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  1. Whose coldwallet is this address?

    I found it. It is the coldwallet of Bitfinex.
  2. Whose coldwallet is this address?

    It's strange.. The wallet requires destination tag.
  3. Whose coldwallet is this address?

    Some people say that their XRP was stolen and moved to this wallet. Nobody seems to know who this wallet belongs to. If It is not an exchange, why does it act like an exchange? any idea?
  4. Anyone who knows about this wallet? rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm Is it an exchange?
  5. Let's Clean Up the Ripple Gateways

    SnapSwap insisted that they had sold Btc2Ripple.com, but no evidence. Even Ripple Labs were not sure that the owner of Btc2ripple.com was actually changed or not. SnapSwap and Btc2ripple played an important role in early stage of Ripple-spreading, but at the moment they are not different from scam, I reckon. Allowing deposit and disallowing withdrawal? They are just burying their head in the sand - it IS a SCAM! Dead GWs are useless and harmful, so they should not be enlisted on the list of GWs.
  6. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    They already seemed to have any choice but to deny withdrawal because of their solvency problem, so I think the word 'decision' is not proper for their situation. Yes, you've got the small amount of BTC back in the process of their trying to blur the withdrawal issue. So I agree that you were lucky. It is not the nationality, ToS or decision but the their IOU holders. Their solvency problem may result in severe loss of their IOU holders around the world and loss of trust to Ripple.
  7. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    They did not respond to my ultimatum. I concluded that they do not have any will to run the business any more. They do not allow logging, registration, withdrawal, respond even to the citizens of the countries they insist that they are providing service. I am strongly doubt their solvency. I think their fundamentals to run a gateway and to run further service like interledger has collapsed because they lost the trust from the market. Nobody should trust them any more. P.S. Be careful! I doubt there are some informants in this forum who are trying to blur the issue.
  8. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    All my acquaintances from countries they insist they are providing service could not get response from them. They do not allow even logging into their website not to mention registering. You are the only one who succeeded in withdrawal of small amount of BTC afaik even though you are a citizen of USA. Customers only can trade just on RCP, the price and volume of BTC.SnapSwap is terrible and they do not allow withdrawal. So they are dead gateway.
  9. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    Already sent an ultimatum today.
  10. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    I sent PM to you. Pls check it.
  11. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    Got an email from Ripple Labs. Summarizing as below. 1. Since 2015, a company called UAB SKV3 has been running the btc2ripple service. That company is registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2. The sale of SnapSwap's btc2ripple business to UAB SKV3 may have resulted in a transfer of all liabilities to the new owner (but this is conjecture on RL's part, RL does not know). 3. If so, UAB SKV3 may be the custodian of the bitcoins that these SnapSwap issuances represent ,in which case they should honor the withdrawal request (the fact that they do not open accounts or service people from South Korea should have first been disclosed to account holders, with a withdrawal grace period to allow any existing South Korean account holders to withdraw funds, before taking effect). 4. Anyone could try to exchange the btc.snapswap issuances for issuances by another gateway that allows South Korean users so that he could then withdraw them . Otherwise, the legal liability would be on either Snapswap or UAB SKV3 - not knowing anything about the sale of Snapswap's btc2ripple business to UAB SKV3, it's difficult for RL to say.
  12. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    I would like to solve this problem with world citizens. 5 BTC reward will be given to anyone who makes btc2ripple(or snapswap) refund the 25 BTC.SnapSwap or anyone who gives crucial help for withdrawing. Please PM.
  13. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    They are just trying to cloud the issue. The point is that they have to allow withdrawal because they promised to give the BTC back. Nationality and amount of BTC do not matter. Pacta sunt servanda!
  14. Withdrawal BTC from btc2ripple.com

    The BTC IOU was issued in the name of SnapSwap(BTC.SnapSwap) and technically processed by btc2ripple.com. I remember only USA citizens could use SnapSwap.us and people who had another country's passport could use only SnapSwap.eu. So I believe that SnapSwap.eu was responsible at that time. But now it seems that Val Kozlovsky has to give me back the BTC. According to the emails I received from support@btc2ripple.com, they said that they could not allow withdrawal because of nationality, so at the moment btc2ripple.com is legally responsible for withdrawal, I reckon.