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  1. It is a scam (probability 99,999999999999%). I hope you didn't make it yourself.
  2. At the moment I got a feeling that I belong to the other group. Sorry, pal. I wish it was the other way round.
  3. As they say, there are two types of people in this world: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data I wrestled with given numbers (nov 1 to 15 vs nov 18 and 22; 7,9x increase in accounts) and came to an answer. See graph below (I assumed that nov 1 there were 100 new accounts). This graph acts accorging to an algorithm that every next day there is 1,38x more new accounts made. But wait, there's more! Now the extrapolation steps in: As you can see, if SBI can maintain the same growth rate (I assume that will be the case), then dec 31 there will be ca 30 billion accounts opened. That's not bad at all
  4. As I read it, the numbers are not absolute, but relative ("Figures as of the period of Nov. 1 to 15, 2019 as 1"). So in the period from nov 18 to 22 (5 days) the number of account openings were 7,9 times bigger than in the previous period nov 1 to 15 (15 days). Lets say if nov 1 to 15 there were 10 000 openings, then nov 18 to 22 there were 79 000 openings. Mr Kitao, please share also the absolute numbers, not only relative. You can PM me
  5. Allegedly one can send funds from Australia (AUD) to Bitstamp (USD) in minutes. Step 1: send funds from Australian FI to FlashFX account instantly, using New Payments Platform (NPP) link: https://help.flash-fx.com/en/articles/2963836-what-is-the-fast-new-payments-platform-npp Step 2: transfer funds from your FlashFX account to Bitstamp (actually the description in the following link includes also the "step 1" above) link: https://help.flash-fx.com/en/articles/1151535-transfer-money-to-bitstamp-with-flashfx one more link: https://mailchi.mp/flash-fx/flashfx-fund-your-bitstamp-usd-account-in-minutes (source says the transfer uses ODL) Disclaimer: I have not tried it and I am not from Australia, so probably I am not going to try it. So I have no idea, if and how this would actually work.
  6. not saying it is some next mega-hype; just found this piece of info and wanted to share it before the others do
  7. https://bitflyer.com/pub/20191202-handling-xrp-and-launch-campaign-en.pdf "The number one virtual currency exchange by Bitcoin trade volume in Japan, bitFlyer, Inc. (“bitFlyer”, HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo), has started handling Ripple (XRP) on our Altcoin Market on Monday, December 2. Ripple (XRP) is the currency that boasts Japan’s second-largest domestic trade volume*2 after Bitcoin, and it can be bought and sold on our Altcoin Market through web browsers or through Buy/Sell on the bitFlyer Wallet app (iOS and Android). We are also holding a campaign to commemorate the first new virtual currency handled on our services in almost 2 years."
  8. Eric123, congrats on your golden bag, it was my pleasure to provide the 3rd like. You have earned it.
  9. If bank A has some funds in bank B (nostro account), do the funds earn interest? And if the interest rate is going negative, then the funds held in bank B are charged accordingly? It seems to me, that in the environment of negative interests this could be one more reason for banks and FI-s to lean towards holding digital assets like XRP (theoretically rise in value as we hope) instead of (large) nostro accounts. So it could be motivation not only for retail, but also for banks. Fast google search found an article from 2016: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/banking/julius-baers-singapore-branch-to-impose-negative-interest-rates-on-some-deposits
  10. @PhiGuy I think you are referring to this article: https://medium.com/@positivecrypto/the-golden-ratio-multiplier-c2567401e12a ? By the way, the author has similar name as your avatar here :)
  11. Hello! Medium to long time lurker here. I have read a lot, invested a little. I really enjoy quality threads like "Epic pennant" and "Charts - how to" and Bob-s club. Maybe after some years, when I am oldie, I can throw some gathered wisdom to younger generations
  12. Wasn't the programmatic sales based on % of the trading volume? It is logical then, that the bigger the daily volume, the bigger the Ripple's sale?
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