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  1. This is not an official support channel. You should always do your own due diligence on any recommendations you get here. That said, what wallet software are you using to recreate your account from your private key?
  2. Crypthawk plagiarized the photos of people in attendance at Swell to hoodwink twitter followers in to believing he was an insider attending Swell.
  3. hehe, good to see you holding down the keynesian fort my friend! I hear your points, but I'm only interested analyzing and measuring the choices imperfect people actually make, not the theoretical and hypothetical utility maximization people might do if they had perfect knowledge and perfect information. Anyhow, this isn't really the thread to debate the different schools of economic thought. If you can apply the school of your choice to answer OP's question in a way you find satisfactory that would steer us back on topic.
  4. Demand is a bit of a tricky concept. At all times, all XRP are held by someone, so at all times all XRP are demanded, the thing that can change is how much they are demanded, which gets expressed in the market price. Demand is a value placed on XRP by everyone individually (or as a business unit), and the demand curve is just an aggregate of all the individual demands. It's easier to understand it if you don't think of it as an quantity, but rather an amount that it is wanted- basically just an intangible subjective feeling. For example, if I want a slice of pizza, I demand a slice of pizza, and my willingness to pay for it shows the amount that I want it. I may want a slice of pizza up to $2, or I may demand it more and be willing to spend $5. I may not know exactly how much I want the pizza, only that I want it at least enough to buy it for the price the shop is selling it for. Some people may demand XRP up to 10c, some people may demand it up to $1, some people may demand it at $0. If I demand it up to 10c, I would be offering my XRP for sale right now, if I demand it up to $1 I would be offering my dollars for sale to buy XRP. So back to David's tweet, it's not really very useful to think of an xrapid transaction as an increase or decrease of demand, it's not really applicable. Additionally, the same can be said of any XRP exchange period. Every buy has a corresponding sell, xrapid is just two individual transactions that both have equal and corresponding buys and sells. Because demand is just an individual's subjective valuation for a thing, the only way to increase demand is to change how much people value it. More xrapid transactions has the potential to do that in a number of ways. One way is that it makes XRP more useful at satisfying the wants of the people using it. What they ultimately want to do is be able to transfer value from point A to point B, and more people transferring value means more offers to buy and sell at points A and B, which means tighter spreads, and the ability to send the payment without either waiting for a good offer, or moving the market to take worse offers. If XRP is more useful to people, more people will demand it, and more people will demand it more than they do currently. If it satisfies peoples wants more effectively, they will be willing to pay more for it, and the price goes up.
  5. What about this account rJjwHdcM8NrHJicL8JTscZSeFdHF3JvJsZ? It has 100B issued ALV.
  6. Which Allvor issuing account is the correct account?
  7. ALV is a non backed IOU on the XRPL. Anyone can create as many ALV as they want, and also back them with nothing. Create eleventy billion of them if you want.
  8. Could be, but I think the story is either fabricated or highly misleading in the way I suggested. $3M at a non entry level engineering salary of $150k/yr is 20 years. Ripple is not signing 20 year contracts, nor are they paying wildly above market rate.
  9. I don't believe it, unless they're trying to make it seem like a $10K bonus offered when xrp was 1c was worth $3M for about 10 minutes during the beginning of 2018. It's not plausible.
  10. No XRP were moved to or from that account on that date.
  11. There is no evidence of this. His XRP did not move on the date cited by xrparcade. It is false information.
  12. On January 22nd, USD IOU's from Bitstamp were sent to Bitstamp, not XRP.
  13. No, I don't think crypto currency is anything like second life.
  14. Gatehub is also an off ramp for XRP/USD for US customers.
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