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  1. Sometimes i believe “lucky” is the smartest member of this forum, or an insider, or both. With this explantion that “Lucky” gave about xCurrent and Convergence and xRapid, i finally start to understand the entire XRP/RippleNet utility picture, i think this explanation was brilliant! Also, it clearly hints that all banks and corporations, and money transfer companies, and other financial institutions will hold Big amounts of XRP on hand for transfers/transactions, and if they dont, or dont have enough XRP, or dont want to deal with it, they can utilize on demand Xrapid sevices for their payment/transactions needs! Pure Brilliance!!! Thanks Again to “Lucky” for this explanation!!!
  2. My friend, you are saying that $3 dollars was achievable in a matter of weeks given some FoMo money from parents' wallets of some rich Asian amigos, and $5 American pesos will be doubtful in the next few years given at least FomO money from Western institutionalized retail investors?!? - cum on - in my 4 inch opinion what sounds twelve is thinking that good education and hard work ethic will buy You something!1! <always pay for your pets - then you will learn to appreciate them>.
  3. "Singapore Chow Mei Fun with angry hot sauce" - we need dreams - and when we have more of them - "natural law" prevails - and reality takes shape!
  4. You should not only do consulting work at semi retirement with your PHD, but you also must be a professor at some college or something, spread your knowledge to the world, to the youth, preach XRP, and Enlighten them on how this new technology will truly make old outdated ideas of Micro Economics work in this new digital age, and make the young minds believe that supply/demand curves are not only the tools to terrorize the young and the hungry at the pub before the final, but the real solutions ,in a real world, to make it better for all participants in our enlightEnd realm of shadows......
  5. If you are good at Forex (as you say you are) - your plan should be continuing focusing on Forex day trading, making profit dinero there, and invest all your profits into XRP long term holding, and maybe fool around with like 1000 xrp if you find to have any spare time from profitable activities at the Forex, and really want to be engaged and see how your strategy works at crypto trading - and ultimately i would aim for like 100,000 XRP +, because if it gets where it gets, and it rolls how it will roll, i think, this territory will help you retire early and live in Peace, or will help your continuing profitable participation in the Forex trade, but this is taboo territory, this is where you are looking at billionaire status, not retirement!!!
  6. Fair enough - i understand your logic - I just hope all those accounts are breathing and healthy - and when XRP indeed reaches double digits and beyond - that there will still be 11,477 accounts with 100,000 or more XRP in them!?!
  7. after a night of deep sleep, i still think, that whatever rootvegetable may be, programmer or janitor, his logic is still not making sense in my professional head - 300T$ investment to bring price of XRP to 10,000$ - even my stupid brain says this logic is Stupid! - if one invests 1 billion dollar today - right now - what it will do to the price?!? - my brain says all time high!!! - the books will be drained! - then again - invest another billion in another week!!! - books drained again - and another - and another, etc, - 300T?!? for xrp to be 10,000$ - come on man - the relationship of market cap to value per share is not dollar to dollar - i hope u appreciate that?!?
  8. i think that a lot (Most) of people will get rid of their ripples/tsunami before 10,000$ mark, and when the Fed has lets say not $3 billion but $30/300 billion to play around on the open market, and there is a big moist ~{(')}~ opening in the order books between say $1000 and $10,000, then we are talking Business !!! (but again, i maybe totally wrong, i trust you more with the numbers stuff, you seem like a programmer, and i am just a theory geek.....)
  9. You are absolutely correct - on the open market - it will never reach 10,000$ per xrp, because order books will be exhausted, but if done a bit slow and systematic, warm up the markets to the idea a bot/bit - than i would guess 10 grand is not too far fetched after all...... (but again sorry/not my intention to argue over this/probably you are 100% correct/ but the seed, the idea, That is what Is important to implant!)
  10. I still think for governments - this should be a walk in the park - too easy - they should/must understand, and look at a history of banking and fathom that, now, here, with xrp, This is the Time to switch up economies quickly, efficiently, and most importantly without un necessary war$......
  11. I am pretty confident about 3 billion dollars will be enough to do the trick - there is no way 10 billion xrp is hanging on the open market - few billion dollars will eat through all the books in the world like a hot knife tasting virgin butter - (and all the new cumers will be swallowed as well) -
  12. I was thinking about monies and fiat and reading on how First Bank of US went insolvent, then through private bankers such as Steven Girard, Second Bank of US was organized with renewed solvency; like for example, hypothetically speaking, can current US fed buy few billion XRP over the counter from Ripple, then systematically and in an organized way spend few more billion dollars and buy up XRP (on the open market) until it is worth like $10,000 each and then again systematically and in an organized way make XRP the new digital de facto world currency/fiat/monies/bridge/conduit/21 century greenback reserve, and pay off their multi trillion dollar debt problem, and at the end, everyone would/should live happily ever after......walking bravely into the New Digital Age!?!
  13. I think all true professional drivers are alcoholics (or on the way to become one) - the taste of adventure/travel/motion - and also driving is a leash to protect an alcoholic from drinking too much - because he/she cant drink and drive.......technically speaking i mean.......
  14. I understand your point - that OTC market much bigger than exchanges - my point is that - it is still not institutions, but some retail whales, cause institutions without regulations would not want to engage in this, or manipulate such small market as this, some amateurs ( whales about to be slaughtered by bad fishing ships) doing this stuff now as you say - manipulating OTC market 1:10 to exchange market, but its peanuts! we are early as F**K, no one at the party yet, all Don Perignon is unopened on the tables - we are here to make business (just need to be cautious not to get drunk and fall on our face) I believe our Christmas Party will be wet and wild! we haven't seen anything Yet!
  15. I was thinking....if the big boys afraid of buying on exchanges, they should also be afraid of buying OTC, and even more afraid of playing "dirty hand" by buying OTC and lowering exchange prices......I believe institutional investors didn't enter this space at all yet! All the manipulation you are describing is probably done by some mid tier whales (still retail or shady institutions) 100 million dollars is enough money to move the markets now, institutions don't want to risk it all over some 100 mil, they are the billion dollar players, millions are for amateurs! HODL ! We are graduating! Losers are going Home! - The Winners stay; and FcuK the prom queen !!!