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  1. Why XRP Will Boom in 2018

    thanks for sharing. good luck. #xrpthestandard........ and awesome dog!
  2. I don't think Changelly is exchanging XRP lately. Shapeshift.io
  3. just want to say thank you. I'm out? not at all :)

    Ha! you gonna jump back in in this dip? Your timig was perfect!
  4. just want to say thank you. I'm out? not at all :)

    what!? you are out 100%? I've seen you name on chat forever. Kinda sad. August 8/2015 was my buy in. I exchanged/sold BTC. LTC, DASH years ago and swore XRP was long. Enjoy life! Amazing you reached your goal. Great to hear.
  5. XRP: Momentum Building

    Just read your blog. Great stuff. Thank you for taking the time to compile all that content and info. Most of us see and read it in chat , forum, twitter etc... Nice to have past few months outlined. Looking forward for more in 18!
  6. Cheers Mates! First Post. Great Forum. Hope to contribute

    Some good people here to learn from... @Hodor @Xrphunter @DarthTrader and others. read and do research. Lots of FUD past couple of weeks.
  7. Toast Wallet vs Cold Storage

    I loaded it/Mobil and desktop. I put a couple hundred on each to transfer around. No problem so far and fast. Good to be cautious. I would stay with offline wallet and test Toast or others. Be part of the 25 reviews and help others. You won't be a newbie forever.
  8. Loaded on mobile and desktop. exchanged, received, sent 200 XRP between other wallet(s). So far no issues. I prob wouldn't keep a lot stored there but def for future transferring money etc. I'm ready for everyday use XRP!
  9. Newbie to investing in XRP

    Listen, ask questions, and READ to what those two offer (above). Lots of knowledge. Have fun and invest wisely. Spend what you can afford to lose.
  10. Downloaded funded with 200 xrp. All seems good.
  11. These look like options now https://themerkle.com/top-3-ripple-wallet-options/
  12. Ripple Wallet OSX-64 mac. I've read issues on Reddit but haven't experienced myself. It was a link off the old Ripple site a year plus ago.
  13. Last ripple wallet I had on iPhone gave me a scare. All my XRP vanished but were actually still there. Just had to blindly send to a new wallet on computer.
  14. I loaded. I'll give it a shot with minimal XRP just to try. Looks simple.