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  1. I misspelled Brad’s last name in a different thread.
  2. I didn’t realize that picture was going to be all over. Watermark next time
  3. Oh, I didn’t know it was a rumor/unconfirmed....figured it was true when fast money mentioned it initially....
  4. There are four guests for their crypto segment. Brad and CB Pres are just 2. I didn’t recognize the other 2. It maybe a full hour on crypto. Not sure if together.
  5. It was a quick mention on TV before the commercial break. Maybe on their website?
  6. Just want to post a heads up that Brad Garlinghouse and the President/COO of Coinbase will be on the Fast Money show on CNBC this coming Tues @ 5pm EST 3/6/18. I’m curious what Brad will be discussing.
  7. General forum? You should double check which section you’re posting in “Buh”.
  8. Why are you in the “xrp trading and price speculation” section of the forum complaining about someone posting TA. This is the place to do it. Stay in the general section of the forum if bothers you so much or be mature and ignore it. This forum sure has changed since mid December
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