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  1. Pls get back to ripple , xrp it would be much better and interesting
  2. Also I would like to pin point on one thing.I don’t knw it just a coincidence or what. Sbi going live - 4 th June in 3 hr according to post and Coinbase is going under maintance in approx 6 hr . Is there is something connected between these and ripple. Last time when Coinbase added bitcoin cash it went under maintanence and come back with BCH . Any thoughts ?
  3. Msg on sbi VC website: Dear Customer, Regarding the start of our service, we are sorry that we will keep you waiting long. We will send you a notice of address confirmation notice posted for the customer who applied for the advance reservation account opening application and completed the examination before accepting general account opening. After that, to customers who can confirm receipt of the postcard, we will ship account opening notice one after another. (Please check this out for details.) Regarding general account opening reception, we will announce you again on our official website once preparation is completed. We appreciate your patience as we wait for a while. what does it mean , are they opening up or still waiting @Atomic1221
  4. Japan normally starts at 8 in the morning. Let’s hope for the best , fingers crossed
  5. Does it seems genuine ? Tired but not able to login , login failed multiple times. @Hodor@Chewiecoin@JCCollins
  6. How are so sure ? Do you have any source? By the way, your predictions look intresting
  7. What we can say about this? Please visit the link - The latest Cross-Border Payments! https://paper.li/jmorakis/1497919483?edition_id=0a9fcb90-5dad-11e8-8124-0cc47a0d1605 … #swiftgpi Details are as list:-
  8. Don’t knw the future , how these exchanges will survive https://thelogicalindian.com/news/rbi-cryptocurrencies/ they are banning apps, website and all internet links
  9. It says : According to the publication, 6 out of 15 coins are centralized. Ripple (XRP) is the most centralized coin in the market with 97% of the circulating supply held by the top 100 accounts. Followed by Stellar (XMR) with 95%, NEO (NEO) with 70%, Nano NANO) with 63%, IOTA (MIOTA) with 62%, and Cardano (ADA) with 33%. The website shows that those miners or voters that are not incentivized, are centralized. Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, NEO, IOTA, and Nano have no incentivized miners or votes. Other virtual currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) have less than 50% of their money supply held by the top 100 accounts. which I agree . Hence no Coinbase ,
  10. She nailed it. Let the negative thinkers say what they have to say. Still believes in @Hodorprediction of at least ( Higher range 20$~30$ by eoy. She proves the same with facts and figures . Pay some respect to these guys who are there doing best for us , educating us with all deep financial knowledge
  11. The fact will come in front of every one soon. I have 60 % confidence that they will announce something big but 40 % is old routine ( ripple have a habit of hyping things ). hope for the best?
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