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  1. How the hell can this scumbag and his low-life Legal team sue on behalf of people that don't want this. Count me out! Blood sucking scum and some ambulance chaser.
  2. I'll be sad when the Fortune 500 succeed in crushing Bitcoin, for what this represents. That no matter what happens, we always wake up sucking the corporate c#$k.
  3. I'm not partial to the idea of big banking institutions like JP Morgan or Central Governments crushing bitcoin just to protect their own wealth and dominance. It's sickening.
  4. So, is it fair to say that it's CME Futures that are killing Bitcoin? And, consequently, plunging the market into the Dark Ages.
  5. "the breach looks material to me,” said Stephen Smith, a law professor at McGill University, concerning R3. If the court agrees with this Professors view that it was a significant breach by R3 then ripple was entitled to walk away without performance, and is entitled to seek damages. This could easily turn out to be a good thing for ripple.
  6. I danced in a gay bar in my underwear, and let guys cup my d***, for an evening. But I got 1400 zerps out of it. And, lately, I don't even cry myself to sleep anymore.
  7. I'm sick of Bitcoin. The decoupling needs to be pushed to the forefront of investors / traders consciousness.
  8. battered_lifer


    I think he might have meant someone could potentially confuse you with Joelkatz.
  9. I hate Lawyers. Nobuaki Kobayashi is just a blind a#$hole for selling on exchanges. Thanks a lot Nobuaki Kobayashi
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