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  1. If most of your crypto is not XRP; go to forums where you belong! You and few others were saying what?!? and things worked exactly as you planned?!? Really?!? Swing Trading works better than holding?!? Where they dug you up?!?
  2. Andy! That Deal is not "Running Out".
  3. I believe Jed "only" has about 4.65 billion (not 5.3 billion) and his daily selling does not affect the market price whatsoever!
  4. I researched the Casino Coin in the last few weeks quite a bit; and it appears to have a really strong case as a speculative investment; but i still have a few questions. The first question is: to me it appears that the most value driven price increase scenario is that gambling institutions will pay a fraction of 1 CSC for each time they use the network; the money goes to CSC foundation (not burned) so if the foundation sells it to the market; then there is no upward price appreciation effect?!? Why would they not sell it directly back to the market?!? Other than that; CSC appears to have no use case in term of value driven price appreciation. or is there?!? My point of view on the question of why only few exchanges now trade CSC?!? My best guess is that founders and other related people want to load (accumulate) on CSC while it is still under the radar // the other guess is that it makes no sense why such a coin would be so under the radar!! The leaders of CSC foundation are Saints, and totally non for profit, or totally not corrupt?!? Maybe!! but something in me tells My brain, there is more hole digging, to this Fairy Tale story!!!
  5. If you think about it.....and if you compare XRP to Bitcoin, there is only 1 Billion zerps in circulation......(1 bitcoin is made out of 100,000,000 Satoshi core units, 1 XRP is made out of only 1,000,000 'drops' core units) I hope people appreciate it; cause i guess it is important info......
  6. .....It would not appear to me To Be a fairy tale at all, if Santa Claus ever tells Me that Mr. Britto is Satoshi, or a relative of Nakamoto, after all.......
  7. Being a Dentist saves The Day!!!.....but Alzheimer's, is another story........
  8. I guess time to buy CasinoCoin was 2 weeks ago I hope CSC will pull out; so I ll get another chance before It explodes!!
  9. Amigo, you should buy a winter grade tent next (for Central Park 5-star hotel experience) - that will change the market sentiment ,iight, // for sure!!!
  10. For a very small fish like me, PokerStars execs and other people related to that business do look like gambling industry sharks and whales! Also, I read somewhere that CasinoCoin foundation hold approximately 10% if CSC outstanding supply, and if this info is correct, what exactly the foundation is doing with this money?! If the foundation is non for profit, then these money are just sitting idle and are not being used to promote the CSC blockchain and related things. I do not even understand how CasinoCoin foundation can be non for profit. If its job is to promote and develop a business, related to gambling industry, an industry which is one of "holy grails" of capitalism, it must, in my view, be very "for profit" to develop the business as quick as possible and to market and promote the core business aspects to the best possible ability of each CSC spent on such tasks. For me, some aspects of your foundation (such as being "non for profit") sound a bit like communism, but maybe, CasinoCoin foundation uses some new age business techniques that I did not learn in school I am not giving a critique of the foundation or anything of that sort, just telling some points I seem to not understand correctly. Thank You again for finding time to answer questions in this thread.
  11. BTC went from void to $20,000 based on "nothing" and probably will go to a mill in a not so distant dystopian future.....XRP should follow one way or another, just based on the fact that it is The Prodigy of the team that gave birth to an initial concept! // Red flags are of course everywhere // but in my experience; I am always afraid of "non for profit organizations" // especially when I see an advisory board made of top notch bookie sharks and a trustee board of gambling whales // casino and "not for profit" are contradictory akin to a rat renting a mousetrap.......
  12. Thanks for a detailed overview of the Casino Coin; I truly hope CSC ledger can become very valuable for the gambling industry in the near future. My only question (few questions) as a speculator and potential investor in CSC is: the money that the "non for profit" foundation gets from a partner, and the royalties from each transaction from a token created on a CSC ledger still get sold into fiat (those fees not burned as the case with XRP) so I guess it negates the demand pressure on CSC. Also, in theory if a price of 1 CSC get much higher in the future, and partners still need to pay like 1/4 of CSC for each transaction they make on a CSC ledger, it can get very expensive for them to run transactions through their tokens on the CSC ledger! Final speculative point is that for me as an investor, it seems suspicious that CSC coin trades on open exchanges for few years already, and among hundreds of "no use case" coins that have millions of daily volume, CSC exchange exposure, and daily volume, remains the same, if not lower than few years ago......I only speak as a speculator in CSC coin, other than that your vision for the future looks very solid, and the niche you have chosen is very promising; thanks again for your response!
  13. Even that You know this beer exists makes you a Pro!!! It is indeed hard to get :) I tried so many IPA's (and beer overall) in my life that i think Pliny is a bit overvalued, but it Is, still, the work of art, in any definition of the word, marketing or not, and created a cult following that lifted the entire IPA industry to the moon and beyond......
  14. I happened to visit the casino coin chat site which looks similar to XrpChat, and I saw there a lot of old timers who left this site, sold all XRP, and now playing the dice on with CSC. My question to our XRP community is what we think of CSC?!? I mean it uses the rippled code like stellar, it has fewer coins in circulation, it costs less than 1/10 of a penny, with supposedly huge gaming following starting to go live soon, they dream there on CSCChat that 5 cents is within reach, bringing similar returns to when XRP was at half a cent, but I don't know....red flags..... only one exchange trades this coin, less than 50,000$ volume, and why in the world, casinos can not go onto ripple ledger to issue tokens and do all the gambling related stuff; i mean; where is the catch?!? // can someone explain?!? // if not // it is ok // I understand i am not a proficient contributor!
  15. You have some monetary incentive to running it on such an expensive set up or is it like a charity on your part, an act of goodwill towards the network?!?
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