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  1. To be honest I do not know too much about XVG (Verge) but I do think that only investors keep crypto while rest of people prefer keep FIAT. Thus, XRP as a bridge currency has a lot to say here
  2. Just read https://www.genbeta.com/actualidad/paypal-bloquea-pagos-pornhub-criptomonedas-pueden-ser-sus-mejores-sustitutas and the comments of Shyla Jennings Just thougth about how porn industry has been a catalyst for many new innovations as DVD, VHS and how move the balance in the VHS/BETA/2000 war in the 80's It is a great opportunity for XRP, because I think it is their vision/mision and I will like to see us there Update: 100.000 users worldwide upload videos and take revenues (different currencies) 8th place in Internet per users (3.36 million users monthly) https://www.visualcapitalist.com/ranking-the-top-100-websites-in-the-world/
  3. I'm in Mumbai this week and it's full of advertising about this: Any infor related?
  4. I just wonder what is the difference from Toast wallet to the rest
  5. I just read a tweet about hardware wallets. Recently Toast wallet added support to USB thumb drive. What is the difference between Toast wallet and the rest? At the end the tokens are in the ledger not in the hardware isn't it?
  6. Obviously I did not explain properly. News are great and I feel very possitive about my investment but this market is still very small as it's just the beggining and we are early adopters. News do not affect price because crypto is not a mainstream investment 200B$ (https://coinmarketcap.com/) as stock market 27T$ or bond market 38T$ (https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/03/11/how-big-is-the-stock-market.aspx) It is less that 0.3% of the investment decisions which is completely marginal. In terms of attention... Nobody cares. From my point of view we are living now a moment where whales are making everything bigger and are getting money from mining and pumps. Although there are good examples of companies working hard for their bussines. I think, this is the case of Ripple among some others. Let's asume that most of the crytocoins are ****. It will arrive a moment where they will concentrate and only the ones that perform the best will survive.
  7. In terms of News, I feel nothing has changed from November 2017 to November 2018. Just the price is double which is quite good. I do not know if we will see the raise of Dec last year. which was crazy. I still wonder why It happened to the whole crypto market but I think It's quite reasonable that It will happen anytime in the future as we are early adopters. Some cryptos will grow anytime. There are too many. When concentrated in a few the market will boom. When? who knows... 5 years... 10 years... ??
  8. I remember years ago I created a BITCOIN cold wallet just copying some files to a USB pendrive. Is there any easy option like this for XRP with any software wallet?
  9. I love when all these companies say "including Ripple" while they do not say "including ETH or BTC". I think they see value added when they write "Ripple"
  10. People leaving BTC and comming to XRP. Very close to overtake ETH like in January. Everybody remember what happened in January
  11. All Crypto are speculative. It is the initial state of this business. Some pleople are just investing in futures some others just selling and buying playing as brokers. Also we have whales and big miners consortiums. Until xRapid starts production XRP is going to be very correlated with the rest of Cryptos
  12. I love all types of developments. This one I feel is less powerfull than Revolut though. Anyway It is fantastic you can deliver XRP to any wallet. Is there any app that allows already payments P2P in different currencies through xRapid?? <-- That's a game changer
  13. Just wonder with XRP they can expand worldwide in a few weeks
  14. Yes, but it show the potential. We are still in nappies
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