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  1. Brad made the statement in response to some BTC maximalists staying random nonsense about XRP. Brad did not randomly tweet those comments. XRP Folks today: “Brad never stands up for XRP. Why didn’t Brad blast that person for saying that?! Brad never pushes XRP dammit! XRP Folks tomorrow: “Why did Brad say that! He’s a CEO and shouldn't act like that. He’s pathetic. Why is he shilling XRP? Screw that dude. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t if you ask me.
  2. Although I get your point, the context of Brads statement was comparing XRPs performance for 2020, when some folks said it was going to have a lack luster year. Brad was not comparing XRP price to BTC relative it ATH. It was simply for 2020 thus far. People are talking it way out of context. Claiming Brad’s comment was “pathetic” seems a little over the top considering my above point - IMO. That being said, we all know nothing and things can change in a mater of hours. The fact that XRP price sucked for the last 2 years and BTC has done well means nothing to me. XRP is a good buy for the long run. People should just buy some BTC also to enjoy that ride too. ODL / Xrapid is only 1.5ish years old. It’s the only product to ever be launched like it. It challenges the foundation of the global financial system. Uphill battle is an understatement. Everyone needs to get some perspective here.
  3. So due to the IPO comments, are you now no longer bullish on XRP?
  4. Amazon shares were dropping in price for years even though the company was making progress.
  5. Great flippin’ questions! I have no idea. But I’d love to hear your opinion on this and other big thinkers opinions. @lucky @Truckdriver @pucksterpete @Molten @dr_ed @Tinyaccount @BruceWhale @Julian_Williams @Caracappa
  6. Thanks for the extra reading materials, I’ll look over it. 👍
  7. We just don’t see eye to eye on the potential qualities of CSC token. If CSC token does good moon status, and you make some good cash, can I clean your pool as an apology ?
  8. I bought Sia coin back in early 2017. I sold it later, but the biggest issue I remember with their use case was securing the data and at the same time making the data private from validators. Not sure how much progress they’ve made since then on that massive issue.
  9. Those are terrible investment points. 1) Casino Coin is making their partners who want to make their own token on the CSC block chain buy $25k of CSC (which they don’t want) then just simply donate it back to the CSC foundation ?? That’s flipping weird man. It’s Doesn’t make any sense. 2) Again each of these companies will have their own token, just on the CSC blockchain. If they have their own token on the block chain they will get the same benefits using their token as they would the CSC token, again showing that the CSC token has a weak-ish use case (not to be confused is the CSC block chain). 3) It reads to me that Casino Coin is trying to force their potential clients into using the CSC token to get access to the CSC blockchain, even when it doesn’t make sense to own the CSC token. Again, screen shot this and rub it in my face later, but it’s clear that their use case is a little shakey. That’s all. Little opinion.
  10. From the article: “CasinoCoin, the blockchain for gaming, has agreed a deal with leading operator Omnia Casino to launch a custom token that will power the casino’s new loyalty and rewards programme. Players will earn tokens as part of a new loyalty scheme, and will be able to spend them in a dedicated store in exchange for free spins, bonuses or branded items of the operator’s choosing. The token, a digital asset which sits upon the CasinoCoin blockchain, will be fully branded and controlled by Omnia Casino.“ As you can see, Casino Coin Blockchain might be of interest, but each of these articles you posted clearly and in bold say they will be making if they’re own tokens. Non of them even get close to even mentioned CSC token 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Thanks for the post, but as we have seen with many digital assets, one company using it is a FAR cry from “adoption.” Ripple/ XRP has 300 + clients and potentially dozens of them using XRP and they are barely (At best) consider as “adopted.” Now you want one client using CSC to be considered adoption? Nah. Not to mention that Cammegh is planning on using the Casino Coin Blockchain and using their own “bespoke” token called Cammegh Token. im not saying CSC can’t become used and valuable, I’m saying I think their use case is weak from what I read on the forums and their website.
  12. I seriously considered CSC. As I looked into, I really didn’t see a super convincing use case. The heavy regulatory lifting they would have to do doesn’t seem to balance with the weak-ish use case. Someone screen shot my message and rub it in my face later, but I’m not convinced CSC will get any significant adoption.
  13. Can I get a glass on Pliny The Elder!!???? Damn fine IPA! Hard to come by.
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