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  1. Not sure if this question been asked but for the last year or so we have seen massive increase in ODL over the last year or so with no impact on the XRP price. Do people think ODL will have any affect on the price if ever? I think we are a long way from financial institutions holding xrp to settle directly I think it will happen but probably not for some time at least 5 years from now probably 10.
  2. It had too many partnerships and a real use case. They should concentrate on fancy new logo or catch phrase to make the price pop again.
  3. "A fool and his money are soon parted"
  4. Some top maths there well done, I can sleep easy tonight
  5. Doesnt money tap use xrp and hence the banks are using it as it's there product?
  6. Its was Korea that started the xrp pump last time maybe Japan will do the same or maybe not...
  7. Well someone bought XRP at $3 it's not a **** coin just **** timing on your end ...
  8. It's funny how price can twist people perception of xrp despite being in a better situation than during its ATH for news and utilisation of xrp. You should be more focused on how the xrp ecosystem is being built the rest will follow.
  9. You make it sound price is driven by ripples performance its really not!
  10. I mean its nearly been a whole year to revolutionize the payment system with crypto lol
  11. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33852/swift-to-test-real-time-cross-border-payments-in-europe
  12. saw a comment about etherum on Facebook in mid 2017, looked into it didn't get it then looked into XRP just made sense.
  13. in under a week we went from 0.25 to 0.80 on the xrapid hype a $1 will be easy when the market returns.
  14. i would agree, once the market grows and become more stable then why would you hold fiat when your purchasing power will decrease over time. The only reason people don't use fixed asset like gold is you can't spend it easily you can with crypto. When XRP penetrates the financial system it will have a cascading effect through different sectors and markets. We are so early in the game you can't rule anything out. Do I think it cant hit $1000 yes but $1000 might not be worth that much in the future...
  15. I'm based in the UK and use Kraken.
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