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  1. Thank you both this is the answer i was looking for!
  2. If I wanted to sell some XRP on Coinbase to FIAT, I would need to trade it for BTC, ETH, LTC (whatever Coinbase trades ect...). I have held XRP over 1 year I should only need to pay long term gains tax not short term which is much higher tax, my question is does trading XRP for ETH ect.. reset the clock to short term since i now have only held this ETH for less than a year?
  3. I have much respect for Bitcoin but feel like Bitcoin is MySpace and XRP is Facebook (a enterprise class coin), so many issue with Bitcoin (slow transactions speeds, mining (such a waste of energy), China running largest pools, forks, trying to work around governments) etc... Just seems unsustainable. XRP seems like a coin serious investors, banks business could actually get behind, Ripple appears to be reputable, 160+ employees, worldwide offices and want to work with regulators to actually make Crypto viable....
  4. Lets hope that day comes soon then! Thanks for the reply!
  5. So if 20 XRP is the minimum how would someone start a wallet if say 1 XRP is = $100? Would they need $2000 to open a account/wallet just to get started? "In Ripple protocol, to create a new account you need to initialize it with a funding of at least 20 XRP. An account under 20 XRP is considered as not exiting. Thus, your balance must always be at minimum 20 XRP and you are not allowed to make transactions that would result in your balance going under this limit." Thanks for any input!
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