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  1. what do you find problematic about the rich list? please be specific. use your words.
  2. rootvegetable

    Dropping in to say hi

    Hi, have you been around this forum before? This strikes me as an unusual first post. Please introduce yourself, and welcome!
  3. rootvegetable

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    he went over a month around march of 2018 without selling. I do wonder what it means, but I think it probably doesn't mean much.
  4. There are 11,447 accounts with 100,000 xrp or more. 100,000 xrp x $10,000 = $1B. Every single one of those accounts will sell all their xrp for $10,000 a pop.
  5. rootvegetable

    Euro exim bank

    Trolling violates the community standards. Thread locked. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/145-community-standards/
  6. $3B at $10k per xrp is 300,000 xrp. There are 3,933 accounts with that many xrp. I would wager that every single one of them would sell all of their xrp without hesitation at 10k a pop. $300T would probably not be enough to raise the price of xrp to $10k.
  7. sorry, there's not a chance that $3B would raise the price of xrp to $10,000. not even close. not even within several orders of magnitude.
  8. It would take a lot more than a few billion dollars of buy pressure to drive the price of xrp up to $10,000.
  9. It depends where you live, I guess. In the US (at least CA, I didn't check all the states) there is no difference between failing to stop at a red light, and running a red light. The government can indeed force you to act, in the US.
  10. Fiat money is money by decree. Digital currency can be fiat, xrp can be fiat.
  11. rootvegetable

    No XRP deposit access

    can you be more specific?
  12. rootvegetable

    Tiff Hayden is XRP Trump

  13. rootvegetable

    Create secure PaperWallet

    This is a problem that bothers me. Ultimately if you can't read code, probably at a high level, you're going to have to trust someone when making a wallet. This is why it bothers me so much that FINCEN banned Ripple from providing wallet software. I trust Ripple. That said, there are certainly trustworthy open source wallets out there, I'll let other people chime in on which ones they trust. I think Bithomp wallet is almost certainly trustworthy.
  14. rootvegetable

    Own Your XRP

    Please do not derail threads for off topic discussions. If you wish to continue the discussion about posting blogs and youtube vids etc, please start a thread in the meta section of the forum. Thanks!
  15. rootvegetable

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    what something are you waiting for?