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  1. Yeah, right. Protector of people. Bull.Sh*t. Give them a solid way of controlling money laundering and you'll see RBI in bed with RIpple before you could type a reply. People easily hiding money and taxes and getting it out of country is the only concern of governments (not just India). And to an extent, its right as well. Sadly, crypto is so advanced that stopping money laundering is next to impossible now. But the truth is, despite this concern, it's here to say. With or without governments. If a country allows it and try to regulate it, they can still control a good chunk of it. If they don't, an underworld money system akin to Hawala, is in the making. Just several proportions bigger than Hawala or anything else.
  2. Everything after but is horseshit. Either change Ripple's grade in whatever model you have, to bad and be happy with yourself. Or to fight this same, age old FUD, enlighten yourself with abundance of literature available throughout the internet. If you do so, you won't need any more words than your first 8.
  3. Numerous such options exist already. okChanger is one of the famous ones. Even if there is no/negligible fee; other factors make such services a last resort only. One example is buying BTC. What I have seen is buyers usually quote a price of 1500$/BTC more than the market price. Lets say I want to buy BTC using any form of payment - Paypal, Neteller, Skrill or any other and market price of BTC is 8500. The buyer can ask anywhere from 10k$-11k$ per BTC.
  4. What exactly do you mean by work with a computer?
  5. Lovely choice. I thought I was the only one not wanting a sports car. A Roush Mustang, An Urus and something of a family car for me. If still cash remains, then maybe a Huracan here or a Ferrari there.
  6. I'm well aware of that movie. Absolutely loved it but while watching it back then - I hated the concept of rich being able to buy time. But now that I have invested in XRP and will be rich myself... uhhh.
  7. 26. It hurts like a bi*ch to be selecting 26-35 instead of 18-25. When is the timecoin coming out? Where we buying more coins means we can buy more time.
  8. Insane. This title - "International Payment Transformation - Ripple" clearly and extremely f*cking loudly tells that Ripple will be supported by Indian gov because hey, they are calling it a transformation and linking it to none other than - R.I.P.P.L.E. Nothing on XRP yet, but at least the company is well recognized by the federation. XRP will 100 per cent follow. A day in crypto is like a month or two elsewhere - few days back, India looked like banning crypto currencies and now, it looks like they will support XRP (its a digital asset anyways? (Nice little loophole Ripple)) at least and I don't care about other 1400 cryptos. Hence, I standby my atrocious price prediction of 1000$ per XRP by end of this year that I made in some other thread. I really really wanted my country to support Ripple. And here we go. I'm buying more.
  9. They did. Way back in 2015. Its WU who has been hiding till now. Now under investor's pressure they finally did reveal their connection with Ripple. Common sense and history (Blockbuster) tells us they can't sit by and do nothing and let a competitor take away the first prize. This is just the beginning. Let regulations fall in place. There will be plethora of such partnerships - either by rationale or by FOMO. Institutions will have to flock towards XRapid. Just a matter of time. Otherwise their vocabulary will be updated with words like obsolete.
  10. Doesn't make sense even remotely. What if I do two transactions? Then Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency?! And what is this then? People buying stuff with Ripple - now how is this not a currency? Crypto or whatever. IMO, Ripple has gone past obstacles like a breeze with an obnoxious grin over their faces, overwhelming even themselves each time. But one thing they are clearly struggling with is to separate XRP from the bad image of crypto. And hence, are showing childish desperation with tactics like - okay let's not call XRP crypto anymore. No one will notice. I would like to opine that this is the last straw and I hope they win over this somehow. Once they disintegrate with the crypto image, only then will be able to commercially enter markets with xRapid and especially in stupidly and irrationally run countries like China and my messy India. @Hodor - I actually waited for your blog to sometime clear this topic and you did come out giving good stage time to this drama. Although didn't do justice to this at all and kind of said what Brad said. Sorry. Thats how I feel. Rest of the blog was spotless. I hope I am terribly wrong. Please don't refrain from correcting the sh*t out of me.
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