was it you who said end of Nov that BTC might hit ath? Do you have any update to this please? My instinct is telling me the demand isn't quite there yet.
  3. They having business arms that are direct competitors to Temenos. This is one of the most interesting partnerships I've seen with a big hitting business.
  4. Thanks buddy. I actually just secured my first junior software engineer role. It's been a big commitment timewise but I am absolutely loving it. Highly recommend the switch. Just keep practicing that is all it takes, the willingness to fail.
  5. Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/A-coding-journey-and-a-new-multiplayer-game-/E5RYZDjKk In my blog I talk about the learning journey I have been on, both within the XRP community and within my personal coding development. Right from my first interaction with XRP I was inspired to learn about the underlying technology and do something silly for the entertainment of others. I started at absolutely ground zero. After my last community offerings, which were roundly booed and rightly so, I built the multiplayer game website solely for my own entertainment and learning. Crikey did I learn lots. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice about how to go from zero to slightly above zero in coding then please do ask as I`m happy to help. All advice and criticism welcomed on my end too, I`m not precious about anything. The learning is key. Thanks for reading.
  6. If xrp moves to 0.1 I'm getting a huge low rate loan and taking it on credit. No jokes. I bought in at 0.03 and so have some perspective of value.
  7. They did originally say by the end of the year ( a month or two ago). I've had a Google but can't see your latest update. Could you link me? I hope and pray it is the xrpl....
  8. This graph may top out at 100 btw.... unless it breaks mathematics.
  9. That's a shame. It's really great. Definitely more content needed but that's up to all of us! That's correct it is not available on mobile chrome. That's great. It's another option to this method. Thanks for highlighting! That's very kind, thank you. Just realised I've revealed some of your subscription content within the free world. My apologies sir!
  10. Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/Use-coil-on-your-mobile-phone-minor-hack-/PiHRNzIFg I have become Coil integrated and it's really exciting see web monetisation in action. Then I went on the train away from my desktop PC....what no Coil? Nightmare. Do you need a similar fix? This is my first blog post so try not to be too savage or it may be my last :-( I hope you enjoy reading it, there's a TLDR version for Coil subscribers. Love the perk system.
  11. That makes me 2 for 2 I think. See you in 3 months! I've actually changed my overall analysis. I think the bull will run until q3/q4 2021 now. XRP to roll up to about $26... fingers crossed. Don't forget your fiat is worthless people!
  12. Looks like a pretty obvious head and shoulders pattern. Likely direction is down I'd say.
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