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  1. Hi Bob, Aside from the above quoted usecase and its potential impact on the XRP value, how you think about the impact of other usecases for XRP on its value? What usecases (current or future) have the biggest (possible) impact on XRP’s value and how? Thanks!
  2. LongRun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Isn’t Wietse Wind @xrptipbot doing this with his Xpring supported XRPLLabs? https://xrpl-labs.com/en/
  3. Are you looking for rationality in this market? Do you think the current value of XPR is a representation of it's true value? Do you think the current value of XLM is a representation of it's true value? Do you think the current value of any of the 1649 coins at CMC is a representation of their true value?
  4. You know this is like stating how much you have. Be careful.
  5. She has been called out many times at this forum. I am not saying she has to jump on everything, but there have been reasonable requests and she ignored them all and hasn't been online in weeks.
  6. Oh you mean 'our' head of community that is engaging in this community so rarely that it is an insult to this active, enthusiastic group of beautiful people.
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