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  1. I like session 1! Thanks a lot! If anything happens then it’s great to know there’s a plan B with session 2! thanks for the coordination!
  2. Thanks for all the effort! Cannot wait to get started!
  3. i'd be super happy to hit the round table, but i think theres probably more knowledgeable members out there who would pose better questions than myself. it may be why many opted for number 2, so depending on you... else im up for 2, else im up for 3, else.. (you see where this is going)
  4. Hi All - Well this IS exciting... my twitter handle is GLT.. I live in Japan (JST) and am looking very much forward to learning and enabling others, if possible increasing the use of the ecosystem where possible. @BobWay - Thank you for helping us discover and further our understanding of our beloved XRPL Chat soon no doubt! Cheers, GLT
  5. Hi - Im running a validator on GCE and am struggling to get the websockets working. Please can I ask for confirmation on the required settings are for rippled.cfg? Mine is: [server] port_rpc_admin_local port_peer port_ws_admin_local port_ws_public ssl_key = /etc/nginx/ssl/holosha.key ssl_cert = /etc/nginx/ssl/holosha.crt [port_rpc_admin_local] port = 5005 ip = admin = protocol = http [port_peer] port = 51235 ip = protocol = peer [port_ws_admin_local] port = 6006 ip = admin = protocol = ws [port_ws_public] port = 5006 ip = protocol = wss The code which works is as follows(obv): new RippleClient('wss://s1.ripple.com').then((RippleServerConnection) => { this.connection = RippleServerConnection this.getBalance() }).catch((error) => { but I want to use: new RippleClient('wss://holosha.com').then((RippleServerConnection) => { this.connection = RippleServerConnection this.getBalance() }).catch((error) => { I've even tried this, which didnt work, so not sure where to go from here: new RippleClient('wss://').then((RippleServerConnection) => { this.connection = RippleServerConnection this.getBalance() }).catch((error) => { Any pointers here please fellas? Thanks so much for any help! Even a pointer as to deeper logs would be super... cheers!
  6. I have found the same with my validator @tcas581 - the setup was easy enough, and im waiting for verification, but on playing with wss to enable websockets, I ran into issues, but the best log I found is located here: /var/log/rippled/debug.log, as Im not sure what these logs are when running: 'sudo systemctl status rippled' - as they differ...
  7. Please disregard - I found that it was due to hardware limitations of my previous compute engine, so it was too slow playing catch up. I've upgraded and reinstalled and the errors have ceased.
  8. Hi - I have a validator up and running, I see it listed here: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators and its been up for over 4hours now, so thats good, but I do see some commands have errors while others are successful. Error example: command run: rippled ledger_current result: 2018-Mar-21 11:48:16 HTTPClient:NFO Connecting to{ "result" : { "error" : "noNetwork", "error_code" : 17, "error_message" : "Not synced to Ripple network.", "request" : { "command" : "ledger_current" }, "status" : "error" } Whats the best way to debug any errors going forward? Thanks for the help
  9. GLT

    How to mac-Rippled?

    Hey Nikb - thanks a lot for the offer, i was working through this: https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6507 The compile was failing when running scons, but now that i know that it is possible, let me look into it more before asking for more of your time! Cheers!
  10. hi - i looked on xrpchat but couldnt see any post about setting up a mac rippled server and im having trouble setting it up on a mac. fyi - ive gone through an old mac walk-thru, but that didnt work out, so thought i would ask you lot - is mac a non-runner? thanks for the info!
  11. Hi everyone - I’ve joined as I want to learn more about XRP and am glad to be surrounded by like minded enthusiasts... Thanks for your time, see you all out there!
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