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  2. Oh, but I think we will get announcements soon. Once the firestorm settles down, we may be hearing some very good news. By the end of the month, we'll probably all be giddy and feeling silly again. Don't forget that most exchanges are barely functional right now with massive new interest in crypto from the second wave of speculators. This new money is coming in and it's not leaving. Ripple is in the fabled cat bird seat. Open your arms and wait for it...
  3. @Hodor, do you think Ripple will make strategic acquisitions in 2018? They could easily buy their way into key markets at this point. I read your paper, but I don't believe you addressed this. Love to hear your thoughts.
  4. I have seen a lot of similar coverage on CNBC... TV anchors are totally clueless at this point. In fact, I like that look on their face... 'is this for real?' 'can this really be happening?' 'why aren't we talking about Apple and Tesla, at least we understand them?' This is why there is arbitrage in the market and why we're all investing as much and as fast as possible.
  5. I've always considered this a two--horse race. It's no coincidence they were once the same team with the same vision. I've also said both companies will do better as a result of their symbiotic relationship. Ripple's path is large bank buy in. Stellar's path is more stealth and opportunistic in the short run. But together, they will lead the market for crypto / corporate convergence. In a few years when they are both much more valuable, we can have a beer and argue over who's king. Of course, it will be Ripple, but we don't have to hate little brother, we're stronger for his efforts in bringing crypto solutions mainstream. I know most of you understand this, but I will likely get tar and feathered by the rest. Who cares. I got my first knuckle wrap by the moderators this week, I'm in a sullen mood.
  6. This is how I feel when I ask a dumb question..
  7. Less than two months ago, this was $0.20. I tell friends/family about XRP, but I think we should also discuss under the radar coins that will likely produce similar results in the near and long term. We should use this forum to make our little group as much money as possible...as long as we're not selling XRP to do it, of course. I don't want shilling, just constructive ideas from known members. Do you think it's possible to do in this forum or would we be slammed? I don't know, but willing to discuss the benefits of non competitive coins and even coins that could be beneficial in the Ripple ecosystem.
  8. This may have been a defining moment on Wall Street. When the bobble bims have a "6 minute ab" brain fart and get all goofy and befuddled. Not even an oil price contango price shock does this to the painted ladies of bland financial media. This was it, Wall Street is officially on notice that Ripple is about to force major change in their linear thinking concerning banking and finance.
  9. Amazon talk is worthy of at least $5 within a month. We can only hope... but I have another theory, which I will post in a new topic.
  10. Truly incredible! What a great 5 years, but 2018 will be the year the world remembers forever!
  11. No, you can say more...go ahead, say more! You could sell me sunshine right now, and I live in the desert like a camel.
  12. There is no way to value crypto using traditional valuation metrics today and it will only get more complicated as its uses grow. What happens when you can borrow against it? What happens when it displaces enough fiat currency? And given its utility in drastically improving industry, how will it be valued as its uses grow? Possibly, the value of a particular crypto is simply its demand, given a fixed supply. Traditional market cap valuation methods are meaningless, period.
  13. I did not mention XMR, I believe you are referring to XML. Anyway, it's logical to assume that in a lucrative market, where new tech is attempting to take out the establishment (swift), competition can increase the rate of adoption. I believe that banks and governments will adopt new tech faster with a few well developed companies pushing similar strategies. It helps to convince incumbents that, not only does the tech work, but creates fear that their competition will create an advantage by adopting the tech. This is how it has always been, this time is nothing new. I am strongly in favor of a few strong competitors changing the landscape together. I understand this will ruffle feathers here, but I only want two things out of this: 1) disrupt the current banking system and 2) make a sh*tload of money.
  14. Yeah, I know. Believe me, I am mostly in XRP. But honestly, I think together they cut through the clutter faster than either could alone. I hope that doesn't sound unpatriotic to mother Ripple. I love you mommy, I really really do!
  15. I understand the tone of this forum being anti Stellar, they are a competitor with a sorted past. I mean, the girlfriend is a nut job that pretty much forced Jed to leave Ripple and distracts him with her nonsensical mediocre projects (obviously, subject to interpretation). But... Stellar is like a motorcycle trailing a semi truck, taking advantage of the dynamics and creating a strategy tailored to the second position. I believe it's working. That said, there is not only room for both in this big world of archaic banking systems, but they assist each other by proving the model faster. They will both win, which is why I own both coins. Frankly, we should be pulling for both, with Ripple maintaining first position. I guess that's where the fear comes in
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