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  1. Hi everyone, I thought rather than creating a new post each time. Part 2 is out: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/Building-an-XRP-trading-bot-part-2/mQydszw1 As you can see good progress is being made. I should think go live will be within a month and I will likely have to shelter profits in a company structure thereafter.
  2. Ah thank you for the correction. Interesting. Well fingers crossed, 1% of that corridor would be quite something.
  3. The EUR/USD corridor is very liquid. Spreads are low. Costs are low. No need for ODL at this point. Can't see it myself. Probably Jed selling off. Would love to be wrong.
  4. Thanks for the offer. I'm working with some of my city friends to come up with a dynamic trading pattern. If we can't get something profitable working then I'll certainly come knocking! I did have a look through. If you grind through all the fluff in the code (and there's a lot of unnecessary stuff! ) then the actual algorithm is very lightweight. I'd be surprised if they had made money from timing inflection points alone.
  5. Yes that is really annoying. I do think the Coil platform needs a rework. Sometimes I see great content and then I struggle for ages to find it later on. I`m hopeful that with the 1 billion XRP they can start to redevelop the platform into a world beater. It is a great idea and that is why I am a subscriber. I can 100% see the potential in Coil. Fingers crossed they can step it up.
  6. If @CaligulazBaby could read my body language right now....they would say I am excited! https://coil.com/p/MikeH/Building-a-cryptocurrency-trading-bot-part-1/qyeiCMoSH After finishing my previous XRP ledger project then I am ramping things up to the next level. Biting off more than I can chew? You bet ya. It is the only way to learn in life. My latest coil post talks about my plans for building an automated trading bot on the XRP ledger. It is going to be tough, it is going to take a long time, it is going to lose money at the beginning but then, just maybe if I get lucky, it might make me a euro a two. Also extra content for subscribers, hopefully to get your body language as excited as mine!
  7. Yes well I'm following you now! Very amusing blog regarding time differences with international exchanges.
  8. Thanks! I think you post on Coil also? Will take a look. I was up to an astonishing 4 likes but then someone decided they hated my post after all and I went back down to 3. It is a cruel Coil world! I hope he has a plan...... No idea sorry pal, I think it must be an old style Jaguar Land Rover thing? Obviously it is a joke and I`d hate to see it implemented. 100% agree reference the neutrality of roads. Otherwise I can promise you I would be on the wrong side of the rich/poor divide! 100% you have truly embraced the vision. Well done sir!
  9. Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/-Step-aside-peasant-newest-and-worst-XRP-use-case-/VJudy0gDU In my blog I talk about an idea I had whilst sat in traffic over Christmas. A subsequent bout of hangovers and illness even gave me the time to build it! I`ve seen a lot of bad ideas for XRP use cases, this is definitely one of them. XRP inspired me to take up coding and I now work as a junior software engineer at Jaguar Land Rover (after going through a boot camp). What's your worst XRP use case idea? Feel free to make fun of mine and the chaos it would cause on our roads! At least it could be international in nature.... Any questions then please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.
  10. Think someone already claimed the 5 XRP...now asking for a pin! That was a great touch and an interesting article. Cheers.
  11. Hi Eric, Was it you who said end of Nov that BTC might hit ath? Do you have any update to this please? My instinct is telling me the demand isn't quite there yet.
  12. They having business arms that are direct competitors to Temenos. This is one of the most interesting partnerships I've seen with a big hitting business.
  13. Thanks buddy. I actually just secured my first junior software engineer role. It's been a big commitment timewise but I am absolutely loving it. Highly recommend the switch. Just keep practicing that is all it takes, the willingness to fail.
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