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  1. Lol nice job getting stopped out. You're quite literally the worst technical analyst I've ever come across. Are you going to be doing this for the rest of your life?? Sure hope not.
  2. Congrats guys - this thread will soon hit 589 pages! @Molten continues to be the worst technical analyst I've ever witnessed. This guy is dumb as a rock.
  3. You're an excellent contra-indicator @Molten. Keep up the good work, and remember to keep your day job!!
  4. We recently saw a big XRP transfer from Ripple to Bitstamp: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rNz6HfHBA3nReSbVPwM6YE39MQoeS5SqLU Has anyone yet compiled a list of all XRP addresses relating to Ripple and the founders/execs at the company? I think many of us would be interested in taking a closer look.
  5. Just came back here to see some of the worst technical analysis by @Molten yet once again. I really hope this isn't your day job M8...
  6. Looking forward to more useless TA in 2020!
  7. Here's some technical analysis for you: XRPUSD is now the most oversold on the weekly chart since October 2015 based on RSI and may soon become the most oversold in its history. NOW is the time to start scaling in (not like you suggested to buy many months ago). God help us. I knew you'd be back after just a few days. To be a good technical analyst you need to be data driven – you're way too emotional.
  8. Just a daily reminder that @Molten is a joke and he needs to stay as far away from charting XRP as possible.
  9. A bit off? A total disaster. A monkey could produce better work than him.
  10. So glad to see @Molten has capitulated after many months of being wrong. His technical analysis is absolutely horrid. Hello $0.19 XRP!
  11. Can someone shut this thread down? This is the most useless 234 pages in the history of the Internet.
  12. Finally the capitulation post I've been waiting from you @Molten. It took 233 pages of nothingness for you to come to your senses. You've probably hurt more people than you helped with your posts unfortunately. The sad thing is, once XRP goes up 5% you'll be right back here with your hopium making your next prediction.
  13. The reason I keep calling this thread useless is because nothing will happen to XRP until BTC surpasses its ATH of $20,000. Then we can start talking massive bull run for XRP. But until then... all we can do is be patient and hope for upward movement in BTC. My guess is we'll see some action in the price of XRP between May - July 2020.
  14. You're the worst technical trader I've ever witnessed. Your posts are doing more harm than good.
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