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  1. Hi @Pablo, thank you for all your insight. Since your responses are scattered across the forum, I’ll just use this topic to highlight Kik//Kin case, since you also mention it in your post. I know you pointed out that Kin was never declared NOT a security, but what do you think of the final settlement on October 22nd between Kik and SEC, would that not be a preferable outcome for Ripple as well, or is their case too different? Kik statement after settlement (text bolding is my own - https://medium.com/kinblog/a-new-chapter-begins-in-the-life-of-kin-and-the-kin-foundation-ddd26cb7ff5
  2. Interesting that Jed McCaleb is not mentioned anywhere in this, has he not been selling XRP on daily basis for the past 5 years?
  3. Thank you all 3 for answering this quickly, it will clear any confusion for others that may be reading this.
  4. @CountZerpula@BillyOckham@Flintstone Please confirm, but all you need to do is have an ETH public address and private key, it does not matter which wallet you used to generate it? You can also use MEW to generate the public/private key?
  5. Just to clarify, the volume anomaly you are seeing in early 2020 on XRP/USD Bitstamp chart was actually generated by Ripple subsidizing Moneygram to start using ODL in MXN/USD corridor between Bitstamp and Bitso. This is clearly seen by off the charts volume from March to June 2020 on both Bitstamp and Bitso exchanges, but not on others (see Kraken example below). Ripple posted about this in March 2020 on their website: https://ripple.com/insights/bitso-and-ripple-are-delivering-friction-free-exchange-across-latin-america/ The experiment with high
  6. Joke's on them though, we never had any morale to begin with
  7. From https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/: Edit: From the same source, also note this: Edit 2: To answer your question direclty, no, it will not depend on Ethereum network
  8. @Pablo or @vrippled Please remove the link in the original post, it is a scam - take a second look at the "i" in "coindesk"...
  9. This was XRP chart from 2014 to 2017, it kept printing lower highs and lower lows for 3 years: Check this forum topics in 2016 and you’ll see plenty of users like you going on and on how this coin just keeps going down and this will never change. Well, nothing goes down forever, and this is the same picture just a few months later: You can’t even see the first chart on the second picture! Go on and debate the fundamentals, market sentiment, whatever you want, but XRP’s price movement is a clear proof markets work in cycles. What you wrote in the post above
  10. You are correct, Amazon’s revenue did in fact grow every year even before 2004, I should have checked it myself. I stand corrected and apologize for accusing you of cherry picking the data. I do, however, still maintain the position that Amazon’s parabolic stock price increase (and perceived success of the company) during the dot-com bubble had “no fundamentals whatsoever” and that the dot-com bubble can be compared to the crypto bubble in 2017. Amazon did increase its revenue, but it had other, far more concerning negative indicators that would deter any informed investor. Th
  11. Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1995, its history did not begin in 2004 as you decided to cherry-pick the data. It had an IPO in 1997 and was part of the .com bubble in 1998/1999, when every pet store that owned a .com domain mooned like there was no tomorrow. No fundamentals whatsoever, yet every tech stock went parabolic. Just like crypto in 2017. If anything, you can compare the 1999 .com bubble with 2017 crpyto bubble, you cannot just arbitrarily choose 2004 as a start. Here’s a graph of Amazon stock during the .com bubble: There was nothing to justify
  12. This data is for Bitstamp only: You currently need 8.5 million USD to move XRP from 0.20 USD to 1.00 USD, but you need 46 million USD to move BTC from 10k USD to 50k USD. This is just Bitstamp, you have to take into account other exchanges, so it would of course be much more than that, but I believe the comparison still stands. Interestingly enough it takes roughly the same amount of USD to move ETH by 5x as it does for XRP (at Bitstamp). It is hard to extrapolate this data for ranges that you mentioned (0.2 USD to 10 USD and 10 USD to 100 USD), because my data is just the amoun
  13. Support your statement – who on this forum was banned solely because of his/her views or because moderators “don’t like them”? People get warned and banned for insulting and slurring, but I have not heard of a case where someone got banned from the forum because of their “worldview”. I am not saying it has not happened, but if it has, you should be able to name a few. A perfect example of where this feature would come in handy are the TA threads. Personally, I’m not a fan of TA, but there are certain people in there constantly interrupting posters that bring value to the topic. Yo
  14. I was waiting for the first “you guys are just an echo chamber and can’t handle criticism” comment as soon as I saw this topic and here we are, not even an hour after the topic was posted. You can see tulo and Sukrim constantly giving valid criticism to XRP and Ripple for years now, and yet no one is telling them to go away. You know why? Because they bring value to discussion. There are topics and debates on this forum that are truly interesting, but get interrupted and trashed for no particular reason. You have a counter argument? Write it in a normal, articulate way, support it wi
  15. "Some analysts estimate that thanks to the stock options the company gave to early employees, Microsoft had created three billionaires and as many as 12,000 millionaires by 2005. And even for those who didn't quite get to those heights, the rewards were huge." https://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-millionaires-who-spent-their-money-magnificently-2015-8 This is Microsoft alone.
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