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  1. Let’s all just ignore him. Let’s get back on topic. This thread is waaay too good to let one person get it closed. @Eric123 @Pablo @Ripple-Stiltskin @Caracappa @invest2lose
  2. Also can someone tell me what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico too!? 👽 (Just a little joke) No one knows why. It is what it is. Welcome to XRP.
  3. Hardly anybody knows who/what SWIFT is yet look how big they are. XRP doesn’t need to be a household name for it successful and utilized.
  4. Thanks for taking the time a sharing your thoughts in your blogs. Like I said, reading other logical options is very health, even if someone doesn’t agree. It’s good for people to get challenged in their ways of thinking. Keep blogging @Spekul8 and be sure to share updates here when you do.
  5. Hey All, So many of you know of @Spekul8 on this forum, what I sure many of you don’t know is that he/she has a personal blog. His/Her thoughts always challenges me in a heathy way. Other well thought out perspectives are always a good thing. Give Speks blog a read, I think its great. https://spekul8.wordpress.com/blog/
  6. Our approach always: ignore, and work hard to become more successful ourselves. Best response! We appreciate those who worry about us. Don’t worry; it’s are all good. They are helping us. If you feel the urge to do the right thing and help us too, simply click “report account” on the respective platforms. That’s it, nothing more. And as always, thank you for your support! Much more in article. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-we-deal-fud-changpeng-zhao
  7. https://www.gfmag.com/magazine/julyaugust-2015/fintech-will-blockchain-enable-better-banking “Using Ripple for direct, point-to-point transactions with no reserve funding, these [banks and payments providers] can expand both the volume and reach of their business, saving time and money while remaining fully compliant with existing banking regulations,” states Larsen. much more in article
  8. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/02/07/binance-ceo-compares-his-new-blockchain-to-xrp-and-neo-says-move-away-from-ethereum-coming-in-the-next-week-or-two/ Binance is creating it own blockchain, but chooses to follow the foot steps of XRP or NEO due to the better performance. More in article.
  9. https://ambcrypto.com/ripples-managing-director-for-south-asia-talks-about-high-street-banks-being-interested-in-ripple/ Ripple’s Managing Director for South Asia and MENA [the Middle East and North Africa region], Navin Gupta spoke with The Asian Banker on February 6, 2019, regarding the progress of Ripple and how it is changing the financial industry. (more in article)
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ambcrypto.com/part-2-ripple-xrp-the-end-game-dred-it-run-from-it-xrp-still-arrives/amp/ SBI Holdings has strategically placed itself with partnerships, to stay at the forefront of the crypto/blockchain revolution. The partnerships mainly include companies, Ripple and R3, with the inclusion of Swift in specific situational condition. This article addresses how XRP will come out on top in every possible scenario due to SBI Holdings’ precise and meticulously planned partnership. The details about SBI’s partnerships with Ripple and R3 are addressed in Part 1 of the opinion article...... more in article
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