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  1. crypto monster very good and excellent customer service
  2. garyw

    toast wallet

    thanks darius just realised i had it stored on my laptop and never used it on my phone so am currently looking at sending to a ledger nano s , that scared the **** out of me
  3. need some help please just went on my phone and tried to open my toast wallet, but for some reason it no longer lets me put my passcode in is has just asking me if i want to restore an existing wallet which i do, but it is asking for a backup code! which i do not have i have my passphrase and also my wallet address any ideas how i can get back into my account please? thanks in advance
  4. bitcoin and ripple charts have been almost identical for as long as i have been looking, now all of a sudden when bitcoin has had a nice jump in the last 2 days ripple has barely increased!! any thoughts on this??
  5. i have my xrp safely stored in my toast wallet excuse my ignorance as im not very techy but when in the future i want to cash some in how do i do it??
  6. garyw


    please somebody help me i am trying to buy ripple where i need a wallet but cryptomonster dont give them so i need to use somebody else but am finding it hard to do!!
  7. xtb.com give 5/1 leverage i use them very reliable
  8. xtb are good i have used them and made a lot from .25c to $3 withdrawals same day if requsted before 1pm and great customer service leverage of 5 to 1 but exposure has now been limited to 10k. i used trade.com but fees extortianate
  9. i have traded xrp on various platforms but just bought xrp on bitstamp for the first time and was wondering how i would sell them when i want to? unlike the trading platform i can just close trade whenever i want how do i sell on bitstamp?? cheers
  10. i have used a couple that are dodgy just be very careful and do some research i am currently using xtb i havent tried to withdraw any money yet!! but they are on the end of the phone straight away if i need them in the uk ggod platform simple to use i have just got verified on bitstamp and intent]d to use that asap
  11. i invested money on their exchange to trade xrp 2 months ago and now they are having technical issues!!! i did do some research into them before investing and thought it was safe now all i read is scam!!! so gutted thank god i divided between 2 platforms i made a big amount of money but realise i am going to struggle to get this money as i cannot close my trades or accesss my account, please anybody give me any advice???? bad start to the year im gutted
  12. garyw


    thanks for that, does that mean you can still trade xrp?
  13. garyw


    hi guys i have been trading xrp /usd with trade.com but charges are very high to just leave positions open overnight can anybody suggest a cheaper way?
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