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  1. Realistic is the fact that when XRP was half a penny I heard jokes in here every week ( 10 cents by Monday) - and one day; Monday was no longer a joke!
  2. How do you know pri(n)ce ?!
  3. I answer my own question! MM phone app works great; went to ftso.au and delegated in seconds (you can choose any signal provider you want from their list!) Thank You FTSO.AU - really user friendly site/app to use!!!
  4. Thank You for a thorough explanation! One more question I have, can I use MM phone app to connect to ftso.au and choose signal providers to delegate to or its only through google MM plugin for now.....
  5. so, i just connect my metamask to ftso.au website and choose delegation providers from it?! like Scandinodes or Bifrost?! and my WSGB actually stays in my Metamask wallet for SFLR airdrop (whatever they call it now -EXFI?!) and all is good?! I just have to trust that ftso.au will not corrupt my metamask wallet or steal my secret or anything?! But its the same issue with Bifrost wallet/app or any other wallet or exchange or whatever I guess>?!
  6. Anyone knows?! Can I delegate WSGB to Bifrost Oracle from MetaMask ; or I need to install their wallet to be able to?! Scandinodes I guess I can delegate to via MetaMask ?!
  7. Anyone know?! When SFLR will be airdropped, within 30 days of Flare Network going live or within 30 days of Songbird network going live? (Flare Finance twitter is silent on the matter!)
  8. Gatehub stated in their Flare distribution papers, that they will be doing so via IOU. They created individual accounts, gave them public keys, but kept private keys, to know to who distribute what amounts..... It is doubtful, they release private keys to owners of accounts (time will tell) With IOU distribution, they are making fees, just like their other IOU wallets/trading (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.....) For them, should be no problem to create another IOU for songbird issued from another XRPL address...... They still make money on fees.....
  9. Ethereum address can not be the same as in gatehub, they use/ give user Ether IOU! For Flare airdrop they use/give Spark IOU! as far as i understand, they do not provide private keys for Flare airdrop…. but they may facilitate Songbird airdrop as well I guess ( they consider it I believe ) - but it probably will be an IOU as well!
  10. I think it is not wise to sell XRP any time soon! XRPL IOU stuff just beginning! We can get chocked by IOU's and free airdrops...... Some will be maybe scams, but some not! and if some governement or something starts playing with XRPL; it will be a game changer! Key to remember: XRP is a native asset, all IOU transactions go through it....... The ledger still settles everything in XRP! So, world reserve settlement digital asset?! Hmmm, users still need to withdraw to fiat...... but where exchanges get fiat from?! if Xpool can serve as collaterel for fiat....... I dont know; confusing stuff; one thing i know: Things with XRPL look like they are just getting started!!! (I do not think the govt went after XRPL/Ripple if it was just another altcoin (altcoin to what?! to some lucky early experiment?!) Often, with govts, reverses make sense! Probably, someone, big someone, wants to put this stuff out there..... ( It is an art of seduction! I fought him/her hard, I gave/pretended every look/move I did not want this, but at The End, he/she/Ripple had me/US.......!)
  11. I am a bit confused with NFT's What about digital rights, royalties, etc..... Colletctibles NFT (Jordan key shots, who gets the royalties?!) Twitter posts NFT (Some Musk top notch posts or other celebrities......who gets the royalties?!) Porn Gif's NFT ( You get the point! - who gets the 'royalties'?!?) Classical Art NFT! oh mama! It is the hole grail! ( Who gets royalties, digital art rights for those?!) It looks excellent on paper, I mean, if some pixel art can sell for millions, classical art will be an absolute bounty; but I still do not understand, how NFT's bypass digital property/royalty laws...... (or they don't?! and its all reflected in the price?!) Thank You in advance for thoughtful comments!
  12. If you know by chance, from which forum is that?!
  13. My friends, I have a quick and maybe silly question! When I need to change my Ethereum address to Flare address, and it says, use all caps, do i apply all caps to letters only, or i need to use all caps for numbers too, if such thing exists?! (am i overthinking this?!) But any case, thanks for an answer!
  14. Hola my friends, I just have a quick question; can the coinmarketcap mistake of reporting XRP volume in trillions for few hours have some effect on Jed's sales next week?! I mean, what if they count that in; and he blasts like half a billion a day!? Then what?! Or is it not an issue; and they see it was a glitch by coinmarketcap??!
  15. My friends! Still a question, after dust has settled on the airdrop! Can we change message key after the snapshot?! For example, i had wrong address put in at snapshot date; can I now change it, to a desired, correct one, before Flare network goes live and Flare bot starts reading accounts for distribution?!? I know its a repeat question, but maybe some brilliant minds here, got some definitive info on this issue?! Thank You in advance!
  16. When the news about Flare and Spark tokens and its relationship and interaction with XRPL were first revealed this past summer, (or maybe even much earlier than that) my first thoughts were that Bob Way definitely was behind this project in some way or another. I basically thought that Flare project was His project. I had these thoughts because of what he taught us all in his posts in his club, and because of the hints he gave about his Patent. The hints as I remember them correctly, involved a pool, 'Xpool' for example, but the mechanisms that were discussed, for that pool to work properly as a collateral, between different asset types, were not fully revealed, only hints given, for those who were willing to read between the lines! Now comes FXRP - XRP - Flare Network/Spark relationship with all those pooling/collateral/smart contract characteristics/possibilities to turn XRPL into a global phenomenon it meant to be.......and, It's AIl, starting to make Sense! Maybe he did save the best for last, who knows!
  17. People asking about where Hodor went to and disappeared and stuff; I think the more interesting question is to ask where Bob Way is now?!? He was truly a breath of fresh air into this forum; and then suddenly disappeared! I hope all is well! Any ideas where he went?! We need him now, more than ever!!!
  18. One thought in my mind! Flare made users to use messagekey field to link ethereum addresses to XRPL addresses to claim future spark. Flare Spark is an ERC-20 token as i understand; (IOU) ! Why Flare did not say to Xrpl wallet holders, we take a snapshot of your holdings, and then later, link it directly to our Flare Network?! why all the hassle with ethereum wallet stuff?! only reason i see is to lock in big players?! (exchanges) - other than that, i see no reason! Any thoughts, friends?!
  19. But, they do have a hosted XRP wallet i guess?! Don’t They!?
  20. Excellent Point! Here cums the problem! Humans are Individuals with interests! (for themselves) So what we need!? We need Alien Guidance! or God or whatever!? - if 'He/She/IT' has "a Stern hand with clear direction and deep understanding of a how a system works......" Thus, "We", 'can create and maintain' - 'Beauty' !!! Please Forgive ( if anything) I am an alcoholic!
  21. I do not fully understand the panic! Before the Flare pump, price was on average 30-35 cents! ok, with Flare pump it went to 75 cents, but people got good stuff for the future this way! Now, SEC, blasts this, it goes down in half for example (from average, before the Flare thing) So, from 35 cent, to 17.5 cent (then rebounds) Ok! So what is the issue!? Those American exchanges, who cares, ok, they delist, its their loss, not gain, if they can not even read the rules of the game properly! What else is negative!? Nothing! Xrp is a security is a win and Xrp is not a security is a win! By Law! Those other stuff like Bitcoin, not a security, and!? it helps them?! What if crypto is indeed the future?! They (ETH, BTC) want to be traded on childhood unregulated exchanges of the past, or.... Be following the Big Boys! XRP! Took the Boss - Head On! Case not dismissed/ lost or won/ case gives a new Asset Class! A new Boss in Town! Not Bitcoin, who overshadow everything and is the Crypto Standard! No! This is the Birth! of a New Standard! That Overshadows Everything! Of course, Coin Standard was easier than trading a goat for a cow, but a coin is still heavy, pulls the pocket, and susceptible to snatch! What came Next!? I do not know! (But, it was - Fun!)
  22. Good Answer as Always! Thanks Mate! On their website, there is a form to fill, no direct email, i did fill the form, no answer! on twitter, people asking some kid questions, they get hundred responses, I ask my question, no replies, from anyone! Its like, I am not asking anything out of this world, a simple question! everyone ignores it! You are absolutely correct, if i set it again, I have nothing to lose and stuff, but.... its a matter of principal! how can you trust them, if they can not answer a simple question!? Of course a sensible way to program it, is for the bot, to search messagekey fields at time of distribution; but I do not know, when they took a snapshot, what exactly they took?!, what if it showed ledger addresses with all other info?! messagekey field and other related stuff?! I mean, I think we are all overplaying this Flare thing a bit for sure, they are masters of attention indeed, but, as any other human being, if stuff goes deep, and its free, i do not want to be laid behind cause of some silly mistake i did! That is why i am begging for an answer, an easy one indeed, and the creators are not responding! Of course, I can try, emailing them one by one, individually, their emails must be in public domain! but, it just gets on my poor nerves, that I must do such effort, to get an easy answer from those 'innovators'!
  23. I may sound as a troll here;) but again! (as I did not receive any direct answer from Flare team for whatever reason!) If I set my messagekey, before the snapshot, can i set it up again, before the Bot starts distributions later next year, if I have not set the messagekey correctly! The wise people have spoken and said - "yes" you can! But why Flare is silent! Maybe their bot is lazy, and it reads all the snapshot messagekeys, and then goes day by day until the deadline at June!
  24. Guys, any of you, know a way to get to Flare team, I asked them directly, they don't answer, although, a few, very smart 'in the know' people here provided a response to this question, but still said, confirm with the Flare team, which I can not do! ('In the know' people have said that it is possible to update the messagekey after the snapshot was taken, before the Bot starts reading the addresses for distributions, "it's the last one that counts") So again, the important question: If i set a messagekey incorrectly/ or with an ethereum address to which i do not control private keys, during the snapshot, can I redo the messagekey address set up at a later date, before the Flare network goes live and the Flare Bot starts distributing Sparks?! Anyone can ask Flare team directly on this issue?! (via twitter, email, or whatever other means of getting in touch with them?!) Thank You in Advance!!! I guess, this is valuable information not only for me, but for many others, who are facing the same question!!
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