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  1. Don't know but who cares if focusing on big picture and long term
  2. I fully agree they don't want to face a 2nd major issue after BTCcash
  3. This is a much better news than coinbase. HUGE indeed.
  4. JimDeskman

    How high could ripple go?

    Make Korean sell, I'll buy more cheaper and will hold to 150 ?
  5. JimDeskman

    It is escrow time !

    You have reacted too fast. Stay calm and hold long term! Forget about your XRP investment for a while and check your wallet in a few months. You'll be smiling then
  6. At $20 I'm wealthy but I'm afraid I have to wait $200 to retire. ?
  7. Your story if true would give more sense to the recruitment of Ben Lawsky!
  8. Everyone noticed the low trading volume during the last days. I guess most investors are waiting for news from Ripple (expected escrow, new partnerships, live currency exchanges, ...) but they might also be waiting for the coming btc forks to happen; see how things turn before chosing where to invest. I have to admit I am not sure to fully understand the possible effects on XRP if forks are a success or a failure. Does anyone has an opinion about it?