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  1. What about this account rJjwHdcM8NrHJicL8JTscZSeFdHF3JvJsZ? It has 100B issued ALV.
  2. Which Allvor issuing account is the correct account?
  3. ALV is a non backed IOU on the XRPL. Anyone can create as many ALV as they want, and also back them with nothing. Create eleventy billion of them if you want.
  4. Could be, but I think the story is either fabricated or highly misleading in the way I suggested. $3M at a non entry level engineering salary of $150k/yr is 20 years. Ripple is not signing 20 year contracts, nor are they paying wildly above market rate.
  5. I don't believe it, unless they're trying to make it seem like a $10K bonus offered when xrp was 1c was worth $3M for about 10 minutes during the beginning of 2018. It's not plausible.
  6. No XRP were moved to or from that account on that date.
  7. There is no evidence of this. His XRP did not move on the date cited by xrparcade. It is false information.
  8. On January 22nd, USD IOU's from Bitstamp were sent to Bitstamp, not XRP.
  9. No, I don't think crypto currency is anything like second life.
  10. Gatehub is also an off ramp for XRP/USD for US customers.
  11. Agreed, the marketcap and circulating supply debates are not productive. You can make cases for including or excluding all kinds of things, and it means something different, but no one knows what it means. There needs to be a better metric, maybe something involving liquidity and market depth, but that's another discussion. I posted this as a cautionary example to not trust what you read on crypto news, and frankly any news site reporting on crypto including the WSJ. Don't believe what you read, sometimes they're just wrong and uninformed, other times they're stretching the truth to manipulate your opinion and sell you a story.
  12. https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-market-cap-may-be-overstated-by-billions-messari-report-estimates Please be careful reading crypto "journalism." When they can't get even the most basic facts right, it calls in to question everything they do and say.
  13. what do you find problematic about the rich list? please be specific. use your words.
  14. Hi, have you been around this forum before? This strikes me as an unusual first post. Please introduce yourself, and welcome!
  15. he went over a month around march of 2018 without selling. I do wonder what it means, but I think it probably doesn't mean much.
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