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  1. Looks like that @skyzo is winning in long run, as out of those three winers' prediction for Q2, his prediction is the closest so far. I hope he is wrong (see his idea about Q3, Q4) Also if everything goes the same to end of month, @XRPiggy's predictions for Q1 and Q2 would have one of the least deviations.
  2. Scenario #1 : SEC/Court call Ripple a security Q1: 0.24 Q2: 0.05 Q3: 0.005 Q4: 0.02 Scenario #2 : SEC/Court call Ripple NOT a security Q1: 0.24 Q2: 0.32 Q3: 4.05 Q4: 1.60 Scenario #3: Ripple stays in SEC limbo: Q1: 0.24 Q2: 0.35 Q3: 0.40 Q4: 0.35
  3. Burning escrowed XRP partially and return the rest back to escrow would make same psychological effect. This also helps Ripple to claim having less than 50% of total zerps. They could also push the released XRP to longer escrows like 10+ years.
  4. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/8150354/zakinov-v-ripple-labs-inc/
  5. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/genesis-global-trading-granted-bitlicense-by-new-york-department-of-financial-services-300650365.html
  6. Yes, for more accurate list, I'd need to add a bit more code. Currently it shows all created escrows but you can search for transaction ID that you saved during escrow creation.
  7. Glad you liked it! sure, it's my twitter account: payam_prz
  8. For both create and finish, only the secret key of the owner (escrow creator) is used. You only need to have full control over source, not destination.
  9. Of course, destination wallet doesn't need secret keys. All you need it to put the destination wallet address in "Create Escrow" tool, and leave the tag as is zero. I've tried it many times.
  10. I made a tool to do that. It's all open source, HTML/JS (open source) based on ripple-api.js Very easy and comprehensive to use with implemented precautions and checkpoints. You can find it here: https://github.com/payam54/XRP-Escrow-Client Just follow the instructions and everything would be really smooth.
  11. I just uploaded a simple and secure open-source XRP escrow tool to github: https://github.com/payam54/XRP-Escrow-Client This tool is all client-based. meaning you won't need to risk exposing your secret key to third parties. It's super easy to use and doesn't need any special knowledge. Just download the html files and open them in a modern browser (I prefer chrome), preferably in private mode, then follow the instructions. Viva XRP
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