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  1. That makes sense, i was thinking about that also. I wonder if all the lending platforms will work that way. I guess it would be pretty ridiculous if they did not.
  2. Interesting... My only point is that - People have crypto - They take out loan on said crypto - The crypto is vaulted until loan is repaid - While vaulted the crypto cannot be bought or sold - This effectively takes it out of circulation for a time - If enough people take out these kinds of loans it could affect price based on reduced availability
  3. The main difference is that it only takes my about 10 minutes to grab my nano and transfer my crypto to sell. Say ripple goes to $1.20 over night, someone still paying on a 10k crypto loan wouldnt be able to grab it and sell. The loan has it locked.. See what I'm saying?
  4. How do you think all these crypto backed loans will affect the price? The loans basically lock up the crypto and prevent it from being bought or sold until the loan is repaid. Wouldn't that effectively take it out of circulation driving up price? I guess it depends on just how popular these loans become. Just my thoughts..
  5. I thought the 589 was related to the atomic weight of cobalt not price. Why are people still assuming it is a price prediction?
  6. I searched here but could not find this posted. Is BoA piloting xCurrent as well? https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/8lijex/bank_of_america_and_ripple_devday/ The slide quotes: "Ripple provides an opportunity to reduce complexity of integration to enabled partners, standardise data protocols and formats and eliminate errors and reconciliation through use of blockchain distributed ledger technology".
  7. Maybe I missed it but do these tickets get a +1? Contrary to popular belief not all crypto enthusiasts are single. ?
  8. I wonder how that is working out for IBM. I haven't really heard much about it since they tried to steal the thunder from Swell.
  9. So it sounds like the unsuccessful pilots were based on old ripple tech?
  10. My posts do tend to spiral rapidly.. lol
  11. I wonder if that is something other organizations are waiting for as well...
  12. Oh agreed, if ANY other crypto was having this kind of success it would be the second coming of Satoshi...
  13. In honor of the Arnold Classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXOGS9cilKM
  14. This was also my thought. Since the FUD Parrots or Farrots keep repeating the same 3 or 4 lines of nonsense I figured there couldn't be much.
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