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  1. They did originally say by the end of the year ( a month or two ago). I've had a Google but can't see your latest update. Could you link me? I hope and pray it is the xrpl....
  2. This graph may top out at 100 btw.... unless it breaks mathematics.
  3. That's a shame. It's really great. Definitely more content needed but that's up to all of us! That's correct it is not available on mobile chrome. That's great. It's another option to this method. Thanks for highlighting! That's very kind, thank you. Just realised I've revealed some of your subscription content within the free world. My apologies sir!
  4. Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/Use-coil-on-your-mobile-phone-minor-hack-/PiHRNzIFg I have become Coil integrated and it's really exciting see web monetisation in action. Then I went on the train away from my desktop PC....what no Coil? Nightmare. Do you need a similar fix? This is my first blog post so try not to be too savage or it may be my last :-( I hope you enjoy reading it, there's a TLDR version for Coil subscribers. Love the perk system.
  5. That makes me 2 for 2 I think. See you in 3 months! I've actually changed my overall analysis. I think the bull will run until q3/q4 2021 now. XRP to roll up to about $26... fingers crossed. Don't forget your fiat is worthless people!
  6. Looks like a pretty obvious head and shoulders pattern. Likely direction is down I'd say.
  7. Bump. Lots of Ripple tweets regarding Facebook recently and now the big announcement from Zuckerberg. Is XRP hot or not for WhatsApp payments?
  8. September 2013 we breached 10k satoshis per xrp. May 2017 we breached 20k satoshis per xrp. Middle of 2021 we will breach 30k satoshis per xrp. Price of BTC at that point will be circa. $100k in accordance with the 4 year log scale predictions. That puts the price at $30 per xrp end of q2 to q3 in 2021. I'll bump this thread in September 2021 if I'm still alive. No Bearable Guy needed. On my phone so no charts but will add if people want. Crypto Winter may have one last storm this summer but we've made it through the worst.
  9. Thanks for this. If xrp drops to that level I'll own a lot. Great buying opportunity.
  10. Bump. Regular reminder for us all to be careful with what Ripple tell us. Has Claire been entered into the worst community manager award yet? Last login August 2018.
  11. Hi Claire, I've re-read your opening post. Thanks for launching with such fanfare. I believe you've tricked me madam. What other nasty tricks do Ripple have up the sleeve? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Watching the next steps of Ripple with interest. Particularly with regards to dozens of banks and 3 production contracts per week. Cheers, Ripple Gambler. P.s Hodor fancy writing a blog about Claire's contribution?
  12. On the scale of ponzi. This is high. I have an automated trading bot which I would never share. Why do they share theirs?
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