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  1. Holy **** guys. The OP has no ******* idea of what he is talking about. github.com/ripple/ldap is just a ******* client side implementation of LDAP protocol. Why the **** everything has to be blown out of proportion is beyond me. Ripple has hundreds of employees and you think their IT team is sitting around and enter people into their LDAP server by hands or keep people in the companies to authenticate against 400 services with different usernames and passwords. Ripple team is ******* smart and company of that size must have used some sort of LDAP servers somewhere to allow their employees to use same username and passwords across services. No big ******* deal. All companies do that. Jesus Chris. You think they are stupid enough to open source the codes to the world. OP is a clueless ****. The OP must have not worked in a big company of any size. He has no ******* clues. I do not like to swear but people like him is spreading FUDs and don't even have any ******* clue. Go F yourself, OP.
  2. 1337 I bought at 5 sats and now it is at 1 or 2 sats. I consider this as a lesson for me.
  3. I have been selling my less extractive coins to buy WTC. The more research I have done about this one the more I like it. https://www.wtcwaltonnews.com/2017/09/10/what-is-walton-chain/.
  4. midair77

    Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**

    Gold coins for my kids.
  5. Well, I just found a new chinese/korean IOTA and it is the WTC. It has risen for the last two days and still relatively inexpensive. 70 Mil tokens and huge potential.
  6. Any connections on to this prediction?
  7. Hi all, I just came across this and I would like to hear your opinions. https://www.acchain.org/en/index.html Some other people pointed the implications out http://lonestarwhitehouse.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-asset-collection-coin-acc-is-it.html. Hmm.
  8. Thanks for such good findings. I am setting up accounts right now. @Sharkey Where can I find the info on xrp at broadfinancial.com? Thanks.
  9. HODL. Go big or go home. We all just need to read one piece of news a day and this one says it all. Thanks and I am done with reading about XRP for today.
  10. midair77

    Hold on tight!

    When I need to move money between exchanges, I usually bought XRPs and sent over because fees have always been very low and XRPs would show up 10-100 times faster than ETH/BTC. Period. I only touch ETH/BTC as the last resources. One day, many others in crypto world wake up when XRP prices are double/triple/many times the current ones and realize they just could have missed the best opportunity in their life time.
  11. midair77

    Hold on tight!

    I am on the same HODL boat with a lot of you here. There are a lot of scamming and pumping groups out there, especially on Bittrex. They just rotate the coins and pump and dump. Scams are scams and people will get burned badly. We, XRP HODLERS, should be all patient since this is the most stable digital asset out there and I believe that something huge are happening soon in the coming weeks to the end of this year.
  12. A good read to keep our eyes on the target. All I can say that we are living in an exciting period of time.... Thanks for sharing....
  13. "In addition to the economic reasons a one-world currency like XRP would benefit the entire world, imagine using this one-world currency to affect change." I am loving it.....