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  1. Well.....maybe I'll do $1,000 every couple of months (keep myself somewhat tame) who do you suggest I go through?
  2. Well if I put in $3,000 and it goes up to $100....I'll be a pretty happy camper lol
  3. Now see, $100 seems like a fair place to shoot! I found people online saying "oh it is the next Bitcoin"...which would be great...but they never give any reason as to why they think that!!! I was thinking about dropping $3,000...but I settled on $1,000 to be safe. Hope that doesn't come back to bite me lol
  4. Hey all!!! My name is John and I decided to join up to XRP Chat to get a feel for what the real people on the ground level think about XRP. I was playing around on Youtube and getting some information, but it feels like many of those people may be sponsored one way or the other (or selling some sort of “investment courses”). I was thinking about dropping $1,000 on it, but I wanted to know where you guys really foresee it going in the future. I’ve read all of the stories about average Joes who bought a couple hundred Bitcoin early on that have since retired…and I don’t want to miss that chance again. To look at XRP and the fact that it is looking to coincide with the existing banking system gives me a good feeling…..so please please please lend me your opinions on it! Thanks all! John
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