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  1. https://uk.reuters.com/article/blockchain-ripple/banks-unlikely-to-process-payments-with-distributed-ledgers-for-now-says-ripple-idUKL1N1TE1TK
  2. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-xrp-ledger-implements-maximum-transaction-fee-100k-xrp-burn/ Ouch!!
  3. I just can't imagine a scenario where speed and savings aren't beneficial to their scope of business.
  4. Ahhh, my mistake. Good thing for onlookers it wasn't a "SWIFT" payment.
  5. The entire process took 2 minutes, the Ripple component took a couple of seconds. Ripple cant speed up the currency exchange or bank validation.
  6. I think you might be watching an old meeting. There is nothing on their calendar for today.
  7. I bought at .075 and took profits today to increase my XRP by a few hundred zerps.
  8. Perfect explanations, thank you both. I assumed as much but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. This validates my greatest hopes as a semi long term HODL'er.
  9. If major adoption by hundreds of banks, money transfer services, and potentially government entities around the globe continues to accrue at this pace how long would it be before the supply of XRP ran low? For instance if bank A needed to transfer $1M, currently they would need around 1.149M XRP to complete the transaction. If they sent said XRP to Bank B but had to do the same for Bank C-Z that would tie up a decent amount of XRP. Multiply that times hundreds or thousands of financial entities and they're own needs and I would imagine the supply would exhaust itself extremely quickly.
  10. Here is another article from 2017 presenting an overview of distributed ledger technology and all of the potential implications for the World Bank. I am providing a link and passages of interest below. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/177911513714062215/text/122140-WP-PUBLIC-Distributed-Ledger-Technology-and-Blockchain-Fintech-Notes.txt Yes, Yes, I know this is only compiled data for review by TWB but it shows that they have been doing their due diligence and we all know what company has positioned itself to offer a global currency alternative.
  11. I have been doing some digging and found this article through the World Bank website, which linked me to CGAP. This article outlines the benefits of Ripple/XRP in 2015, showing how long background work could have been done to prepare. http://www.cgap.org/blog/‘ripple’-effect-why-open-payments-infrastructure-matters
  12. https://bitnewsbot.com/just-in-10-billion-usd-transaction-made-with-ripple-xrp/ Has anyone else seen this, is it legit? Sorry if it is a double up.
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