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  1. Latest Bitrue has made users effected by hack whole again, all accounts hacked have there XRP replaced and all done within 2 days of hack. Bitrue kept users informed every step and honoured there word! Gatehub what have u done for users effected in hack? Definitely was result of poor security and probably inside collaboration to empty honest XRP investors accounts and leave them shaken to the core. Shame on you! I had no funds stolen in either hack but feel compelled to speak out for those that lost everything.
  2. Same old story say nothing and wait it out hoping those lost funds will move on! If Gatehub was going to replace lost funds they would have said long before now. No news is because there a bunch of incompetent idiots who think this will go away. Get together and sue them.
  3. Another Hack this time Bitrue! Exchanges owner quickly informed users all funds would be returned. 27th June 11.8 million XRP stolen
  4. Weeks have gone bye with no update from Gatehub, this is unacceptable and I feel for everyone here who lost there XRP to the hack! Enough time has passed that Gatehub will understand exactly what happened and how they plan to deal with situation. I think people who had there XRP stolen through Gatehub hack need to start Court proceedings in hopes of recovering there investment.
  5. Hi GossiP by what your explaining u have just un installed the app so no need to enter your seed as this is only done when resetting nano s and starting over,if you fallow these steps I’m sure your XRP will show up, Login to XRP app Go to settings Tools and choose Reset application data,this will reset app and sync to correct chain and funds will show up,you will not need to do anything else after these steps but when starting XRP app it will take a minute to start since you are sync chain again,hope that helps and don’t worry about having a new XRP address your old one is yours and still usab
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